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I first started the idea of a ‘featured stories’ page years ago with General and Doctor Sheppard. However, it  fell by the wayside as I became totally engrossed in writing NCIS fanfic. I’m resurrecting it now, as I like the idea of revisiting some of my old stories, discussing the thoughts behind them and the writing process, and also, perhaps, fishing out a lesser known story and featuring it.

Please feel free to leave feedback to the featured stories, or discuss them, or reminisce about when you read the story or where you were at in fandom at that point – or just view it as an opportunity to re-read an old favourite! And by all means send me suggestions for any stories you’d like to see featured – I’ll do my best if I have anything interesting to say about them.

You can find the Featured Stories on the Stories tab on the menu. I’ll update with a new one every so often.

The first featured story is… (drumroll)… ‘Andy’. You can read my deep thinky thoughts on that story here. You can also admire the brand new artwork Jacci has done for the story – in the banner and featured image. She found a wonderful MW picture to use that I hadn’t seen before :-)


  1. Popkin16

    Every time I go to the page with the featured story – – I’m logged out. If I click on the home button, I’m suddenly logged in again. So I can’t comment!

    So, I just want to say that I LOVE the idea of featured stories and will wait excitedly for every new post!

  2. Xanthe

    Thanks so much for commenting here! I’ve told Jacci and we’ve tried a fix – if you’d like to give it another go, please let us know if you can do it now!

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