Poll Answer and Site Art

July 7, 2013
Thank you so much to you all for making the relaunch of Xanthe.org such a fabulous event! It went brilliantly well, and so far very few glitches have been found. Those that have been found have been fixed but do let us know if you find any more.

Now, the answer to that poll question… it’s clear that the majority of you know me far too well! LOL! The number of words of posted fanfic and published original fic I’ve written in the fifteen years since Xanthe.org first opened is, of course… four million. Yes, FOUR MILLION words. AGH! 24/7 alone was 620,000 words long, and long stories like Two Masters, Hiding in Plain Sight, Coming Home etc were all between the 150,000 and 200,000 mark so it all adds up, in addition to the fact that I’ve written a lot of stories in the past 15 years!

One of the lovely things to come out of Launch Day, was that the talented Marlislash was inspired to make some beautiful graphics for the site. As a result, Jacci and I decided to create a Site Art page to display them on – and any others should anyone make them! I’ve had some lovely story art made for my fics over the years, and all story art is displayed on the story pages they relate to, but now we have some site art too! Marlislash’s new graphics are below.



  1. Popkin16

    Lovely fanart! My bias makes me extra fond of the McShep, but all of them are absolutely gorgeous :)

  2. Xanthe

    They are! Marlislash has done a lovely job with them :-)

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