Ricochet Chapter One




Rick turned over in bed and gazed at his beautiful conquest of the night before. The young man was still wearing the gaudy diamanté play collar that Rick had buckled around his neck and his hands were lightly bound together in front of his body with the black silk scarf Rick had fastened around his wrists. When Rick pulled back the sheet, he positively purred at the sight of the bite mark he’d placed on the sub’s juicy, curved bottom during the night.


Rick leaned over and began kissing his way down the sub’s back, one vertebra at a time, until he reached that luscious ass. The young man stirred, murmuring something, still half asleep.


“Come on, baby – open up for me,” Rick murmured in his ear, impatient to plant his tongue deep inside the sub’s ass, where his hard cock had been most of last night and intended to be again this morning.


“You’re insatiable, Rick,” the young man complained, moving his leg obligingly anyway.


“Oh, yeah, I am, and you’re beautiful.” Rick took hold of the sub’s butt cheeks and pulled them apart. “Such a pretty sub… mmm… that’s good… you taste so good, baby,” he murmured appreciatively between licks.


He had no idea what the sub’s name was, but he’d long ago learned that using generics like “Baby” and “Sweetheart” was a good way of not offending his conquests by getting their names wrong. He’d never been any good at remembering names and besides, what did it matter? These beautiful subs he picked up in the most exclusive clubs in L.A. knew they weren’t getting a permanent collar from him.


What they were getting was a night with Richard O’Shea, one of the lead actors on the hit TV show Collar Crime. They also got to keep the gaudy play collar that Rick loved fastening around their pretty necks. Rick always made sure they enjoyed their “night in paradise” as he liked to describe it; he loved showing the succession of gorgeous young subs who graced his bed a good time.


This particular gorgeous young sub arched his back as Rick opened him up expertly with his tongue. Rick drew back, reached for the lube, and squeezed a dollop onto his hand. Then he took hold of the sub’s hard cock and stroked slowly. The sub moaned in pleasure, and Rick anointed his own cock with the lube, positioned himself, and then slowly sank himself into the sub’s sweetly tight, hot channel.


He fucked him hard for several minutes until they both came, and then Rick threw himself down on the bed, panting.


“Man, that was good. You were good, baby.” He smoothed the sub’s dark curly hair with his fingers and kissed the side of his neck.


“So were you. I can’t believe I’m in bed with Agent Alex Tanner from Collar Crime!” The sub gave an astonished giggle. “My mom won’t believe me when I tell her. She loves that show, and she loves you on it. You’re her favorite character – she likes it best when Chief Christie gets annoyed with your antics, swings you over his knee and spanks that cute ass of yours. Hey – how do you do that?”


“Do what, honey?” Rick played with the sub’s hair, gently twirling it in his fingers.


“Play a sub so convincingly onscreen when you’re such a dom in the bedroom?”


Rick had been asked that question dozens of times, but he didn’t mind – it amused him. “It’s called acting, sweetheart.” He smiled indulgently at the sub.


“Well, you’re great at it! So, tell me about the other actors.” The sub pressed a little kiss to Rick’s cheek. “Tell me about Daniel Mayfield. I loved him in the Insubordination movies but he’s even better as Chief Christie.”


A lot of the subs Rick slept with asked him about Daniel Mayfield. His co-star played one of the most dominant characters on TV and half the subs Rick slept with were in love with him – which was a shame as Daniel was a sub in real life.


“Daniel’s a really cool guy. Nobody has a bad word to say about Daniel.”


“And what’s Matthew Lake like?” the sub asked eagerly. “He’s such a sweetie as Agent Harris on the show – is he that cute in real life?”


“Matty?” Rick smiled. “Well, don’t tell anyone but…” Rick lowered his voice conspiratorially. “Matty’s a monster! He has this big entourage and on his first day on set he made them measure his trailer to make sure it was the exact size specified in his contract.”




“Oh, yeah, Matty’s a total diva. He has tantrums on set and orders everyone around.”


The sub’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “You’re kidding me!”


Rick laughed. “Aw, okay, you got me. Matty’s great, and yeah, he’s just as much of a sweetie as Ben Harris. He can be kind of serious, but I tease the shit out of him until he lightens up. I drive him nuts.” Rick winked.


“Hmm.” The sub frowned. “It seems to me you’re a lot like your character, even if you’re not a sub.”


“Yeah, I get that a lot,” Rick agreed easily. “I love Alex Tanner – he’s a fun guy to play. There’s a lot of me in him.”


The sub looked at him thoughtfully. “It can’t be easy for you, being a dom playing the naughtiest sub on TV. Do you have to work hard to persuade the subs you pick up that you’re actually a dom?”


“Did you have any complaints?” Rick grinned, slapping the sub’s bottom.


“No, but it was weird at first. I’m so used to seeing you as Alex Tanner, fooling around on TV. It must be tough for you in real life.”


Rick shrugged. “Look, sweetheart – I’m not complaining. I do okay.”


“Well, you’re young, rich, famous, and incredibly handsome.” The young man snuggled in close and rested his bound hands on Rick’s chest. “So I guess you’re not short of willing subs throwing themselves at you.”


“I’ve never exactly had a problem in that department, but since the success of Collar Crime, yeah, it’s been nice.” Rick winked.


Rick rarely slept alone these days. He pretty much had his pick of every young, beautiful sub in L.A. – and he intended to make the most of it while it lasted. He spent most of his free evenings in clubs, looking for subs to bed. He could usually talk a potential conquest into coming home with him within five minutes of meeting them. Any longer, and he lost interest and moved on to a more promising prospect.


“Matt’s a sub, isn’t he? Have you slept with him?” the sub asked curiously.


“Me and Matty?” Rick frowned. “No way! He’s a neat freak, and I’m easy come, easy go. We’d drive each other nuts.”


“I love how you two are always bickering onscreen.”


“We’re a lot like that in real life, too.” Rick trailed his index finger down the sub’s tanned back.


“Maybe you secretly have the hots for each other?”


“Boy, you do ask a lot of questions. It’s like being interviewed by TeeVee or something. Now, it seems to me there’s too much talking and not enough action going on in this room.” Rick reached down and squeezed the young man’s ass. “I think someone is due an O’Shea special spanking.”


“Really? Why?” The sub grinned naughtily. “Have I been bad?”


“Oh yeah, baby, you’ve been bad.” Rick sat up and patted his knee. “You’ve been really bad. Now, come here.”


He reached out, hauled the sub over his knees, and spent a few moments just savoring the view. He adored giving spankings – nothing too hard or painful, just a slow building up of warmth and sensation in a sub’s ass. He loved watching buttocks wobble under his fingers, leaving a faint imprint of his hand that quickly faded, to be replaced, just as quickly, by another. He enjoyed how the skin felt, warming under his hand, and the pleasure of turning pale flesh into a rosy blush and then a deep pink in hue. He started every morning by handing out a spanking if he could, whenever he had a willing sub in his bed.


This sub was definitely willing. He arched his back and squealed excitedly as Rick slapped his ass, and Rick grinned and wrapped his arm tightly around the sub, holding him close – this was going to be good.


He spanked him for a good ten minutes, taking his time, warming him up slowly and then building to a crescendo that had the young man panting with pleasure.


“Man, that’s good. You’re turning me on so much. I’m gonna have to fuck you hard after this,” Rick said happily as he went about his work. “A beautiful hot ass like this should never be wasted.”


The sub’s squirming confirmed he was of the same opinion, and Rick delivered a few more swats and then couldn’t ignore his hard cock any more – he needed to get in this sub and fuck him through the mattress again.


“You ready to go again, baby?” he asked, pulling the young man up and untying the scarf from around his wrists so he could position him on his hands and knees. “Quickly, ’cause I need to get to work.”


“What time is it?” The sub glanced around the room for a clock.


Rick’s bedroom was painted a shiny white, the doors and dressers were a sleek black, the drapes and carpet a deep scarlet, and the bed sheets were made of a sensuous red satin because he liked how that felt against his skin. The bed was an expensive Delallio, the ornate headboard a swirling pattern of metal curlicues to which Rick could attach handcuffs or rope to keep subs in place while he fucked them.


The one thing Rick didn’t keep in his bedroom was a clock – when subs entered here, he wanted it to be a timeless zone where they could relax and forget about everything except surrendering to the Richard O’Shea sexperience.


“Oh, shit.” Rick glanced at his watch and sat bolt upright. “Shit, shit, shit! I’m late! Sorry, babe – another time. I gotta run.”


He wasn’t just late – he was so late that filming had probably already started. He should have been at work ten minutes ago.


He slid off the bed and ran into the bathroom, took a hasty shower, and then ran back into the bedroom and grabbed the nearest clothes to hand – the leather pants and plain black shirt that he’d worn clubbing last night. The sub in his bed was lying on his back, elbows propped up, looking startled by all the frenetic activity.


“I’m sorry, baby… so sorry… oh, damn it – you look so hot like that, too, all tousled. Wish I had time to fuck you again.” Rick leaned over and kissed him on the lips and then drew back regretfully.


He ran for the door and then glanced back to see that the sub had turned over and was lying on his front again, his beautiful blushing ass on full display.


“Oh, what the hell! I’m already late – what’s another ten minutes? I can’t leave that lush ass un-fucked.”


Rick turned back, unzipping as he went, and got out his semi-erect cock. He didn’t undress; he just slapped some more lube on his cock, pulled the sub up onto his haunches, and thrust straight into that waiting hole. He loved how the sub’s warm ass cheeks felt against his balls as he hammered into him and the way the young man threw back his head and shrieked in pleasure as Rick fucked him through the mattress.


Rick came with a shout and then quickly pulled out, grabbed a handful of the sub’s thick, dark hair, and pulled his head back. He delivered a loud kiss to the sub’s mouth, then released him and ran for the door again, tucking his cock back into his pants and zipping up as he went.


“Help yourself to breakfast, if there’s anything in the fridge,” he called. “And let yourself out.”


“You’re leaving me here alone?” the sub asked, in a surprised tone.


“Sure – why not?” Rick grinned over his shoulder.


“Because I could steal all your stuff!”


Rick paused, his shoulders tensing. He turned, with a shrug. “You could, yeah. You gonna do that, sweetheart?”


The young man frowned. “No, but it’s kind of weird you leaving me in your place alone, a big TV star like you…”


“Well, my housekeeper will be here in about ten minutes, so if you’re gonna clean me out, be sure to do it before he gets here.” Rick gave a cheery wave and continued on his way.


“Wait! When will I see you again?” the young man asked.


Rick grimaced. “Oh, soon. Real soon. I’ll call you.”


“You don’t have my number.”


“I’ll find it. I’ll look you up.” Rick grabbed the door handle.


“You don’t even know my last name.”


Rick hesitated and then turned around again. “You’re right… what is it?”




“Right… Newman… uh…” Rick made a face.


“You don’t remember my first name, do you?” the young man accused. “It’s Greg. Greg Newman. You should remember my name, Rick. Makes me feel kinda cheap and dirty after what we did last night.”


Rick sighed. He walked back to the bed, sat down next to the sub, and ran a gentle hand over the young man’s cheek. “Greg, you were great, but don’t go expecting anything,” he said softly. “I don’t do relationships, and I don’t do reruns except on TV. I showed you a great time last night, didn’t I? And this morning, too – yes? Let’s leave it there.” He pressed a kiss to Greg’s dark, curly hair and got up. “You can keep the play collar,” he said. “As a memento of your night with Richard O’Shea. Something to tell your kids about one day, huh?”


He ignored the flash of outrage in Greg’s eyes as he ran to the door again. He just managed to duck in time as something flew over his head and hit the wall, before sliding to the floor; it was the gaudy play collar he’d put on Greg’s neck last night.


“You can keep your fucking collar, asshole!” Greg yelled.


Rick winced. Not his best exit ever, he thought, as he wrenched open the door and fled towards his garage – but not his worst, either. One sub had daubed “SHITHEAD LOSER” all over his bedroom walls in bright pink lipstick, while another had helped herself to the contents of his toy chest before leaving. It had taken him years to build up that toy chest and it contained some of his favorite play equipment. He’d been sad for nearly half an hour before he realized it was a good excuse to go shopping, and then he’d spent one of the best days of his life flashing his credit card around some of the most exclusive toy boutiques in L.A., rebuilding his collection. Every cloud had a silver lining, and if anyone was going to find that lining, it was Rick.


He ran down the stairs to his garage, threw one long leg over his shining black Harley, revved the engine, and sped off towards the studio.


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