New Translations, NCIS News…and Some Silly Site Stuff ;-)

July 12, 2013

Eva Lee has sent us three new Chinese translations – for the stories Boats, Brunch and Louder than Words. Many thanks to her!

We have a web counter gizmo on the new site, and some of the search terms people use before landing here amused me so much I thought I’d share them. Here are some that made the list in the past week:

Mulder deserves a whipping
Please sir, don’t punish me said Mulder
Skinner takes a ruler on Mulder
Mulder Skinner gay lover
fanfiction ncis spanking tony by gibbs
golden retriever called xanthe
(I have a suspicion these people aren’t searching for me and might be surprised when they land here!)
tony gibbs bdsm gag
tony gibbs nuzzle
tony gibbs handcuffs basement
tony gibbs cock ring master
gibbs kissing tony in bed
a good spanking required
(always! Especially for naughty boys like Fox, Tony and Mike!)
female convent monastery slashing caning spanking whipping (???! I hope those people weren’t disappointed by what they found here!)
And my personal favourite: walter skinner and fox mulder get married and walter spanks fox. (LOL! I love that they get married before the spanking *g*.)

I was surprised by how many X Files searches there were, although it’s lovely to see that people are still interested in Fox and Walter after all this time! has had 56,406 visitors since re-launching on 1st July, with the highest amount of visitors coming from USA, Germany, UK, China and Canada. We had a variety of visitors from all over the world  – it was lovely to see that we had visitors from places like Malta, Slovenia and Vietnam. The most visited story pages have been (in no particular order) Hiding in Plain Sight, Coming Home, Two Masters, The First Collar, Ricochet, The Cat that Walked by Himself, 24/7, Frozen, Two Wolves, and Damage.

In other news, Cote de Pablo has announced she’s leaving NCIS. I must admit I haven’t watched NCIS since mid season 9 for lots of reasons, mostly to do with the quality of the writing and characterisation. I’m intrigued as to how the show will progress after she’s left. It might be a creative shot in the arm for them, or it might leave them floundering as they focused on the Ziva character so much in the past few years. I suspect it’s too late for them to turn back into the show I enjoyed in the early seasons, as too much has changed since then, and the style of storytelling and characterisation didn’t appeal to me after season 6.  A lot of that was down to the storytelling which I found rather baffling and difficult to follow, and at times just boring, which is a shame, as they are a talented bunch of actors.

This news is an intriguing development for sure. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.



  1. coldshuga

    “golden retriever called xanthe”

    oh to be a fly on the wall.

    (i did a general search on that term myself and the top result was pretty unsurprising)

  2. Xanthe

    ROFL! I suspect there were some fairly surprised people – hee!

  3. Amets_Sorgin

    Loved the search terms, the Golden retriever Xanthe was particularly creative, although Siamese or purple Xanthe might have been closer :twisted: :twisted:
    You should make it a sub-section with all this inventiveness – can always offer a spanking for the most/least creative :crop:

  4. Xanthe

    ROFL! I agree – poor people looking for golden retrievers and finding ME! Heh!

    Spankings are always welcome here, of course ;-). :whip:

  5. KundryAthalia

    I also find this tv series very boring lately.But,at any rate,better if María josé de Pablo FErnández(alias Coté) decides to return to her Chilean homeland,and leave those poor men in peace.
    Lesswomen,more clairty..or more amazing obscurity!!!!
    I have read and enjoyed your BDSM storeis based upon NCIS’ characters.REally good,really very very VERY GOOD!!!

  6. Xanthe

    Thanks so much! I agree about NCIS – it’s been very dull for a couple of years, but I’m hopeful that with Cote gone it’ll improve, as I think they’ve done her character to death, frankly, at the expense of all the others.

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