Ricochet Chapter Six


Matt lay on the bed for a long time, gazing into space. It took him a while to realize that he was moping more for the loss of the relationship he’d wanted it to be than for what it actually was. He wasn’t sad Emily had gone. He hadn’t even liked being with her very much. He just felt stung that she’d dumped him when clearly he should have dumped her, and he wondered why on earth he’d stayed in such an unsatisfactory relationship for so long.


“Idiot,” he berated himself.


Emily hadn’t let him come, so he decided it would be an act of minor triumph over his departed, unlamented ex-dom to jerk off.


He reached for his laptop, feeling furtive and naughty, and clicked on one of his favorite porno movies about a young sub who goes to a kink house seeking her ideal dom. The idea of having anonymous sex with a stranger at a kink house horrified Matt, but as a fantasy it turned him on, and he stroked his cock as the sub undressed and knelt to meet her master for the night.


Kink houses arranged for two people with compatible kinks to get together and play. A lot of the kinks listed on the average kink house website scared the hell out of Matt, but this movie was more about domination and submission than any kind of hard edge-play, and Matt loved that about it.


The sub was breathlessly in awe of her dom and the pair had a good chemistry – apparently it was acted by a real life couple who devised their own porno movies, and Matt liked how they played together. The dom wasn’t strict or rules-oriented, but he was very forceful. He swept her up and overwhelmed her, ignoring her half-hearted protests and pleas. He was very tender with her, though, even as he dominated her completely, and Matt liked the contrast.


He watched as the dom placed the girl on her hands and knees, then wrapped his fist in her hair and pulled her head back as he entered her from behind. She squealed and panted, and the dom slapped her ass.


“Keep still while your dom is fucking you,” he growled, but he stroked her calmingly and then reached under her body and played with her breasts until she began mewling with pleasure.


Matt stroked his cock harder as the dom pumped into his helpless sub. He wondered what it would be like to be held in such a position, head back, a dom’s hand wrapped firmly in his hair as he was taken mercilessly… and came over his hand.


“Fuck you, Emily,” he snapped when the haze of his orgasm had passed, but he didn’t feel any sense of victory.


He took a shower, pressing his head against the wall and letting the water pound onto his shoulders as he wondered why his relationships always seemed to end like this. He hadn’t had many relationships, but they usually ended with his doms dumping him, often to move on to a sub they said they felt more compatible with. It was the story of his life.


“Why are none of them compatible with me?” he asked as he soaped himself. He tried to give service willingly, to be thoughtful, obedient and to accommodate all their desires in the bedroom, and yet he always seemed to fall short in some way he didn’t understand. What was he doing wrong?


He dried himself, pulled on a bathrobe, and then trudged back into the bedroom and turned on the TV. He threw himself on the bed and watched it distractedly, still brooding on his lack of dating success, when a news item suddenly caught his attention.


“Oh, shit.” Matt rolled off the bed, pulled on his clothes from his date with Emily, and made a run for the door without even stopping to think about it.


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