Last Dance

A Cure for Jetlag

Summary:   Jack reflects on his relationship with the Doctor and Rose.
Fandom:   Dr Who
Pairing:   Doctor/Jack, Doctor/Jack/Rose
Genre:   Slash, Threesome
Characters:   Captain Jack, Doctor (Nine), Rose
Story Type:   Romance, angst
Rated:   PG
Spoilers:   None really beyond what we know about Chris Ecclestone leaving the show.
Warnings:   None
Series:   Two Hearts
Word Count:   2,269
Chapters:   1
Published:   June 16, 2005

Notes:   I’m getting a bit sad and apprehensive about the finale and I know lots of other people are too. This is a bit of a homage to CE and how much we’ve come to love his Doctor. It IS a bit sad though, so be warned. It’s not really intended to be a sequel to Two Hearts but it fits with that fic if people wanted to read it that way.

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