Two Masters: 2. Part Two


Gibbs walked slowly back downstairs. He made himself some coffee and went to sit down in the living room. Tony’s shirt was still on the back of the couch where he’d thrown it. Gibbs picked it up and inhaled the scent of it, remembering how it had felt to hold Tony against the wall and kiss him. It had been so long since he’d last had a sub that he’d forgotten just how good it felt to have an eager body pressing up against him. He’d forgotten how much it turned him on to dominate a willing partner and feel them submit to him.


He longed to get started on Tony – to strip him naked, explore him body and soul, and make him his own, but he was aware that Tony was a novice. It was like building a boat. You couldn’t rush it; you had to start slow and put in the long hours of loving hard work before it started to take shape.


With the pleasures came the responsibilities – and Gibbs was all too well aware of those. He had never trained a sub from scratch before; Jenny had been his initiation into this world, and she’d shown him what she wanted and, in headstrong Jenny style, had moved on when she’d got what she needed from him. Stan had been more steadfast, but he had already been an experienced sub when he and Gibbs first played. Tony was different – and Gibbs wanted to make sure he did this right. He couldn’t afford to screw this up.


Gibbs finished his coffee, grabbed a couple of garbage sacks, and went back upstairs to the spare room. He opened up the wooden trunk in his closet and emptied the contents into the sacks. He wasn’t sure why he’d kept this stuff for all these years anyway, but he didn’t need it any more. He intended to make a fresh start with Tony; the only thing he’d keep was the whip he’d used tonight to give Tony his first ever whipping. Everything else could go. He didn’t want any reminders of the past. Tony was his blank slate.


He placed the whip in the trunk and took the sacks of garbage downstairs. The act of clearing out made him feel strangely liberated from the past. This wasn’t going to be a repeat of Stan, or Jenny, or any of his ex-wives. This was going to be different. Walter had told him to keep Tony, and, after getting a taste of his submission during that long, sweet kiss, Gibbs intended to do just that.


He was about to head back upstairs to the bedroom when he hesitated and turned to the basement instead. He ran down the stairs, went over to his work bench, and opened up the top drawer. Inside was a large, brown envelope. Gibbs drew it out, threw it down on top of the work bench, and then hesitated again. He remembered when Ziva had first joined his team, how she’d come to his basement one evening, holding this envelope.


“You asked me about the dossier I made on you,” she said. He glanced at the envelope and shrugged.


“Keep it. I trust you.” He turned back to his boat, signalling that the conversation was over. She didn’t leave.


“This is not that dossier,” she told him. He glanced at her over his shoulder, eyebrows raised. “As you know, I did dossiers on all of you,” she said. “You and all of your team.”


“I know that. So?” He climbed down off the boat again, gazing at her intently.


“Mossad dossiers are very different to NCIS personnel files. We dig far deeper and go back further. We do a full psychological profile.”


“Okay.” He frowned at her, wondering where this was going.


“There were only two real items of note in the dossiers I did on your team. What happened to your first wife and daughter was one.”


His jaw tightened in annoyance.


“And then there was this. I thought you would like to see the dossier, in case you were not already aware of its contents.” She held it out, but he made no move to take it. He just stared at her. “Uh…” she faltered, arm still outstretched.”This is…this is by way of letting you know that you can trust me. That I am on your team now, and that I answer to you.”


“You sure as hell do,” he snapped, still glaring at her.


“I thought…have I got something wrong?” she asked, looking confused.


“I don’t spy on members of my team, Ziva!”


“I am sorry. My intention was good. I felt this was information you might like to know. Maybe you know it already, but if not, then I think you should be aware of it, as the team leader. It is an area of potential weakness…it could be used against him…in a psychologically pressured situation…”


“Ziva, we aren’t Mossad!” he told her sharply. “We spend most of our time investigating crimes, and I am fully confident of the ability of all the members of my team to do just that.”


“Sometimes your work requires more…” she began. He quelled her with a look. “I understand.” She withdrew her hand and turned to go.


“Leave it,” he ordered. She turned, a question in her eyes. “The dossier – leave it here. I don’t want it falling into the wrong hands.”


She nodded, her dark hair falling over her face. She offered the brown envelope to him again, but he just jerked his head, tersely, in the direction of the work bench. She placed it there and turned to go once more.




She paused and stood there, waiting, her back still turned to him.


“I don’t know what’s in this dossier, but whatever the hell it is I don’t expect you to mention its contents again – not to me or to anyone else. Whatever you know, I want you to forget it. Understood?”


She glanced at him over her shoulder. “Understood,” she said quietly.


He watched as she left the basement, and then he returned to his boat. Only when he’d finished for the night a few hours later, did he finally turn back to his work bench and look at the envelope lying there.


Who was it, he wondered? Which member of his team had something in his past that Mossad felt left him open to exploitation? Ducky? McGee? Tony? Hell – Jimmy? Not Abby – Ziva had said ‘he’.


He threw down his hammer, went over to the workbench, and picked up the dossier. There was no name on the outside. He opened the envelope and pulled out the file inside. It was bulky – but then he had no doubt that Mossad’s research methods were extremely thorough. He didn’t open the file – he just turned it over, saw the picture attached to the front, and felt that muscle in his jaw twitch again.


Of all the people on his team, this was the one person he hadn’t wanted it to be, but also the person who surprised him the least. He shoved the dossier back in the envelope without looking at it and then stowed it away at the back of his workbench drawer, behind a couple of old paint brushes.


That had been over three years ago, and he hadn’t touched it since. Now, Gibbs stared down at the envelope, and then he opened it and drew out the file again. Tony smiled up at him from the picture attached to the front.


Gibbs gazed at it for a long time. He had known Tony was hiding something ever since he’d first met him. Ziva seemed to think that it was some kind of weakness that could be exploited by someone who didn’t have Tony’s best interests at heart. Tony was Gibbs’s sub now, and the last thing Gibbs wanted to do was unwittingly trigger something for him. If he knew what the dangers were in advance, then he could avoid them.


Gibbs returned the dossier to the envelope and threw it back in the drawer. Whatever was in that file, he’d give Tony a chance to talk to him about it first. It might take awhile, but Gibbs would prefer to hear it from Tony than read about it in a Mossad dossier. He’d keep the file as a last resort and hope that he never had to open it. He was Tony’s dom; he wanted Tony to trust him and reading up on him wasn’t the best way of going about it. He’d only consider looking at that file if he thought Tony’s safety and wellbeing were at stake.


Gibbs left the basement and walked back up the stairs. He undressed in the bathroom and then went silently into the bedroom. Tony was lying where he’d left him, in a messy heap on the mattress on the floor. One of his arms was flung out, and the blanket was scrunched up around his thighs. Gibbs crouched down beside him and pulled the blanket back up so that it was covering him. Then he sat back on his haunches and looked down on his sleeping sub.


“You’re mine now, Tony,” he said softly. “I just hope you’re ready to find out exactly what that means.”






Tony sighed and rolled onto his side. He was warm, and he could smell coffee somewhere. His body ached, but it was a sweet ache. He was vaguely aware that he wasn’t lying in his bed, but he was too sleepy to figure out where he was. He just knew that he was happy, and that he hadn’t felt this way in a very long time. Something good had happened. He didn’t know what it was, but that knot in his stomach that had been tightening for months had suddenly loosened. Everything was going to be okay.


At that moment the blanket was ripped away from his body, exposing him to a blast of cold air.


“Hey!” He opened his eyes, confused, and found himself looking at his boss. He blinked.


“Rise and shine, Tony,” Gibbs told him, throwing the blanket onto the bed, making it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he wasn’t getting it back. “I let you sleep in, but it’s late, and we have a lot to talk about.”


Tony was suddenly aware that he was dressed only in his boxers. Gibbs grinned at him wolfishly, and his gaze wandered up and down Tony’s body with a look that was frankly assessing. Tony had never seen that particular expression on Gibbs’s face before.


“Go take a shower. Then put these on.” Gibbs gestured to a pair of grey sweatpants and a tee shirt that were lying on the bed. “No way you’re wearing that ridiculous outfit from last night.”


“Last night?” The events of the previous night slammed back into his mind so fast that he reeled. He had a hazy memory of holding onto two leather straps, while someone stroked him to ecstasy with a whip. Then he re-lived the shock of finding out that the maestro with the whip had been Gibbs. Finally, he recalled – in vivid detail – being hauled away afterwards and kissed. Ferociously. “Uh…I think I might have been drunk,” he said.


“You weren’t,” Gibbs chuckled. “No way Walter would let you touch a drop of liquor before a whipping. Now get dressed and get your ass downstairs. You’ve got ten minutes.”


He left the room, and Tony slowly got to his feet. His back ached, convincing him that the events of the previous evening definitely hadn’t been a dream. He went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. His back was still red, and he could see a few marks on it – nothing serious. He actually liked the way that felt – it was the grazing around his waist that was more uncomfortable.


He got into the shower, wondering what was going to happen next. Gibbs didn’t look like he was going to give him an out, and, to be honest, he knew that he didn’t really want one. This was – finally – going to happen, after all these years of them both flirting with it. Now they were done dipping their toes in the water and had thrown themselves headlong into the deep end.


He slicked back his hair, got dressed in the clothes Gibbs had left for him, and then walked slowly down the stairs.


“That was fourteen minutes,” Gibbs said when he arrived in the kitchen. His boss – dom? – was busy frying sausages, bacon and eggs in a pan.


“Uh, was it?” Tony asked with a shrug.


“Yup. I said ten, and when I say ten, I mean ten.” Gibbs glanced at him. “Put down four on the chalkboard.”


He gestured with his head towards a board hanging from the wall. Tony did as he was told, chalking a ‘4’ on the board, mystified.


“Four what?” Tony asked, ambling back to sit at the kitchen table.


“Four swats, Tony. What the hell did you think it was?” Gibbs said, serving out the food onto plates. He brought them over to the table and shoved one in front of Tony.


Tony looked up at him, frowning. “Uh…four swats?”


Gibbs sat down at the table and began eating. “You can use the chalkboard to start with, but you’ll have to learn to keep a running tally in your head. I’ll ask you the total every evening – get it wrong, and I’ll add your tally to my tally, and you can take both.”


Tony sat there, paralysed, his plate of food untouched in front of him.


Gibbs glanced up. “What?”


“You’re talking about…uh…spanking me?”


Gibbs rolled his eyes. “What the hell did you think I was talking about?”


“I dunno…headslaps maybe?”


Gibbs laughed out loud around his mouthful of food. “You’d have one hell of a headache if we did it that way. No – these are swats on your ass, Tony, delivered by my hand, my paddle, my strap, or even my cane. You’ll keep a tally throughout the day, and every evening I’ll deliver however many you’ve earned. That’s over and above any swats I give you just for fun, or to help you learn faster.” He grinned pleasantly across the table and then frowned and gestured with his head towards Tony’s plate. “What’s wrong with the food?”


“Nothing…just…suddenly not hungry any more,” Tony muttered.


“Why did you steal Commander Yates’s ID card, Tony?” Gibbs asked him unexpectedly. “Why did you go to that club? What were you looking for?”


“I don’t know.” Tony shrugged. “I was being an idiot. You know me – that’s what I do.” He gave Gibbs his shiniest smile, but Gibbs didn’t smile back.


“Bullshit,” he growled. “Go add another one to the board.” He gestured with his head.


“What? That’s not fair! I don’t know what the rules are!” Tony protested.


“Well, you should know, from working with me these past eight years, that not lying to me is one of ’em,” Gibbs retorted. “Every lie you tell me, I’ll make you chalk one up over there. In fact, bring the damn thing over to the table – it’ll save you getting up each time.”


Tony glared at him. Gibbs glared back. Tony sat there, mutinously. Gibbs raised an eyebrow.


“That’s another one.”


“For what?”


“Disobedience,” Gibbs shrugged. “Last night, you went looking for a dom – and you found one. This morning, you’ll find that changes everything, Tony. And I mean, *everything*. Now, if you want to walk out, go right ahead. If you plan on staying, then go get the board and chalk up another two on it.”


Tony looked straight into Gibbs’s eyes to find them completely uncompromising.


“So – what? It’s your way or the highway?” Tony snapped.


Gibbs shook his head. “No. That’s why I want to talk to you, and that’s why it’s important you don’t lie to me. That’s also three by the way.”


“Oh for God’s sake – what’s the third one for?”


“Keeping me waiting.” Gibbs loaded up some bacon and egg on his fork and stuck it in his mouth. Tony sat there, weighing it up. Gibbs glanced at his watch.


“Oh, okay, okay. I’m going – alright?” Tony got to his feet and stomped over to the chalkboard with bad grace. He snagged it off the wall and brought it back, threw it down on the table with a resounding crash, and then rubbed out the previous ‘4’ and wrote in a ‘7’ instead.


“Eight,” Gibbs told him. Tony raised a distinctly unimpressed eyebrow. “Attitude,” Gibbs clarified. “Were you planning on sitting down at the office tomorrow, Tony? Because you’ve only been awake half an hour, and you’ve already earned yourself eight swats. This goes on, and you’ll be in triple figures by the end of the day – easy. And trust me, you don’t have much experience of this yet, but you’re soon gonna learn that my punishment spankings are exactly that – I won’t be holding back any.”


“I think I’ve changed my mind about this whole thing,” Tony muttered.


“Door’s over there.” Gibbs nodded his head in the general direction of the front door.


Tony sat there, staring at him. Gibbs finished his breakfast, grinning at him the entire time as he ate. Then he got up, took his plate over to the sink, and threw it in with a clatter. He poured himself a glass of orange juice and drank it straight down, then put the empty glass in the sink.


Finally, he returned to the table, took hold of Tony’s face in his hands, and, completely without warning, he kissed him gently on the lips. He tasted of orange juice, and Tony wanted to push him away but his body had other ideas. Instead, he found himself surrendering and allowing Gibbs to push his tongue into his mouth, claiming him as expertly as he had the previous night but in a much less brutal way. Gibbs seemed to know just how long to kiss him to take his breath away, make his knees go weak – and cause his cock to harden. Then he released Tony and looked down on him.


“Did that help you decide?”


“You know it did. Bastard,” Tony muttered.


Gibbs grinned and gestured with his head at the chalkboard. “Nine. I don’t like being called names by my sub.”


Tony sighed. He rubbed out the tally and entered the new one.


“Eat, Tony,” Gibbs ordered, gesturing at the plate of rapidly cooling food in front of him. Tony finally took a bite – it tasted damn good, and he realised he was starving so he loaded up his fork with more.


Gibbs sat back in his chair and sipped on his cup of coffee, watching him. “I’m not a complicated dom,” Gibbs told him as he ate. “Rules are simple – you’ve encountered most of ’em already this morning. Let me tell you what I want, Tony, and then you can tell me what you want, and we’ll see if this is going to work between us.”


Tony nodded, shovelling the food into his mouth.


“If you’re mine, you’re mine. I’ll set the rules, and I’ll expect you to obey them. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in any of this. You can ask me to explain anything, and you can tell me if there’s anything you don’t like. I don’t promise to do it any different, but I will bear in mind that you don’t like it. I don’t play at this though, so if you just want to dick around, or if you think I’ll be like one of your girlfriends and you can use me for a couple of months before moving on, then think again.”


Tony swallowed down hard. “I wasn’t…” he began. Gibbs put up his hand.


“You eat. I’ll talk. Then you can have your say.”


Tony nodded again.


“I haven’t taken a sub in eight years,” Gibbs told him. Tony looked up, startled. “I never thought I would again, but you forced my hand.”


“You don’t want me?” Tony asked, feeling his stomach flip.


“No – precisely the opposite,” Gibbs told him firmly. He leaned forward, gazing at Tony intently. “Tony – you’ve been my sub for eight years – you know it, and I know it. We’ve just never taken it to the next level.”


Tony finished his food and took a sip of his coffee. “Wasn’t sure you knew.”


“That you were playing me? Of course I damn well knew! And I played you back. Hell, I enjoyed the game as much as you did. I liked watching you tease, liked the way you provoked me, and I sure as hell liked slapping your head regularly to keep you in line. We’ve been playing each other for a long time – so long that I’m kind of surprised you finally called me out.”


“You forced my hand too!” Tony said heatedly.


Gibbs raised an eyebrow. Tony took a deep breath and continued in a calmer tone of voice.


“You stopped playing, Gibbs. It was our little game – I needed it, hell, I relied on it. Some days it was my only reason for getting up in the morning. Then you left me on that fucking boat, and when you did finally bring me home, you stopped playing. Felt like you didn’t want me around any more. Felt like I didn’t amuse you any more – that you didn’t even *like* me any more. You stopped slapping me – and that was the worst. I needed that physical contact – it was all I ever got from you, and I craved it. When you stopped slapping me – that’s what sent me over the edge. You left me *hanging*, Gibbs. I had to do something to get your attention. If that meant stealing a dead guy’s ID and going to the kind of club I thought could give me what I needed, then I had to do it. You weren’t giving me what I needed any more.”


Gibbs nodded. “You’re right. I stopped playing. Not for the reasons you think though.”


Now it was Tony’s turn to raise an eyebrow.


“It wasn’t my decision to send you away.” Gibbs shrugged.


“But you did fuck all to get me home again…” Tony began angrily. Gibbs raised his hand, glaring at him.


“Let me finish. You got sent away – I didn’t like that, but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it at first – not until I figured out what the hell Leon was playing at. Then I had a job to do, and I did it as fast as I could, so I could figure out a way to get you back.”


“You’re saying you missed me?” Tony asked incredulously.


Gibbs rolled his eyes. “Yes, Tony – I’m saying I missed you. You talk about a reason for getting up in the morning – it sure as hell wasn’t easy for me to find one when I was staring across the room at Langer every day and not you.”


“Then why…?” Tony began. Gibbs quelled him with a glare.


“Missing you hurt – bad. Either I left you at sea, or I brought you home. But if you came home, then things had to change – we couldn’t keep playing this game. It was just hurting us both. I thought about it, but in the end I wanted you back too badly. So I brought you home – and kept you at arm’s length. I lost a sub before, Tony – he went off to be an agent afloat too, just like you – only that was his choice. And it was the right damn choice too because I couldn’t give him what he needed.”


“Stan?” Tony felt something inside him snap. “Stan Burley was your sub? Christ, Gibbs – I knew it! I knew you had some damn thing going on with him.” He slammed his hand down on the chalkboard and sent it clattering onto the floor. “That time we went to help him out on that drug case, the two of you looked like all you wanted to do was get a room together. Stan looked like he belonged on his knees, sucking your dick, and the minute you laid eyes on him again you froze me out. Even Kate damn well noticed it. Now I understand why. Stan was the fucking golden boy, and I don’t measure up. I’ve never measured up, have I, Gibbs? Stan was the perfect investigator, the perfect sub, and me – I’m just the guy you play games with at the office – never the guy you fuck.”


“You done?” Gibbs raised an eyebrow.


“No, I’m not fucking done!” Tony roared. “I’m angry, Gibbs. And I don’t care if that means I have to write another fifty on the damn chalkboard. You think I couldn’t be the kind of sub Stan was? You think I could never be as good at my job? You think I couldn’t be as good in bed? You think I could never be to you what he was? Well, you’ve never damn well given me a chance.”


Gibbs sat back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest. “Oh, I know you’re nothing like Stan, Tony.”


Tony flinched. “Well, I guess that says it all,” he said stiffly, getting up. “I’ll take you up on your offer to leave now, Boss.”


“Never asked Stan to stay, Tony,” Gibbs said quietly. “Never wanted to keep him. Didn’t feel that way about him. And he knew it. That’s why he left, in the end.”


Tony hesitated on his way to the kitchen door. Then he turned back, looking at Gibbs questioningly. “And me?” he asked tentatively.


“Want to keep you, Tony. Always have. Now sit.” He nodded his head in the direction of the chair.


Tony went back, slowly, and sat down again. “All these years you couldn’t so much as say you liked me, or that I’d done a good job, and now it turns out that you felt that way about me all this time?” he said numbly.


“Yup.” Gibbs shrugged. “Didn’t say I was happy about it. I fucked up with Stan – rule number twelve exists for a reason. Thought it’d be simpler if I kept you at arm’s length. Had no idea it’d just make it more intense for both of us. You know how the saying goes – ‘treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen’. You sure as hell seem to get off on being slapped down, Tony.”


Tony flushed. “Yeah. Well. When it’s you doing the slapping, Boss…” He shot Gibbs a hint of one of his usual bright grins. Gibbs rolled his eyes.


“I enjoyed the little dance of dominance and submission you choreographed for us so expertly, Tony – but there’s a big difference between that and me taking you as my sub. And you always went to such great lengths to convince us all that you’re straight.”


“Didn’t see you parading around with any boyfriends,” Tony muttered.


“Didn’t have any,” Gibbs shrugged. “You were the only one I wanted, and I wasn’t going there so…” He made an empty gesture with his hands. “And what about you? Hell, you couldn’t shut up about all your female conquests – so I figured you just liked playing the sub with me at the office and liked doing something else entirely in your spare time.”


“I topped,” Tony said quietly. Gibbs gave him a surprised look. “I topped my ‘female conquests’ as you call them. Started off with a few light spankings – that’s how I got the ‘Spanky’ nickname.” He grinned. Gibbs gave a little chuckle. “Didn’t get serious until Jeanne came along – she knew what she wanted, and I was happy to go along with it…until I realised just how envious it was making me. I wanted what I was giving her – and I wanted it from you.” He leaned forward, his face deadly serious. “I denied it for awhile – you’re right, I wasn’t ready to admit what I wanted back then, not at first anyhow. Playing at it with you at the office, flirting with it, skirting around the edges? That was safe. Admitting that I wanted to kneel at your feet and be your fuck toy? Well, that’s been harder, as I’m sure you can guess.”


“What changed your mind?” Gibbs asked.


“When Jeanne asked me to choose – and I chose you. I stayed at NCIS for the half-life I had with you, rather than going to her for the real deal. Then I found I wanted more – and then…then I screwed everything up. Jenny died, and I got sent away.” He looked down, morosely, at the empty plate in front of him.


“That wasn’t your fault, Tony,” Gibbs told him. “Jenny’s death wasn’t your fault. She gave you an order, and you obeyed it.”


Tony looked up. “You don’t believe that,” he said quietly. “You know that if she’d given YOU that order to stay away, then you’d have ignored it. I didn’t. I chose to take off and have a good time instead of protecting her, which was what I was being paid to do. I screwed up, Boss, and I deserve to be punished for it. I can take a punishment – I can take anything you want to hand out, however hard, however painful – what I can’t take is you ignoring me.”


“You want to be punished – is that it?” Gibbs asked, his blue eyes intense.


Tony looked down so that Gibbs wouldn’t see what was in his own eyes. “Yes.”


“No,” Gibbs said firmly. Tony looked up in surprise. “My sub – my rules. I decide what you get punished for, Tony.”


“Why? I deserve to be punished. I *should* be punished.”


“Like I said – my sub, my rules. Do you accept that I’m in charge of any punishments you get?”


Tony hesitated.


“Tony – you just wrote a number on that board – that was you accepting my authority on this subject. Are you saying that I’m only in charge when you agree with me?”


Tony chewed on his bottom lip.


“You can’t have it both ways, Tony. Either it’s my decision when and what to punish you for, and you accept that, or it isn’t, and you don’t. Which is it?”


Tony thought about it. “Your decision,” he said finally, sullenly.


“You bet your ass it is!” Gibbs retorted. “I know you’re a newbie, Tony, but have you read up about any of this? Hell, what am I talking about? You’re you – of course you’ve read up. You’ve done your research, haven’t you?”


“Months of nights spent on bondage websites,” Tony admitted with a grin.


“So you know all the theory but none of the practice,” Gibbs grunted. “Tell me what you want, Tony. What’s the attraction for you in being my sub? What do you want from it?”


Tony hesitated.


“None of your bullshit, either,” Gibbs ordered. “The truth, Tony – I’ll know if you’re lying, and we’ll just keep adding to that tally on the chalkboard ‘til I hear the truth.”


“Okay.” Tony wasn’t great at telling the truth about anything personal. He had a whole armoury of tricks at his disposal to help him avoid it, so this was hard. “I want what Fox has with Walter,” he admitted finally. “I want to belong, Gibbs. I want to belong to you. I’ll submit to anything you want to do to me. I don’t care if it hurts – I just want to be yours.”


Gibbs blinked, looking genuinely surprised, and Tony realised that his new dom hadn’t expected that.


“You wanted my honesty,” he said defensively.


“Yes, I did.” Gibbs exhaled a deep breath. “Thank you, Tony. Okay then – you and I are on the same page, because what I want is a sub who’s prepared to go on the journey with me. I’ll take you there, Tony, and I promise you it’ll be sweet – but you have to trust me, and you have to be honest with me – and with yourself. That was a damn good start.”


Tony flushed at the praise.


“I can’t tolerate a part-time arrangement,” Gibbs told him. “I tried that before, and it doesn’t work for me. If that’s a deal breaker for you, then I’ll understand – a 24/7 arrangement isn’t easy.”


“24/7?” Tony raised an eyebrow.


“Yeah. I don’t want a few sessions in a playroom or some seedy club bar twice a week. If you’re mine, then I need you to be mine, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”


“How does that work?” Tony asked, intrigued. This sounded closer to what Fox and Walter had, minus the master and slave contracts that he’d seen in their Playroom, but then he doubted that Gibbs was a contract kind of guy.


“Well, I’ll expect you to be my sub at work as well as at home,” Gibbs told him. “So, if I want a blowjob in the elevator, you’ll damn well get down on your knees and give me one.”


Tony’s cock lurched unexpectedly at that thought. Gibbs raised an eyebrow, a little grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.


“Damn it, Gibbs. That’s hot,” Tony hissed.


Gibbs laughed out loud. “Good – I like that my boy gets turned on by the thought of serving me.” His laughter faded, and he gazed at Tony intently. “Won’t be easy, Tony,” he warned. “I’ll be a good dom to ya – but I’m pretty sure there will be times when you’ll hate my guts.”


“Newsflash for you, Boss – there have been plenty of times I’ve hated your guts in the past eight years. But for some reason I keep coming back for more. You – and your guts – are kind of addictive.”


Gibbs gave a wry grunt at that. “You understand what I’m saying though?” he asked, with a flick of his head. “I want a 24/7 sub. There are no vacations from that role. And I expect everything you’ve got – no holding back. I’ll spank you, whip you, flog you, plug you, gag you, blindfold you, tie you, clamp you, and just about everything else you can imagine.” He leaned forward. “And I’ll fuck you,” he promised, in a low, dark purr of a voice. “If you accept my deal then your body becomes mine, and I’ll demand your complete obedience.”


Tony felt a little shiver of arousal. Gibbs was staring at him intently, waiting for his answer.


“Yes,” Tony said quietly. Gibbs continued staring at him.


“You sure?” he asked. “You really sure, Tony?”


“I’m sure,” Tony said firmly. “Like you said, we’ve been dancing around this for years. I want it for real, Gibbs. I want to know what it’s like to do this, to go all the way. God knows I’ve fantasised about it often enough.”


“24/7?” Gibbs asked.


Tony nodded, knowing he didn’t want it any other way. “24/7,” he agreed.


Gibbs gave a tight little grin. “Okay, then we should lay some ground rules.”


“I thought we already did.” Tony glanced at the chalkboard that was still lying on the floor. “Rule number one: Obey you. Rule number two: Don’t lie to you. Rule number three: Don’t keep you waiting. Rule number four: No attitude. Speaking of which…” He made a face and picked the chalkboard off the floor, then rubbed out the ‘9’ and wrote in a ’10’. “I figure you weren’t going to let that little temper tantrum just pass,” he said with a little grimace.


Gibbs’s eyes glowed approvingly. “Oh, I knew you’d be easy to train.”


“Well, you’ve been prepping me for the past eight years, so I figure I know how to please you,” Tony shrugged.


“In some ways,” Gibbs said, with a frankly lascivious grin. “Others you’ll have to learn, and I’m gonna take a hell of a lot of pleasure in the teaching. Okay – you need to pick a safe word.”


Tony glanced up, surprised. “I won’t need one, Boss. I trust you. Whatever you want to do to me is fine.”


“No, it isn’t,” Gibbs retorted. “You’re new at this, Tony. If you were an experienced sub, like Fox, then maybe that’d work, but you’re not – and you have no idea how you’ll react when things get intense.”


Tony gave a nonchalant shrug. “I’ll be fine. I don’t want an out, Gibbs. I want to know you’re in charge, and it’s out of my hands.”


“Oh, I’ll be in charge,” Gibbs assured him grimly. “But it’s been a while since I topped, and I’m out of practice.”


“Didn’t feel that way last night.” Tony rolled his shoulders experimentally and was delighted to feel the slight burn that accompanied the action.


“A safe word isn’t optional, Tony. I won’t lay a finger on you unless you have one, so choose one,” Gibbs said firmly.


Tony glared at him, but he knew there was no arguing with Gibbs.


“Something that’s easy to remember, and you’ll be able to speak clearly in a moment of duress,” Gibbs added.


Tony liked the idea of there being moments of duress. He grinned. “Magnum,” he said promptly. Gibbs rolled his eyes. “What?” Tony laughed. “It’s easy to remember and pretty damn clear!”


“Okay. Magnum it is.”


“When am I supposed to use it?” Tony asked. “I mean…take this…” He gestured towards the chalkboard. “Can I use my safe word if I don’t like taking this punishment?”


“Sure.” Gibbs nodded.


“Really?” Tony gazed at him through narrowed eyes.


“Yup – you use it if anything is too much for you and that includes punishments. I won’t learn your limits if you don’t give me some pointers. But…”


“I knew there’d be a but!”


“BUT…” Gibbs glared at him. “If you use it, then you’d better damn well be prepared to tell me why. I’ll still make you take the punishment, but maybe I’ll do it differently, or delay it until you can handle it.”


“Oookay,” Tony said, feeling a little surprised.




“Didn’t expect you to be so negotiable, that’s all,” Tony shrugged. “You never are at work.”


“I told you, this isn’t a one-way thing,” Gibbs said, frowning. “If we’re not both getting off on this then we’re doing somethin’ wrong. Doesn’t mean there won’t be times when it’s painful, or difficult, or neither of us is in the mood – but that’s just life. I’m the dom, Tony – I make up the rules, and I’m pretty damn demanding so there’s no chance this’ll feel like a walk in the park – but then, you don’t want that, do you?” He leaned forward, a quirky little smile on his lips.


“You know me too well,” Tony replied quietly.


“Yeah, I do. Now, enough talking – time to start.” He got up.


Tony looked up at him, alarmed. “Time to start what?”


“Your training, Tony.” Gibbs grinned. “Take off your shirt so I can look at your back.”


Tony guessed he’d have to get used to Gibbs ordering him to remove various items of clothing. He did as he was told, and Gibbs rubbed some more of that cool liquid into his shoulders. Then he turned Tony around and gently applied some of the other ointment to the grazed area around his waist, his jaw tightening as he did so.


“Really pisses you off that some other guy flogged me, doesn’t it?” Tony said, surprised by the look on Gibbs’s face.


“I told you what I’m like,” Gibbs growled in reply. “Don’t ever let anyone touch you again. You missed that off your list of rules.”


“Rule number five then,” Tony said. “Nobody touches me but you.” Gibbs gave a terse nod and withdrew his hand from Tony’s ribs. Tony grabbed his wrist and squeezed – hard. “Rule number five applies both ways,” he added firmly. Gibbs quirked an eyebrow at him. “I’m kind of possessive too,” Tony said.


Gibbs grinned. “Wouldn’t have it any other way. Rule number five – nobody touches me but you, Tony. Got it.”


“Good.” Tony released his wrist, and Gibbs glanced at his watch.


“We need to get moving. Any more questions?”


“Yes.” Tony nodded, feeling his stomach clench. “When are you going to fuck me?”






Gibbs gazed at his sub for a long moment. The challenge in Tony’s eyes turned to a look of apprehension. Gibbs moved forwards, getting into Tony’s space, and Tony took an involuntary step backwards.


Gibbs took another step forwards until Tony was pressed up against the fridge. He was still shirtless, and Gibbs could smell his scent and feel the warmth of his skin. It would be so easy to grab him, turn him around, pull his sweatpants down, shove him face first against the fridge, and take him, right here. His cock ached at the thought, but he knew this wasn’t the way he wanted to take his sub for the first time.


Tony was staring at him with eyes that were half terrified, half aroused, and Gibbs could feel his sub’s cock straining against his sweatpants so he guessed that aroused was winning out.


Gibbs leaned forward and spoke directly into Tony’s ear, in a low, hungry tone. “You want that, Tony?”


He could hear Tony swallowing convulsively, and watched, fascinated, as a little vein in Tony’s neck fluttered nervously. Gibbs put his fingers in Tony’s hair and smoothed it.
“You want me to bend you over the table and fuck you here in the kitchen?” Gibbs whispered, in that same dark voice. Tony’s eyes flashed. Gibbs gave him a feral grin and tightened his fingers into a fist in Tony’s hair. “That what you want, Tony?” he asked softly. He ran one finger slowly down Tony’s naked chest. “Hmm?” Gibbs hissed. “I can’t hear you, Tony. Is that what you want, boy?”


“Yes,” Tony mumbled, that vein in his neck fluttering wildly. “Yes – that’s what I want.”


Gibbs gave another feral grin and leaned forward as if he was going to speak into Tony’s ear again. Instead, he bit down on the lobe gently, making Tony whimper. Then he released him.


“Well you’re gonna have to wait. We have some shopping to do.”


“What?” Tony stood there, looking completely dazed.


“Shopping. Put your shirt on – time to go out.”


Gibbs grabbed his keys from the kitchen worktop and made for the door. Tony just stood there, like he’d been turned into stone.


“Tony!” Gibbs snapped.


Tony nodded. He pulled his tee shirt on, and then trotted on behind him as Gibbs strode towards the door. He was silent as he got into the car beside Gibbs, and remained silent throughout the journey. Gibbs glanced at him every so often, wondering what was going on in his head. When they finally reached their destination, Tony turned to him.


“You are gonna fuck me one day, right?”


Gibbs grinned. “Oh yeah. I’m definitely gonna fuck you one day, Tony.” He patted Tony’s cheek. “But I’ll say when.”


“Why keep me waiting?” Tony asked petulantly.


“You ever been fucked by a man before, Tony?” Gibbs asked. He already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from his sub.


“No…but…” Tony began. Gibbs shrugged.


“I’ll fuck you – when I’m ready and not before. I have some work to do on you before then.”


He got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. Tony scrambled after him as Gibbs strode across the parking lot.


“What kind of work?” Tony asked, an intrigued look on his face.


“You’ll see,” Gibbs grinned, reaching the store and opening the door.


Tony had been so wrapped up in their conversation that he hadn’t noticed where they were headed, and he took a few steps inside and then came to a halt, his mouth opening wide. Gibbs put a hand on his shoulder and steered him towards the interior of the store.


The sales assistant looked up as Gibbs pushed Tony towards her. “Can I help you, sir?” she asked.


“Yeah.” Gibbs glanced around at the various items on display. “I have a new sub and an empty toy box. Got a whole list of things to buy. First off – a collar. Plain leather – nothing fancy – with a D-ring on the front.”


Tony’s eyes were round as saucers as the assistant got out a rack of collars. Gibbs glared at the woman.


“Just because I said nothing fancy doesn’t mean cheap,” he snapped. “He’s gonna be wearing it a lot so only the best quality leather. Go get me something good enough for my sub’s neck.”


The sales assistant gave him a look almost as wide-eyed as the one Tony was giving him.


“Yes, sir,” she said quickly, rushing off to open up a display case. She came back with a beautiful black collar made from butter-soft leather and lined in soft, crimson velvet.


“That’s more like it.” Gibbs unbuckled it and placed it around Tony’s throat. Tony gazed at him from freaked out eyes. Gibbs just grinned at him and buckled it loosely. “How does it feel?” he asked.


“Like I’m a dog? How the hell is it supposed to feel?” Tony hissed. “I have nothing to compare it to, Gibbs.”


Gibbs removed the collar and buckled one of the cheap ones around Tony’s neck instead. It had hard edges that dug into Tony’s skin. Tony made a face.


“Feel the difference?” Gibbs asked. “No sub of mine is wearing something like this.” He unbuckled the cheap collar and threw it down on the counter with a look of contempt. The sales assistant and Tony swapped looks of mutual fear. Gibbs grabbed Tony’s arm and drew him over to one side. “Does my *sub* have a problem with wearing my collar?” he demanded.


Tony shook his head. “No…just… you’re gonna put a collar on me?” he whispered. “Seriously?”


“Seriously.” Gibbs nodded. “I like my subs naked and collared. It’ll be a good look on you.” He patted Tony’s cheek again, and Tony swallowed hard, his eyes looking like they were about to pop out on stalks. Gibbs picked up the expensive collar. “So – this one okay for you?” he asked. Tony nodded silently. Gibbs grinned and threw it at the sales assistant. “This one. Now…show me your best paddles – and I mean the best ones.”


“Leather or wood, sir?”


“Leather – I’m not paying for a wooden one that I could make myself in ten minutes flat.”


“With holes or without?” The assistant put a selection on the counter.


“Holes?” Tony asked, picking one up.


“Ones with holes go through the air faster – so they land with more force,” Gibbs told him.


“Without then?” Tony suggested hopefully.


“With,” Gibbs told the sales assistant. Tony pouted. Gibbs almost laughed out loud. The one thing about Tony was that he was fun – always had been. It was going to be a pleasure training him to be a good sub. He suspected he’d be alternately laughing his head off and pulling his hair out, but life with Tony was never, ever going to be boring. He felt more relaxed than he had for years as he looked at his sub. Tony gazed back at him, a surprised look in his eyes.


“What?” Gibbs asked.


“You look weird,” Tony replied, making a face. “Kind of smiley. It’s freaking me out.”


Gibbs laughed and reached out a hand to tousle Tony’s hair affectionately, and Tony all but purred as he leaned into the caress. Gibbs thought he could get used to Tony’s impression of a cat just waiting to be petted. They’d wasted too many years dancing around the edges of this – it felt so good to finally give into it.


“Cuffs.” Gibbs turned back to the sales assistant again. “Same as the collar – nothing fancy, but comfortable and hard-wearing.”


She nodded and produced a few sets of nice looking cuffs in double quick time. Gibbs experimented with fastening them around Tony’s wrists and ankles, trying on various sets until he was satisfied.


“Now – butt plugs,” Gibbs said. The assistant brought a box of different sized butt plugs to the counter. “Wanna pick one?” Gibbs asked. Tony looked like he’d rather be eviscerated with a meat cleaver, but after mulling it over for a few minutes he eventually pointed at one of the smaller ones in the box. Gibbs laughed out loud. “That’s no damn use. I’m a hell of a lot bigger than that, and the point is to stretch you.”


Tony had a severe coughing fit, and Gibbs thumped him helpfully on the back. “Bigger than that?” Tony wheezed, as Gibbs asked the assistant for one of the largest in the box.


“Oh yeah. Much bigger.” Gibbs grinned. He leaned in close to Tony and spoke into his ear. “We’ll get a few in different sizes though, so I can gradually stretch that tight virgin asshole of yours.” He patted Tony’s ass as he spoke, and Tony doubled up in another elaborate coughing fit. Gibbs grinned to himself; playing with Tony was far too much fun.


Gibbs spent the next few minutes investigating harnesses and lengths of chain. Tony wandered off, and Gibbs saw him reaching out a finger towards a rack of canes, a look of morbid curiosity combined with terror on his face.


“Cock gags – different sizes,” Gibbs told the sales assistant. “And nipple clamps – the adjustable ones.”


There was a loud crashing sound from over by the canes, and Gibbs swung around to see that the entire rack had fallen over, and Tony was busy trying to gather them all up again. Gibbs sighed. Tony turned towards him, a grimace on his face, his arms full of canes of various lengths, thicknesses, and degrees of severity.


“You want me to chalk up another one on the board when we get back?” Tony asked, wincing theatrically.


“Well, I could add clumsiness, idiocy, and an almost suicidal sense of curiosity to the list of rules, but if I did that you’d never sit down again, DiNozzo,” Gibbs told him, with a roll of his eyes. “So no. Here.” He handed Tony his keys and nodded to the door. “Go wait for me in the car before you do any more damage. I’ll finish up here.”


Tony dumped the canes on the counter with an apologetic smile at the sales assistant. She just bestowed a look of abject sympathy on him as he scurried out.


Gibbs bought several more items he thought he’d need and then handed over his credit card to the sales assistant. It was expensive – but worth it. He hadn’t realised how much he’d missed this. It was going to feel so good to play again – especially with a sub like Tony. He couldn’t wait to get started.


The sales assistant loaded up the bags for him and then handed them over.


“Uh…um…I know this is none of my business but don’t be too hard on him, will you?” she whispered. “He’s kind of cute.”


“Oh, he has the whole kicked puppy look down to a fine art but don’t be fooled,” Gibbs retorted. “That boy is trouble, and he’s…” he paused, “Mine,” he finished, with a grin. “Yeah, he might be trouble, but he’s all mine.”


He grabbed the bags and left the store, that little grin still on his face as he walked back to the car.






Tony wasn’t sure he even wanted to know what was in all those bags that Gibbs dumped in the trunk of the car. Part of him was turned on as all hell at the thought of Gibbs trying them out on him, while another part wanted to run away. Just hearing the words “cock gags” and “nipple clamps” had caused him to knock over that rack of canes back there.


Gibbs got in beside him, grinning happily to himself at some private joke. Tony gazed at him, surprised. He was going to have to get used to *this* Gibbs he thought to himself. Not the dour, monosyllabic boss he was familiar with from work, but the guy who pushed him up against fridges and purred in his ear; the guy who told him he’d look good naked and collared; and the guy who seemed to like stroking his hair and *smiling* at him.


“Where are we going?” he asked, as Gibbs took them in the opposite direction to his house.


“Crystal City,” Gibbs replied. “To collect some stuff you left there last night.”


Last night could have been last century as far as Tony was concerned. Then he remembered the clothes he’d left at Walter’s apartment, and he heaved a sigh of relief. At least if they were going there, that would delay the inevitable moment when they got home, and Gibbs delivered that spanking he’d promised – perhaps using one of those implements he’d just bought. Tony wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Partly he had a morbid curiosity about how it’d feel, but as this was *Gibbs*, he had a suspicion he’d regret every minute he’d been late getting down the stairs this morning, every act of disobedience, every lie, and every single last thing he’d done to add to that tally on the chalkboard.


Walter answered the door and smiled at them both happily. “Tony.” He drew Tony into a warm bear hug. “Jethro.” Much to Tony’s surprise, he did the same to Gibbs.


“Gunny,” Gibbs replied, accepting the hug with a grin.


“You still call him ‘Gunny’?” Tony asked, intrigued.


Gibbs glanced at Walter. “What exactly have you told him?” he demanded with a raised eyebrow.


Walter laughed. “Just the basics – that I was your gunnery sergeant at boot camp – back when you were a hot-tempered eighteen year old, always looking for a fight.”


“If you wanted to fill in the details, I’d be very happy to hear them,” Tony grinned.


Gibbs glared at him, but Tony ignored him – no way in hell was he going to pass up an opportunity to hear more details about Gibbs’s misspent youth. He had a feeling Skinner had the kind of dirt on Gibbs that Abby and McGee would pay to hear.


“Sure – sit down and have some coffee. Fox!” Walter bellowed. Fox appeared a second later – he had untidy hair and was wearing a pair of glasses that made him look strangely young and innocent.


They sat down at the kitchen table with cups of coffee, and Walter gave him a searching look. “So, Tony – things work out okay?”


Tony glanced at Gibbs and then back at Walter. “Yeah.” He flushed. “They did. I should say thanks – I have a feeling you’re behind what happened last night.”


Walter grinned and slapped his back affectionately. “I just gave Private Gibbs a kick up the ass to make him see sense, same as I always did when he was in my bad boy squad back at boot camp.”


“Bad boy squad?” Gibbs rolled his eyes.


“That’s what you were – all the ones with potential who couldn’t seem to help getting into trouble.”


“Walter’s job was to break them,” Fox said helpfully, dipping a cookie into his coffee and then crunching on it.


“Oh really?” Tony’s eyes lit up.


Walter laughed out loud. “My job was to turn them into good Marines,” he clarified. “The Corps doesn’t like to give up – even on the really hard-ass kids.”


Gibbs took a sip of his coffee, looking as if this entire conversation had nothing to do with him.


“And Gibbs was one of the really, really, *really* bad ones?” Tony asked.


Gibbs fixed him with one of his death glares. Tony just grinned at him, figuring he was safe while sitting next to Walter.


“Hell yes! He and I went head to head for weeks until I finally got him to give in. After that, he turned into the best Marine I ever trained, but up to that point it was touch and go.”


“Cool.” Tony leaned forward. “So, how did you break him?”


Walter glanced at Gibbs who glanced back at him, deadpan. “Want me to tell him, Jethro?” Walter asked, raising an eyebrow. Gibbs shrugged.


“Depends on how badly he wants to know,” he replied. “It’s five on the chalkboard, Tony – up to you.”


“Hey – you said curiosity isn’t a rule!” Tony protested.


“It isn’t.” Gibbs grinned. “Consider it information that comes at a price. Question is whether it’s a price you wanna pay.”


Tony thought about it. Five seemed like a lot, but his obsession with all things Gibbs was overwhelming, and the chance to find out a snippet from his new dom’s past was too much for him.


“Spill,” he told Walter.


Fox laughed. “Ah, Tony – you and I are more alike than I thought. No way I’d have passed up on that, either – despite the high price you’ll end up paying, my friend.”


“Okay then.” Walter leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his solidly muscled chest. “So, you have to picture what young Leroy Jethro Gibbs was like back then. He was all flashing blue eyes and fast fists. He liked to fight, and he didn’t like authority.”


“Hasn’t changed much then,” Tony muttered. Gibbs shot an unexpected grin in his direction.


“He sure as hell didn’t like me,” Walter continued. “He loved being a Marine – I had no doubt about that. He wanted to wear the uniform, and he wanted to wear it with pride, but he couldn’t get his head around the whole idea of the chain of command, and he wouldn’t back down in a confrontation.”


“Yup. Still the same,” Tony grinned.


“So, he and I got into a few arguments. One time, I made him stand to attention on the parade ground for a full six hours before he finally surrendered. Then I made him do a hundred push-ups before I allowed him to go rest,” Walter recalled. “But then, just when I thought I was making some progress with him, the little punk went and got into a barrack room brawl. An admiral’s son was hurt, and Jethro was held responsible. He was hauled before the MPs, and for awhile I thought he was going to be beyond saving.”


Gibbs took another sip of his coffee, looking supremely calm. Tony frowned.


“I always thought you were a model Marine, Boss.”


“I was. Once Walter straightened me out,” Gibbs said, with a shrug. “He argued for me to be given one last chance. That’s how I ended up on his infamous punishment detail for a month. Spent most of it on my hands and knees scrubbing bathroom floors with a toothbrush – that’s when I wasn’t doing ten mile runs, or standing to attention on the parade ground for hours on end.”


“And every night I had him come to my room and take six swats with my belt,” Walter added. “Good, old-fashioned, Marine Corps discipline. Unorthodox – and not something we talk about – but I wasn’t about to let a good kid go bad if I could help it.”


“Every night? For a month?” Tony whistled. “No wonder you got through to him.”


“That wasn’t what got through to me,” Gibbs said quietly.


“Nope.” Walter shook his head. “Although I was impressed by how you took it, Jethro. You never once asked me to go easy on you. You never showed up late or gave me attitude. You took every single one of those swats without a word.”


“So what did get through to you?” Tony asked.


Gibbs glanced at Walter, who glanced back at him, and they exchanged quiet smiles.


“I found out that Walter had gone to the wall for me,” Gibbs told him. “He staked his reputation on pulling me around – if he screwed it up, then they were going to kick him back a rank and mark it down on his record. Once I knew that he believed in me, that he’d do that for me…well, I wasn’t gonna let him down. I took everything he threw at me, determined to show him that he hadn’t misjudged me.”


“And I hadn’t,” Walter added. “He’s the finest Marine I ever trained.”


“See – and these poor guys ended up with us insubordinate subs.” Fox grinned at Tony. “Must stick in their craw, after having turned out all those well-trained Marines, to end up with such badly behaved civilians on their hand – and not a military tribunal in sight to help them get us to shape up.”


“Oh, we have other weapons at our disposal for that,” Gibbs said, with a hint of a grin.


“Yeah – he’s got a whole car full of weapons downstairs,” Tony said mournfully. Walter laughed, and gave Tony’s shoulder a sympathetic squeeze. “Glad he knows how it feels if he’s going to be handing it out,” Tony added.


“Oh, he knows,” Walter chuckled. “He definitely knows.”


“Every time I think about losing my temper and lashing out, I remember that punishment detail and how sore my ass was by the end of it,” Gibbs said with a shrug. “I learned the hard way how to control my temper – but I’m glad I learned. Otherwise, I think I’d have been killed on a battlefield somewhere, or else rotting in Leavenworth. Walter made me into the man I am today, Tony, and for that, I’m damn grateful. It would have been so easy for him to give up on me, but he saw beneath the mixed-up kid to the man I had the potential to be, inside. ”


“And you did the same for other kids just like you when you became a gunny,” Walter told him. “So it was worth it. You always take the time and trouble to see what’s underneath – and you don’t give up on the people with promise and heart.” He glanced at Tony as he said that. “Doesn’t mean you put up with any bullshit, but you’ll stand by the ones who are worth it, even when others would have kicked them out a long time ago.”


Tony remembered his short lived time at Peoria, Philadelphia and Baltimore PDs. He’d always screwed up, or his attitude had pissed off his superiors, and he’d been advised to move on.


“You know what I’m talking about, Tony?” Walter asked softly.


Tony glanced up at Gibbs and found his new dom gazing at him with an inscrutable expression on his face. “Yeah,” Tony muttered. “I know.”


Gibbs had been the only boss who’d seen past his more annoying habits to the person within and found him worth giving a damn about. His devotion to Gibbs dated back to the precise moment when he’d realised that this man wasn’t going to give up on him, unlike all the police captains he’d worked under.


Not that Gibbs had ever gone easy on him – because he’d bawled Tony out for every single screw-up – but he’d also made it clear that he was part of the team and here to stay. Tony would follow him to the ends of the earth for being the only person in his life who’d ever believed in him. And it seemed he’d learned how to do that from this big man sitting here.


“Thanks, Walter,” Tony said.


“You’re welcome, son. You’re the one who’s going to be taking those five swats though,” Walter reminded him, misunderstanding the reason behind his gratitude.


“Yeah – about that…” Tony looked at Gibbs hopefully.


“Don’t even think about it,” Gibbs grunted. “They’re going on the board. Like I said – that kind of information costs.”


Tony gazed at him thoughtfully. “You know, I think that particular piece of information was worth the price.”


Gibbs grinned at him. “You haven’t paid it yet, Tony – you might think differently after.”






They finished their coffee, and Gibbs took their used cups into the kitchen He was itching to get his sub home and move his training onto the next level. Walter followed him into the kitchen.


“So, how’s it going, Jethro?” he asked quietly.


Gibbs shrugged. “Early days.”


“Any regrets? You think I forced your hand on this?” Walter asked, gazing at him searchingly.


“No regrets, and yeah, you did, but it was the right thing to do. As you damn well know.” Gibbs shot a glare in his direction.


Walter gave a tight little smile and ran a thoughtful hand over his jaw. “Jethro – there’s something I have to say. That kid…there’s something there. He’s got some serious shit in his past. Fox and I both picked up on it.” Gibbs glanced up sharply. “I’m sorry – tell me to butt out if you want, but I thought you should know.”


Gibbs sighed. “I already do, Walter.”


“Good. Figured you did – just thought I should say.”


“Not the details – those will have to come from him, when he’s ready. But I know there’s something.”


“Yeah – something pretty big I think. Also – he has some serious daddy issues going on,” Walter added.


Gibbs gave a mirthless laugh. “Hell, Walter, tell me something I don’t know!” His tight grin faded. “What did he say to you?”


“Nothing he thought would give him away.” Walter shrugged. “Just casual bits of conversation I pieced together. You know anything about his father?”


“Beyond the fact that he was an alcoholic and an asshole? Nope.” Gibbs shook his head. “I do know that he screwed Tony up bad, but, like you, that comes from information I’ve pieced together over the years. Tony’s never said anything to me about it direct.”


“Think the two are linked? The daddy issues and whatever else is in his past?” Walter asked thoughtfully.


“No idea,” Gibbs shrugged. “Wouldn’t be surprised – but with Tony? Who knows?”


“What are you going to do?”


“Stick with him,” Gibbs said firmly. “Give him what he needs until he trusts me enough to tell me what the hell is going on.”


“And what is it you think he needs?”


“Same thing you gave Fox to pull him around, Walter. A firm hand, a hell of a lot of love, and someone he doesn’t have to hide around.”


“Might take time,” Walter mused. “I have a feeling that kid hides things as easy as breathing, Jethro.”


“Didn’t anyone tell you?” Gibbs patted his arm. “I’m a sniper, Walter. I’m a patient man – I can wait, and watch, and when the time comes I’ll know it. I’ll reach him. Might take a while, but I’m not giving up on him. Never have. Never will.”


“Good. Tony needs someone like you. I’ve only known him a couple of days, but he’s an easy kid to like.”


“Oh yeah.” Gibbs gave another tight grin. “He is.”


“He’s hungry for something, Jethro. Love, I think, but maybe something else, too – something darker.” Walter shook his head. “He’s kind of like a dog that’ll take any number of kicks and keep on coming back for more. His greatest fear isn’t being hurt – it’s being ignored.”


Gibbs felt a muscle in his jaw tighten. “I’m not gonna ignore him. And I’m sure as hell not gonna kick him,” he growled.


“Someone has,” Walter said softly. “And he let them. He’ll let you too if that’s what you want. I’ve seen the way he looks at you – there’s a blind devotion in his eyes. You could give that kid a hell of a lot of kicks before he’d leave you, Jethro – maybe he never would.”


“Christ, Walter!” Gibbs slammed his fist down angrily on the kitchen worktop. “I won’t treat him like that. You know that. Discipline and a firm hand are one thing – he needs those – they make him feel safe and wanted, and besides, they turn him on. But I won’t abuse him.”


“Supposing that’s what he wants?” Walter raised an eyebrow. “These boys of ours – they’re complicated, Jethro. Fox had his own set of issues – different ones to Tony’s for sure – but it took me months to get through to him all the same. I just want to be sure you know what you’re taking on.”


“Oh, I know,” Gibbs muttered grimly.


“Good. Then I think he’s in safe hands.” Walter slapped Gibbs on the shoulder. “And hell – I have to say, I almost envy you – he’s going to be great fun to play with.”


Gibbs managed a smile at that, and they returned to the other room. Tony and Fox were discussing something – in robust tones. Fox’s dry monotone dominated the conversation, punctuated by humorous little digs from Tony. Walter and Gibbs exchanged amused grins.


Then Tony glanced up, caught Gibbs looking at them, and gave him a smile that was so guileless in its affection, and so intimate, that it took his breath away.


“You ready to go, Boss?”


“Boss?” Fox snorted.


“Hey – you call yours ‘Master’. Who’s the freaky one here?” Tony demanded. “Uh…you weren’t gonna make me call you ‘Master’ were you, Boss?” he asked with a wince. Gibbs rolled his eyes. “’Sir’ would be okay, I suppose,” Tony mused. Then his eyes widened in alarm. “But not, you know, ‘My Lord’, or anything really dumb like that.”


“Tony!” Gibbs snapped, interrupting his sub’s wayward thought process. Tony’s head jerked up. “It’s ‘Boss’, ‘Gibbs’, or – but only if I’m in a really good mood, and you aren’t being too much of an idiot – ‘Jethro’. That’s it. Got it?”


“Yes.” Tony nodded. “Jethro,” he added with a sly grin. Gibbs gazed at him through narrowed eyes. “What? You’re in a good mood, and I haven’t done anything really idiotic in hours,” Tony pointed out.


Walter laughed out loud and patted Gibbs’s arm again. “Oh yeah. You’re really gonna have fun with that one,” he chuckled.


“If he doesn’t kill me in the process,” Gibbs muttered darkly. “Right – we’re going.” Gibbs jerked his head in the direction of the door. “Thanks for the coffee, Walter. Got your clothes, Tony?”


Tony nodded and picked up the bag Fox had given him.


“We still have those leather pants and the shirt you lent him,” Gibbs told Walter. “Tony will get them dry-cleaned, and we’ll return them to you soon.”


“Oh, you can keep them,” Fox said with a wave of his hand. “Those pants were always too big for me – I don’t want them any more.”


Gibbs cleared his throat. “We’ll return them,” he said stonily. “No way he’s gonna wear ‘em again. They were too damn tight.”


“Yeah – they were kind of snug. I noticed the way guys kept checking out his ass last night,” Fox said mischievously, winking at Tony. Gibbs turned, slowly, to bestow a dark glare on Fox.


Walter laughed again. “My apologies for my naughty slave.” He clicked his fingers, and Fox got up without a word, came over, and knelt at his side, head down.


Gibbs watched Tony watching Fox, and noted the envy in his eyes. However much Tony was freaked out by the master/slave nature of Walter and Fox’s relationship, he was also really turned on by Fox’s total submission. Gibbs stored that knowledge away to help him in training his new sub.


Walter turned to him. “It’s been good seeing you again, Jethro. We shouldn’t leave it so long next time. Take good care of Tony – and call me if you need anything.”


“So long, Walter.” Gibbs cast a glance at Fox to see him sneaking a sly grin in Tony’s direction as they left.


“So…” Tony said, as he got into the car beside Gibbs. “Walter used to kick your ass around back in boot camp, huh?” He gave Gibbs a broad grin. “Man, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall back then.”


Gibbs revved the engine and then turned to gaze at Tony. “You know, you look pretty cheerful considering you’re about to get your first taste of my discipline,” he said.


Then he sat back and watched, amused, as that grin faded from Tony’s face and a look of almost comical panic flashed in his expressive green eyes.


Oh yeah. Walter was right. This was definitely going to be fun.








Tony kept shooting little glances at Gibbs on the journey home but, as usual, his new dom wasn’t giving anything away. Tony wondered how taking Gibbs’s discipline would be any different to that whipping last night. That had been pretty damn good once Gibbs had taken over, and Tony had settled into the mindset. He had known that he could stop it any time he wanted, but then again, Gibbs had told him he could stop this any time he wanted too – although not without caveats.


Tony had no intention of stopping anything. Just because Gibbs had given him a safe word didn’t mean he had to use it. He wanted the edge – the thrill – of knowing that Gibbs was in charge, and that he had to submit. He’d had a taste of that at work all these years and now he wanted to experience it to the full. He didn’t want a safety net.


They pulled up in the driveway, and Gibbs got their bags of shopping out of the trunk, handed a couple of them to Tony, and carried the rest into the house. Tony trailed along behind him, his stomach churning.


Gibbs put down his bags on the coffee table and then strode off in the direction of the kitchen.


“Strip,” he ordered over his shoulder as he left the room.


Tony stood there, uncertainly, wondering if he’d heard correctly. Had Gibbs just ordered him to strip? And did he mean entirely, or was this just another back and shoulders inspection? He was still mulling that over when Gibbs returned to the living room with the chalkboard in his hand and a frown on his forehead.


“Didn’t you hear me, DiNozzo? I said ‘strip’, and when I give an order I expect…”


“Instant obedience. Yes, I know – I know!” Tony said, throwing his bags of shopping down on the couch and pulling his tee shirt over his head in double quick time. “Sorry…just wasn’t sure if you meant it or not.”


Gibbs raised an eyebrow. “When have I ever given you an order and not meant it?”


“Good point, Boss,” Tony agreed, tugging frantically at his shoes, hopping around the room as he did so, trying to get them off his feet.


“So that’s five for the pleasure of hearing Walter’s anecdotes, and one each for slowness and disobedience just now.” Gibbs rubbed out the ’10’ on the chalkboard.


“Oh come on!” Tony protested. “Surely it was either slowness OR disobedience – it wasn’t both!”


“And another one for attitude,” Gibbs said, chalking up the grand total on the board and then holding it up for Tony to see. Tony’s heart sank.


“Eighteen?” He winced. “Ouch. That’s gonna hurt. Are you sure about this, Boss? I mean, as I’m new and all, maybe you could give me a reduction?”


“Nineteen,” Gibbs grinned.


“What! Why?”


“New rule – I really hate wheedling.”


“But if I didn’t know about the rule then how could I break…?”


Gibbs raised an eyebrow, hand poised over the chalkboard.


Tony stopped in mid-sentence and held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. “Nineteen,” he agreed.


“And you’re still not undressed,” Gibbs pointed out.


Tony looked down and then quickly finished off divesting himself of his shoes and socks. That left only his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and he paused, looked at Gibbs, and flushed. Gibbs gave him the glare he saved for officers who’d failed the men under their command, or the wives of Marines who’d cheated on their husbands while they were fighting in Iraq.


“Time I took a good look at my new sub, Tony,” Gibbs growled. “I want to see what I’ve got to work with.”


That sounded kind of promising – and threatening. Tony nodded. Wasn’t this what he’d wanted? Wasn’t this why he’d stolen that ID and gone to that club? And hadn’t this been behind every teasing stare and challenging flash of his eyes that he’d thrown Gibbs’s way these past eight years?


He tugged down his pants, and his cock immediately sprang free, half hard already. Tony flushed and tried to cover it surreptitiously with his hands while he bundled up his pants and threw them onto the couch.


“Hands by your sides, DiNozzo,” Gibbs said, coming over to stand in front of him. “Stand to attention.”


Tony swallowed hard and did as he was told. Just the proximity of Gibbs was arousing, and the hard, assessing stare he was giving him didn’t help. Tony’s cock hardened even more, and he gave an embarrassed moan.


“When I said stand to attention I didn’t mean it *that* way, but I’m flattered all the same.” Gibbs grinned.


His steely, blue-eyed gaze travelled slowly over every inch of Tony’s body. It lingered on Tony’s cock, but Gibbs’s expression didn’t change, so Tony had no idea if he liked what he saw or not.


Gibbs didn’t ask if he could touch, and he didn’t hesitate. He just moved in close and placed his hands flat on Tony’s chest with that same intent look he always had when working on his boat. Then he proceeded to move his hands slowly and firmly over Tony’s body with the confidence of ownership. Tony flushed; he wasn’t used to being examined and scrutinised in such an intimate way. Gibbs brushed his fingers over Tony’s nipples, and they hardened, involuntarily. Tony bit down on his lip. Gibbs grinned.




“Yeah,” Tony said hoarsely.


Gibbs leaned in and took one in his mouth, and Tony gave a startled yelp, surprised by the move, and pushed him away. Gibbs raised an eyebrow.


“Not a good start, DiNozzo. Is your body mine or not?”


“Yes, Boss. Sorry…just…gonna take some time to get my head around that.”


“Let’s try it again. Hands behind your back – and keep them there until I say you can move.”


Tony did as ordered and this time he was ready for it when Gibbs repeated the action. Gibbs’s mouth was warm, and he sucked down hard, making Tony’s cock go rigid with arousal. Then Gibbs released him – but only to immediately cup Tony’s balls in his hand. Tony gasped. Gibbs grinned at him and tugged on them gently.


“Uh…Boss…” Tony whispered faintly, struggling to keep his hands behind his back.


“Ssh, DiNozzo…I’m exploring my new sub’s body.”


He released his grasp on Tony’s balls and ran his hand over Tony’s cock. Tony felt himself breaking out into a sweat. It wasn’t easy to stand here, hands behind his back, and just submit to the caress, however gentle it was. He wanted to move his hips and rut into Gibbs’s hand. He longed to break position, grab his dom, tear his clothes off and get down to some hot action…but he couldn’t. He just had to stand here and let his new dom play with him.


Thankfully, Gibbs didn’t tease him for too long. He drew back and motioned with his finger.


“Turn. Hands by your sides now.”


Tony obeyed, turning slowly until he was facing the wall. He couldn’t see Gibbs, but he could sure as hell *feel* his gaze upon him, travelling over his back and down to his ass, then remaining fixed on his buttocks for a long time. Tony closed his eyes – this was both agonising and arousing.


“Good,” Gibbs said, and his voice sounded very close.


Next thing Tony knew, a fingertip was being traced down his spine, slowly, one vertebra at a time. He sucked in his breath and held it, and his cock hardened even more. That fingertip ended up at his ass and stroked softly across his buttocks. Tony felt his breathing hitch.


“Nice,” Gibbs said softly, and Tony could feel his warm breath on the back of his neck.


“Glad you approve,” Tony muttered.


Gibbs slapped his ass, making him yelp in surprise. “Oh yeah. Plenty to work with here,” Gibbs said, in an amused tone.


Then suddenly, without warning, Gibbs slid a leg between his knees and pushed him forwards at the same time. Tony’s hands went out automatically and slammed against the wall for support. Gibbs grasped his hips and pulled them back so that his ass was sticking out.


“Discipline will be daily. Every evening,” Gibbs purred into his ear. “Discipline is your responsibility, Tony, so it’s your job to remind me.”


“If I forget?” Tony asked over his shoulder. Gibbs cupped one of his buttocks with his hand and squeezed.


“Don’t,” Gibbs said, in a low, dangerous voice, straight into his ear.


“Got it, Boss.”


“Discipline won’t always be spanking, but if it is, then you’ll lay out the implements for me, so I can decide what I want to use. Then you’ll get into position.”




“There are three. This is the first one. Against the wall – butt out, legs wide apart, hands braced. Just like this – got it?”


Tony nodded. “Think so.”


That hand cupping his buttock squeezed more severely. “Don’t *think*, DiNozzo. Be sure.”


“Got it!” Tony said quickly, memorising the position he was in so that he could repeat it.


“Good. Second position.” Gibbs moved so quickly that Tony barely had time to catch his breath. One moment he was standing braced against the wall, and the next Gibbs had pulled him back, flipped him around, and bent him over the back of the couch. “Not like that,” Gibbs said, pushing his head right down so that it was against the cushions. “Like this.” He put his knee between Tony’s legs and pushed them apart again. “Legs always apart. Ass always up. Head always down. Got it?”


“Got it!” Tony said promptly, his voice muffled by the cushions.


“Good.” Tony felt Gibbs’s hand gently stroke his back. “We won’t always be here – sometimes we might be in a hotel, or at the office, so…”


“At the office.” Tony stood up and turned to look at his dom in alarm. Gibbs crossed his arms across his chest and glared at him.


“What part of ‘24/7’ don’t you understand, DiNozzo? This isn’t an arrangement of convenience for you. It’s not just when you want it. You want to be my sub? Then this is how it goes down.”


“You’re gonna make me bend over and take a licking at the office?” Tony asked, still fixated on that.


“Not in front of anyone,” Gibbs replied with a shrug. “Nobody gets to see your bare butt except me. But yeah, we spend a lot of time there, and I’m damn sure there are going to be times when I want to discipline you there.”


“And a headslap won’t do?”


“Oh, the headslaps were always just a poor substitute for what I’ve *really* wanted to do to you all these years, DiNozzo.” Gibbs grinned. “Now I’ve got the real deal, there’s no way they’ll satisfy me. Not that I’ll stop handing ‘em out when you need them – but now I can follow through later with something that I’m sure will make a hell of a lot more impact.”


“But where?” Tony asked helplessly.


“The elevator, the conference room – hell, I’ll even bend you over the hood of your car and discipline you in the parking garage if need be.” Gibbs shrugged. “And there’s the men’s room. Or over my desk late at night when everyone’s gone home. Then there’s those steel tables in Autopsy to bend you over when Ducky’s not around. And there’s always Vance’s office when he’s away on one of his high-powered trips.”


Tony gazed at him, open-mouthed.


“And let’s not forget the back of the van – plenty of room in there – I’ll just lock the door and take care of it.”


“You are really serious about this whole 24/7 thing, aren’t you?” Tony croaked, wishing his cock wasn’t still standing up, ramrod straight, showing just how much his body was turned on by this.


Gibbs moved a step closer, so that Tony could feel the taut heat of his body against his naked skin. “Don’t ever doubt it, DiNozzo. I told you – once you’re mine, you’re mine. I know what I want, and I don’t hold back. But…” His blue eyes were musing. “You’re new to this – and that’s why I’m giving you a week.”


“A week?” Tony frowned. “For what?”


“To be sure this is what you want. I’ll give you a flavour of what it’s gonna be like all week, and then, on Friday, you can choose if you want to stay. If you want to walk away that’s fine.” He made a little motion with his head. “Okay, it’ll suck, but I won’t stop ya. If it *is* what you want, then I’ll demand your commitment to being as good a damn sub as you are an agent.”


“Not very then?” Tony grinned and hunched his shoulders, waiting for the headslap. Gibbs slapped the side of his ass instead, and Tony yelped.


“Remember you’re naked, I’m in charge, and this is a whole new ball game. So the slaps might not be on your head whenever you’re alone with me from now on. Got it?”


“Got it.” Tony made a face. “But I don’t understand how this week thing is going to work.”


“I’m getting to that.” Gibbs shot him another of his steely glares. “I won’t fuck you until I know you’re going to stay, Tony. I’ll only fuck you once I’ve collared you – and once I fuck you, then you’re mine for good.”


“Already am,” Tony muttered.


Gibbs clicked his fingers, and Tony found himself, inexplicably, sinking to his knees beside him, the way Fox did whenever Walter made that same gesture. He looked up at Gibbs, startled by the reflex action. Gibbs gave a taut little smile and ran his hand through Tony’s hair.


“Yeah. I think you are,” he said softly. “But you have all week to figure out if it’s what you really want. You’ll stay here this week, learning how to be my sub at work and at home. Then, on Friday evening, you can decide if you want it to be permanent.”


“Is this just for me to decide?” Tony asked, his stomach cramping anxiously. “Or is it for you to decide too?” He wasn’t sure he could stand the disappointment of getting to Friday and having Gibbs reject him.


Gibbs pulled Tony’s head back by the hair, and Tony found himself looking into a pair of pissed off looking eyes.


“Just you. I made my decision when I claimed you in that club last night. You’re mine, Tony. I just want you to understand *exactly* what that means before I fuck you. ‘Cause once I do, there’s no looking back. So you need to be sure.”


“I’m sure now,” Tony pouted, his head still pulled back uncomfortably. Gibbs ran a finger down Tony’s exposed neck.


“No, now you’re turned on. But you haven’t felt my discipline yet, and you have no idea what it’ll be like to give up your freedom.”


“I don’t know what the hell kind of freedom you think I’ve had while working for you these past eight years.”


Gibbs laughed out loud. “Oh, Tony, trust me, any demands I’ve made on you at work will seem like a walk in the park compared to what’s coming your way next week.”


As Tony gazed up at him, a warm feeling settled in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t sure what it was – just that his world suddenly felt full of the kind of safety and certainty that it had been lacking.


A surprised look crept into Gibbs’s eyes, and he lowered his head, captured Tony’s mouth with his own, and kissed him. Tony opened his mouth and returned the kiss eagerly. Then Gibbs drew back and patted his cheek.


“One more thing – when I fuck you I’ll want to go bareback, so tomorrow we both get tested.”


“I’m clean. I haven’t been with anyone for…” Tony sighed, flushing. “Since Jeanne,” he muttered. “Been nearly two years, Boss.”


Gibbs raised a surprised eyebrow, and Tony winced.


“Yeah. I know. But that whole fucked up relationship screwed with my head. There’s been nobody since. You?”


He held his breath – Gibbs wasn’t exactly known for volunteering personal information, but Tony thought he had the right to ask on this occasion. Gibbs clearly thought so too, because he nodded tersely.


“Been about two years for me too.”


“Colonel Mann?” Tony waggled his eyebrows hopefully, wondering if he was right. Gibbs slapped the back of his head.


“Yeah. And I’m damn sure I’m clean too – but I want to start with a clean slate, so we’ll both get tested tomorrow. I know someone who can fast-track the results by Friday.”


“So you hate condoms that much, huh, Boss?”


“I like condoms as much as the next guy, DiNozzo – which is not much, but they’re a necessary evil. However, when I fuck my *sub*, it’ll be different. Part of claiming you is really feeling you, and part of dominating you is making you feel me too. No barriers.”


Tony’s cock lurched in response to that little speech. Gibbs’s gaze dropped to his sub’s groin, and he gave a feral grin. “Time to show you how it’s gonna be. Get up.”


Tony got to his feet and followed Gibbs around to the front of the couch. Gibbs unpacked some of the items he’d bought and laid them out on the coffee table in front of him. Tony’s heart skipped a beat as he surveyed the sleek paddle with the holes drilled into it, and the thick leather strap. At least Gibbs hadn’t unpacked the cane that Tony had seen poking out of the top of one of the bags.


“And now for position three.” Gibbs sat on the couch and pointed at his lap.


Tony narrowed his eyes. “Oh come on! You can’t be serious!”


“And that makes a nice round twenty for the board,” Gibbs grinned. “I was wondering if we’d get there.”


“You want me to go over your knee?” Tony protested. “I mean…aren’t I kind of heavy and way too old for that?”




Gibbs waited. Tony stood there, weighing it up. Then, finally, seeing there was no choice for it, he gave a sigh and scrambled awkwardly over Gibbs’s knee.


It felt weird – and yet oddly intimate. He felt too big and clumsy, but the couch supported his body on either side, and his straining cock felt good pressed against Gibbs’s thighs.


“Good. Now, finally, I get a chance to play with my new sub.”


Tony tensed, but all Gibbs did was stroke a gentle hand over his back. Tony relaxed a little. Gibbs continued caressing him, doing no more than stroking him. Tony rested his head on his hands and closed his eyes, wondering how the hell his life had changed so much in the past twenty-four hours that he was now naked and ass up over Gibbs’s knees.


Gibbs’s fingers were soothing. They moved lower and fondled his ass cheeks. It was incredibly intimate, but Tony reminded himself that he was the sub, and Gibbs was his top, and all that was left for him to do was to surrender. As he worked this process through in his head, he felt his body relax even more.


“What’s your safe word, Tony?” Gibbs asked, breaking into his serene mood.


“Hmmm?” Tony raised his head. Gibbs deposited a little smack on one of his butt cheeks. “Oh – uh, it’s Magnum.”


“Good. If anything is too much for you – physically OR emotionally, then use it,” Gibbs told him firmly. “And be prepared to tell me why.”


Tony nodded, but he immediately dismissed the conversation from his mind. He refused to acknowledge that he had a safe word. He hadn’t wanted one, hadn’t asked for one, and he made a choice, here and now, that he’d never use it, either. He wanted this to be *real*, and he wasn’t going to give himself an out.


A second later he almost changed his mind as Gibbs’s hand suddenly smacked down hard on his upturned ass.


“Owwww!” he howled, turning to look over his shoulder.


“What – you were expecting love taps?” Gibbs grinned.


“Nope…just thinking that if that’s only your hand, then I really don’t want to know how any of those other things feel.” Tony gestured with his head towards the strap and paddle.


“Well, that’s a shame, ‘cause you’re gonna find out *exactly* how they feel in just a couple of minutes. Head down.”


Tony did as he was told and gripped onto the couch cushions as another hard smack fell on his naked ass. Another one made him whimper and wriggle, and Gibbs wrapped an arm around his waist, pulled him in close, and then began whacking him in earnest.


Tony had taken bullets and survived a few bad beatings in the course of his working life, but there was something about being in this position that affected him on a much deeper level. For a start, he was very aware that this was something he was submitting to – and that Gibbs was *making* him submit to it. He knew that he could say his safe word, or he could lever himself up off Gibbs’s lap – and that was the hard part. Staying in position and taking it, allowing it to happen, was both the thrill and difficulty.


He remembered how it had felt to spank some of his girlfriends in the past. He’d only ever played at it with them and had certainly never spanked them as intently as Gibbs was spanking him now. He had loved the way they wriggled on his lap and how their bottoms had warmed up under the palm of his hand. That had been different though – he’d never asked them to submit to him – they’d just been having some light-hearted fun. Gibbs was asking for his submission – no, not asking – he was *demanding* it.


Tony did his best to relax and take what his dom was handing out. He was just about succeeding too, when suddenly something much more painful descended on his burning ass cheeks.


“Shit!” he yelped, glancing back to see that Gibbs was using the strap. Tony put his hand back by reflex to deflect the next blow; Gibbs grabbed his wrist, pushed his hand into the small of his back, and held it there.


“Want to say anything to me? You have a word.”


Tony glared at him, eyes blazing defiance. He fought an internal war with himself and then finally surrendered.


“No,” he said quietly. “Nothing to say.”


“Okay then. I’ll give you this one for free, but if you ever try and block me again then you’ll take penalty swats. Clear?”


“Crystal,” Tony muttered. Gibbs shot him an oddly reassuring smile, and Tony turned his head back and lowered his chin onto the couch again.


A second later, another swat sent shockwaves through his ass. Tony wished he’d been counting, so he knew how many more he had to take. It hurt like crazy, and yet a kind of warmth was spreading out from his ass and into his belly, and he couldn’t deny that he liked it.


He liked the sensation of surrendering to Gibbs’s undeniable authority. He liked being naked while Gibbs was fully clothed, and the feel of Gibbs’s hard thighs under his body. He liked how Gibbs was holding him close, keeping him in position and spanking him mercilessly, with that same look of grim determination he always got when he was chasing down a lead at work.


Gibbs put the strap down and picked up the paddle. “Get ready,” he warned.


Tony closed his eyes tight and clutched onto the couch for all he was worth. The next swat almost took his breath away. Now those initial swats with Gibbs’s hand *did* seem like love taps by comparison. He gave a little choking cry and concentrated with all his might on staying in position and taking whatever his dom wanted to hand out.


The minute he made that decision, something seemed to click into place inside his head. Tony felt a kind of serenity sweep through him, and he relaxed against Gibbs’s legs, allowing the smacking pain of each sharp swat to flood through him, warming him and sending waves of endorphins through his body. He wasn’t embarrassed about being over Gibbs’s knee now – in fact, he liked it. It was warm, intimate, and close.


He had just adjusted to the hard swats from the paddle when they came to a halt. Tony didn’t register their absence for awhile. He lay there, breathing deeply, feeling a little hazy. Then he felt Gibbs’s hand gently stroking his hair.


“We done?” Tony managed to gasp out. “That the full amount?”


“Twenty-one.” Gibbs nodded. “How did that feel?” he asked quietly, still stroking Tony’s hair.


“Hurt. Felt good. You’re going to do that to me every day?” Hard though it had been, he didn’t mind. He thought he could start to crave both the intimacy and intensity of Gibbs’s discipline.


“Every day,” Gibbs confirmed. “Sometimes more than once.”


“Right. Okay. Good.” Tony grinned hazily. He felt as if his whole body was humming.


Gibbs gave a little laugh. “Oh, Tony – you are a natural born sub.” He tightened his hold in Tony’s hair and pulled back his head a little so that Tony was looking at him again. “Well done, boy. You took that damn well considering it was your first time.”


Tony glowed, the way he always did when Gibbs praised him. Gibbs released his grip and stroked Tony’s hair gently back into place. Tony zoned out a little – taking a spanking might be painful, but he was quickly discovering that the aftermath could be pretty damn good as endorphins flooded through his body.


A second later, he gave a startled squawk as he felt a hand pull his sore buttocks apart and then a cool, slippery finger dipped inside. He wriggled – and was rewarded immediately with a slap to his burning ass that made him yelp.


“Hold still,” Gibbs told him firmly, his finger pushing deep inside Tony’s ass. Gibbs was being gentle, but it felt intrusive all the same, and Tony clenched around his finger. Gibbs stroked his ass soothingly. “Relax and let me work. This body is mine to work on, remember? Give it up to me, or I’ll start chalking up tomorrow’s tally on the board.”


Tony willed his body to relax and was surprised to find it doing just that. Gibbs slipped another finger inside him and began moving both fingers slowly and rhythmically. It felt pretty good, and Tony’s heightened senses started to zing.


Gibbs finger fucked him for a few minutes, and Tony felt himself grow hard. He’d never been opened up in this way before, and it felt amazing. Then Gibbs pushed in deeper, and Tony let out a hoarse shout as something exploded pleasurably inside him. He gripped onto the cushions and began thrusting his hard cock into Gibbs’s lap. A second later, a hard swat fell on his sore backside.


“Ow – what was that for?” he demanded over his shoulder.


“You come without permission, and you go straight on punishment detail. Thought I’d warn ya before you got too excited.”


Tony tried to get his head around this news. “I can’t come unless you say so?” he gasped, moaning softly as Gibbs rubbed that sweet spot deep inside him again.


“Yup.” Gibbs finished finger-fucking him and withdrew his hand. “Not just now – any time.”


Tony gazed blankly at the couch cushions. Did Gibbs really mean that? Did that mean that he wasn’t even allowed to jerk himself off? Surely Gibbs didn’t mean *that*. Did he?


Tony was about to turn his head and ask, when he felt his buttocks being spread again and next thing he knew something cold and hard was nudging at his entrance. He jerked his head up, and Gibbs immediately pushed it back onto the cushions.


“Head down,” Gibbs ordered. “Gonna plug you. Relax.”


He played with pressing the lubricated plug against Tony’s hole. It was only when Tony relaxed again that Gibbs pushed the plug in. It burned a little, but Tony was well stretched from the finger-fucking and that sensation soon passed. The plug slid into place, the flared base keeping it in position.


“Keep that in tonight. I’ll use a bigger one tomorrow,” Gibbs said. “You can wear it all day at the office.”


“Oh c’mon!” Tony glared at Gibbs over his shoulder. “You can’t make me work with something stuck up my ass all day!”


“Exactly what part of ’24/7′ didn’t you understand?” Gibbs demanded. “You should get used to it, Tony. Gonna keep you plugged all week, so if you decide to stay on Friday you’ll be ready for me to fuck you.”


“What about when I need to use the bathroom?”


“Then you can take it out and put it back in again after.” Gibbs shrugged. He flipped his knee and deposited Tony neatly onto the floor on his hands and knees. “Any more questions?”


“Yeah – the not coming without your permission thing – you didn’t mean forever did you?” Tony asked. Gibbs laughed and patted the side of his face.




“Okay,” Tony said slowly, trying to get his head around that. “So…when are you gonna let me come?”


Gibbs shot him a steely look. “Not any time soon.”


“What does that mean? Hours? Days? Weeks?” Tony demanded.


“Could be.” Gibbs shrugged. “Won’t be any time this week, that’s for damn sure.”


“What?” Tony stared at him, aghast. “Look, Gibbs, I’m a healthy, red-blooded guy. I haven’t gone a week without spanking the monkey since I was thirteen years old. Hell, I haven’t gone more than a couple of days! And that was only ’cause I was in the hospital with the plague.”


Gibbs grinned. “Then it’ll be a new experience for you.”


“Not one I want!” Tony complained.


Gibbs’s grin turned into a glare. “Tony – maybe I haven’t been clear – although I’m pretty sure I have. You’re not my boyfriend, or my fuck buddy. You’re my *submissive*. That means your body belongs to me now, and I get to say when – or if – you come.”


Tony made a little whining sound in the back of his throat. Gibbs rolled his eyes.


“It’s part of the thrill, DiNozzo. Knowing you’re not in charge. That’s what submission is – you’re the one who said I could do anything to you, and you’d take it.”


“I didn’t mean this though,” Tony protested. “I meant…”


“I know what you meant,” Gibbs interrupted roughly. “You meant you’d let me hurt you any which way I liked – but that’s not a turn on for me, Tony. Owning your body and dominating you sexually – that is. And using discipline and other little sexual tortures you secretly love – that is too. Hurting you? Really hurting you? No.” He shook his head, and then he fixed Tony with his intense blue-eyed stare. “That what you think this is all about, Tony?”


Tony stared back at him.


“That what you want? You want someone to kick you around? If so, then you can leave right now, ’cause that’s not what you’ll get from me,” Gibbs told him firmly.


Tony chewed on his bottom lip. “But what if I deserve…”


Gibbs silenced him with a glare. “No. We talked about this earlier – what you deserve is my decision. Not yours.”


Tony wanted to disagree, but Gibbs had already won this argument once, and Tony knew he’d win it again. Gibbs sighed.


“You’ve got it all mixed up in your head, Tony, but I’m going to help you figure it out. Might take some time. You prepared to submit to me and let me show you how good it can be if we do it my way?”


Tony fought an internal struggle with himself. This – being Gibbs’s submissive, giving up control of his body to him, allowing him to take charge – it was incredibly hot. Yet if he wanted this, and he knew he did, then he had to accept that Gibbs would do it his way, and that was the hard part. In the end, the temptation of belonging to Gibbs was too strong. Tony gave in with a nod.


“Okay,” he said quietly.


“Good.” Gibbs took his face in his hands and dropped a kiss on his mouth. Tony leaned into him eagerly, unable to help himself. Gibbs kissed him firmly for several seconds and then drew back. “Any other questions?” he asked briskly.


“Yes – punishment detail? What the hell is that?” Tony demanded.


Gibbs grinned. “That’s what you get if you ever disobey the cardinal rule.”


“There’s a cardinal rule?” Tony groaned. “In addition to all the other rules?”


“Yup! The cardinal rule is the single most important rule, and it’s this: You belong to me. Your body is mine. You don’t come without my permission, and you sure as hell don’t jerk yourself off unless I order you to. You’re mine, body and soul – you *belong* to me – and that’s the cardinal rule, Tony. Think you can live with that?”


Tony stared at him pathetically. His cock was standing out in front of him, rock hard.


“I don’t know,” he sighed at last. “But I want to try.”


“Good,” Gibbs grinned. “What’s your safe word?” he asked unexpectedly.


“Magnum,” Tony replied, with a roll of his eyes. Gibbs slapped his head.


“Remember it. I know you’re new to this, but I’m not gonna go easy on you. Anything you can’t do, or anything that’s too much for you, I expect you to use it. Now – any more questions?” Gibbs asked. Tony thought about it and then shook his head. “Good. I have some work to do – and so do you.”


“I do?”


“Yup. Hands behind your back, close your eyes, and open your mouth.”


Tony did as he was told, tentatively, wondering if he was finally going to get a glimpse of Gibbs’s cock. He had never given oral sex to a guy before, and he wasn’t sure he’d be very good at it, but he was eager to take Gibbs into his mouth and do his best.


A second later, something hard and rubbery was pushed into his mouth, and he almost gagged.


“Cock gag,” Gibbs told him. “Breathe around it – you’ll soon get used to it.”


Tony would have liked to argue with him on that point, but he didn’t get a chance because next thing he knew Gibbs had fastened the buckle and the cock gag was fixed tightly in place. Tony moved his head from side to side, like a cat trying to remove an unwanted collar.


Gibbs tapped his head firmly. “You can open your eyes.”


Tony did so, immediately glaring at his dom. Gibbs just grinned at him.


“As you’re gagged you won’t be able to use your safe word.”


It was all Tony could do not to roll his eyes in exasperation at Gibbs’s constant harping on about the safe word he never intended to use.


“So, the non-verbal equivalent is this – three taps with your finger on my leg or arm,” Gibbs told him, demonstrating.


Tony nodded. He didn’t like the way the cock gag felt in his mouth, but he was damned if he was going to give in and use his word – or whatever the hell the non-verbal equivalent was. He reminded himself again that he was Gibbs’s sub, and he’d agreed to give him control over his body, and he felt the warm glow of his own submission starting to flare in his belly again.


“Place is a bit dull,” Gibbs told him. “Needs something to brighten it up. Your glowing red ass is it. What?” He grinned as Tony glared at him again. “I said I was gonna put you to work – this is it.”


He got to his feet, put out a hand to pull Tony to his, and placed him firmly in the corner, gazing at the wall. Then he stood behind Tony and pushed on the butt plug embedded in his ass, making Tony swallow hard around the gag.


“Good boy. You just stand there and think about what you are.”


Gibbs grasped Tony’s burning butt cheeks in his hands and squeezed, and Tony gasped, the gag stifling his moan.


“And what you are, is mine,” Gibbs purred in his ear. “Here, in the car, at work, out on a case, in the bedroom, in the basement – anywhere. Mine. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Just stand here and think about that.”


There wasn’t exactly a lot else to do. Tony was naked, gagged, and staring at a wall. It was about the only thing he *could* think about in this situation. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the wall. He heard Gibbs move away and resisted the urge to peek at what he was doing over his shoulder.


Gibbs moved around the room, and Tony thought it sounded as if he was unpacking the stuff they’d bought earlier. He heard him go into the kitchen and then come back out again, and he strained his ears, listening. A second later he felt the hard leather of the strap thwap against his naked backside, making him jerk, and his eyes snap open.


“I told you to think about who and what you are – not listen to what I’m doing,” Gibbs growled.


Tony sighed. How the hell had Gibbs known? Then again, he was Gibbs, so of course he’d known.


He rested his forehead against the wall again and tried to do what Gibbs had ordered. He was suddenly very aware of the fact that he was naked, his cock was semi-erect, and his ass was glowing. When he thought about his cock, it made him want to touch it, and the fact that he knew he couldn’t just made it harden even more, until it was fully erect.


He longed to jerk off and knowing it was forbidden made him want to scream in frustration. He couldn’t even do that because of the solid rubber gag in his mouth. It didn’t hurt, but it was so damn uncomfortable. He had to breathe around it and swallow around it and it was just so *there* – constantly intrusive. The more he thought about the gag, the more intrusive it became. He hated the taste of the rubber in his mouth and the press of the phallus against the back of his throat, making him want to retch. He stood there miserably, his body shaking from the effort of not jerking off, not moving his hands and unbuckling the stupid damn gag, and not turning around, throwing the hated thing at Gibbs, and walking out.


A wave of sweat broke over his body. When he’d told Gibbs he could do whatever he liked to him, he’d had no idea that it would be this hard. He could have taken a beating from Gibbs’s fists or a kicking much easier than this. This was too damn hard. Gibbs was demanding his submission, and he had naively thought that it would be easy to give it to him – hell, hadn’t he given it to him every day at work these past eight years? Only now, he was finding he’d only touched the surface of that submission. True submission, the kind Gibbs was demanding right now, was much harder. Was it just because he was new to this, or would it always be this hard?


“Struggling?” Gibbs said softly in his ear.


Tony jumped – he hadn’t heard him come up behind him. He nodded miserably.


“Then stop fighting. Give into it.”


Tony wanted to yell at him that he was trying, but the gag made speech impossible, so he thumped his forehead against the wall in frustration instead. A second later, Gibbs’s hand slid down and grasped his hard cock. Tony bucked into that welcome hand, loving the feel of it on his erection. Gibbs rested his other hand on Tony’s hip, and Tony could feel the rough fabric of his pants rubbing against his own naked buttocks. Then Gibbs kissed his shoulder and began gently sliding his hand along Tony’s cock.


God it felt good! Tony panted around the gag, thrusting his hips in time to the movements of Gibbs’s hand. He was so close…so near to coming…it was such a welcome relief.


“Cardinal rule,” Gibbs whispered in his ear. “You can’t come until I say. Hold it, Tony.”


Tony gave a howl of sheer frustration and moved his head like an agitated horse. He tried to yell out a coherent “NO!”, but it just sounded like he was a wild animal baying at the moon.


He thought about whether it would be worth breaking the damn rule just for the blessed relief of being able to come, but Gibbs seemed to read his thoughts.


“Punishment detail is tough,” he purred into Tony’s ear as he worked his hand steadily on his cock. “You’ll lose the right to sleep on that mattress – and the right to a pillow and blanket. You’ll sleep on the floor and live on basic rations – no coffee and definitely no donuts.” Tony gave a little whimper at that. “You’ll be disciplined every hour on the hour during the day – and I mean proper discipline – there’s no chance you’ll be sitting down comfortably while you’re on punishment detail. You’ll be gagged, and you’ll do all the work around the house – wearing nipple clamps. Any down time you’ll spend with your nose in the corner, or kneeling with your head on the carpet.”


That treacherous hand continued its work, the firm, generous strokes completely at odds with what Gibbs was saying. Gibbs’s other hand pressed the butt plug deep into his body, tagging that sweet spot inside and making white lights shoot behind Tony’s eyes. Tony whimpered and struggled with himself. God, he wanted to come! He wanted it so much! But he really didn’t want to be on punishment detail. It sounded horrible.


“No treats and no petting – unless I’m feeling generous,” Gibbs continued. “And the length of your punishment detail will be at my discretion. Could be a day – or a week – or longer, if that’s what you deserve.”


Tony almost choked on the gag. He could feel every muscle in his body quivering with the effort of not coming. “Good boy,” Gibbs said, stroking a hand down over his heaving flanks. “You’re doing well. Now…hold that erection for me while you stand here.”


He removed his hand, and Tony slumped against the wall, gasping for breath around the gag. He missed that expert hand, but he was glad it was gone. He had been on the brink – it had taken all his strength not to give in and come all over Gibbs’s hand.


He stood there, trembling, like a wild colt in the process of being broken, exhausted after his first encounter with his new master. He had been out-ridden and outplayed, and he was suddenly dimly aware of what Gibbs had meant when he’d said that Tony had no idea what he was letting himself in for. Tony hadn’t had the first clue that it would be this intense.


Tony gave a choking sigh as he struggled to come to terms with his new status. He was owned. Gibbs owned him now. Gibbs could gag him, and spank him, and thrust a plug up his ass, and forbid him to come, and he had no choice but to obey. He was Gibbs’s sub – a pet, plaything, sex toy, and belonging…and he knew, without a shadow of doubt, that he didn’t want it any other way.


He sighed again, more happily this time, and began to relax. He stopped fretting about the hard rubber gag in his mouth and the equally hard rubber plug in his ass. And he stopped thinking about the urgency of his own needs, and his achingly stiff cock.


He belonged to Gibbs. That was all that mattered.






Gibbs went into the kitchen, made himself a cup of coffee, and then returned to the living room. He paused for a moment to enjoy the sight of his new sub’s naked body. There was no doubt that Tony was a fine looking man; Gibbs admired the long, solid legs, and round, glowing bottom. He hadn’t gone easy on Tony for his first spanking, but he hadn’t gone too hard either, and Tony’s bottom was a nice shade of pink that would slowly fade over the next few hours. Gibbs allowed his gaze to travel up over Tony’s broad shoulders, noting the faint markings from that whipping last night. He also noted the way Tony was standing, head down, trembling, exhausted from his first taste of his own submission.


It had been a long time since Gibbs had taken a sub down, and he’d never trained a novice sub before – he hadn’t realised how good it would feel. He didn’t remember feeling like this with either Jenny or Stan. Jenny had been a frustrating sub – she’d been the one who had first opened his eyes to the pleasures of this kind of sexual role-playing, and she’d schooled him to be the top *she* wanted. When he had started to find his feet, and discovered his own sense of what being sexually dominant meant, she’d become frustrated. She’d finally left him when she realised she couldn’t manipulate him any more. That was Jenny – always topping from the bottom.


Gibbs sat down on the couch and picked up a file from a pile of paperwork on the coffee table. He opened it and scanned the words on the report.


Stan had been different. He had been the model agent and the model sub. In fact, nothing about Stan had been a challenge. He was just…easy. He had been a beautifully well behaved sub and a good man, but Gibbs had never felt that Stan truly belonged to him. Stan was the kind of sub who would go through his moves for any good top. Gibbs had enjoyed being with him, but it was never personal between them. Not like with Tony. Gibbs had realised that the minute he saw that other dom whipping Tony last night. That had felt so *wrong*. He wondered if it had felt wrong to Tony too.


Gibbs glanced over at his new sub speculatively and saw that Tony’s body had relaxed. All the fight and uncertainty had gone out of him, and he looked much less agitated now. Gibbs glanced at the paperwork and then back at Tony again. He’d had no idea, when he brought this work home with him on Friday night, that he’d end up having a new sub to occupy his time instead.


Gibbs tried to concentrate on the report but instead his mind – and gaze – kept going back to Tony. It had been eight years since he’d last had a sub in his life, and he hadn’t even realised he was missing it. Yet now that he had Tony standing there, nose pressed against the wall, gag strapped around his head and with that enticingly glowing bottom, Gibbs wondered how the hell he’d lived without it.


He’d had a few minor flings with women over the past few years – just regular flings, nothing kinky. He’d enjoyed the sex, but it hadn’t exhilarated him, the way this did. He felt as if something that had been lying dormant inside him had suddenly been awoken, and it was filling him with an excited, vibrant energy.


He forced himself to concentrate on his work again, sipping his coffee as he read through the report. After an hour of silent work, he decided that his sub needed his attention, so he got up and went over to where Tony was standing. Tony must have been lost in a world of his own because he jumped when Gibbs cupped his heated ass cheeks.


“Hey – relax,” Gibbs murmured, running his hands over Tony’s body possessively. He finished up at his ass and pressed against the plug he’d put in Tony. It was a small one, but Tony wasn’t used to being stretched, so Gibbs was sure that his sub was feeling it. He played with the plug, pushing it firmly into Tony’s body and twisting it. He loved Tony’s reactions – how he tried to stand still and take it while his body trembled at being touched.


God, how he longed to throw Tony down and thrust his cock into this tight hole, but he knew that wasn’t an option. He didn’t want the disappointment of claiming Tony if this wasn’t going to be a permanent arrangement. He would only fuck Tony’s ass after he’d put his collar around his sub’s neck.


“Good boy,” he murmured into Tony’s ear. “I think you’ve earned a break. Here.”


He unbuckled the gag from Tony’s head, removed it carefully from his mouth, and threw it onto the coffee table. Tony gazed at him silently, and Gibbs looked at him in surprise. He had thought Tony would start talking – or complaining – the minute he was released from the gag, but actually he didn’t say a word. He looked dreamy and kind of out of it. Gibbs realised that he was still deeply in his sub space.


“So that’s how it works with you, huh?” he said quietly. It made sense – Tony was by nature a talkative man. Take that away from him, and it forced him to focus inwards – and Gibbs guessed that wasn’t something Tony did that often.


Tony didn’t reply to his question – he just continued gazing at him mutely. Gibbs put a hand on his shoulder and ushered him over to the couch. He clicked his fingers, and, gratifyingly, Tony immediately sank down onto his knees beside the couch – and then he put his head down and knelt there quietly, awaiting further orders. Gibbs felt his heart skip a beat; Tony’s submission was one hell of a turn on.


“Close your eyes,” Gibbs ordered.


Tony did as he was told, and Gibbs fastened a thick leather blindfold over his face and buckled it into place – there was no chance whatsoever that Tony could see around it. Gibbs caressed Tony’s jaw lightly with his fingers.


“Gonna use your mouth, Tony. Open up.”


Tony obeyed instantly, and his quick response made Gibbs’s cock ache. He noted the way his sub’s breathing hitched and his cock swelled in anticipation. Tony’s eyes were hidden behind the blindfold, but his body language told Gibbs everything he needed to know. Gibbs undid his fly, and his cock sprang out eagerly. He stood in front of Tony and carefully guided his cock into his sub’s open mouth.


Tony was hesitant at first, which Gibbs expected as he’d never performed oral sex on a man before. Gibbs touched the side of his face to reassure him and then pushed his cock all the way into his mouth. Christ, it felt good! Tony’s mouth was so warm and welcoming, and he loved the abject surrender in the scenario; Tony on his knees, blindfolded, and Gibbs standing over him, his hard cock thrust between Tony’s lips.


“As this is your first time, I won’t expect much,” Gibbs told him. “I do expect you to learn fast though.”


He pulled out a little way and then pushed back in, and Tony put his hands up to steady himself, reaching for Gibbs’s hips in the process. Gibbs paused and drew back.


“Hands behind your back,” he ordered. “Sit back on your knees. I’ll do the work – you just keep your mouth open and take me. When I’m done, I’ll come in your mouth, and you’ll swallow. Safe gesture still applies – if you can’t handle it, tap on my leg three times. Understand?”


Tony didn’t reply. Gibbs tapped his head firmly.


“Understand?” he demanded. Tony nodded. “Good. Now, there are times when I’ll want you to give me a damn good blowjob, with fancy swirls of your tongue – the full works. Then there are times, like now, when I’ll just want to use your mouth. All you have to do stay in position and don’t scrape me with your teeth. You’ll have to handle me hitting the back of your throat, and at some point you’ll have to learn how to deep throat, but not now. First time out, just kneel there and learn how to take me.”


He fisted his hand in Tony’s abundant hair to keep him in place, slid his hard cock into his sub’s mouth again, and began moving between his lips. He went slowly at first, sliding in and then out again with leisurely movements of his hips. He could see Tony choking a little as he went deeper with each inward thrust, but his new sub would have to get used to that.


He took his time, giving Tony a chance to become accustomed to how it felt. Then he sped up the pace, moving his hips faster, allowing his balls to slap the underside of Tony’s chin with a satisfying little sound with each thrust. It felt so damn good to be standing here fucking his sub’s mouth. Just the fact it was *Tony* he was thrusting into made all the difference. He loved how Tony was trying so hard to stay in position, hands behind his back, mouth open, allowing Gibbs to use him like this. There was something so exhilarating about having a naked, blindfolded, freshly spanked sub on his knees in front of him.


Gibbs gave a groan and released his grip on Tony’s hair. He pressed his hands on either side of Tony’s face instead, and he began pumping into him in earnest now. Tony’s mouth felt so damn good around his aching cock. He felt the dominance flare through his veins as the realisation finally hit home; he had a sub.


He had a sub in his life after so long without. Not just any sub either, but the one sub he’d wanted for years and denied himself for so long. He had a sub to love, to dominate, and to protect. He felt a fierce surge of pride. Tony was his.


Tony was his.


The sense of joy and ownership sent him over the edge, and he came, pulsing out into Tony’s mouth. He held Tony firmly in place as he ejaculated, coming harder and for longer than he had in years. He felt like an excited teenager, invincible and high on his own sexual prowess. He stood there for a moment, panting, looking down on his beautiful, blindfolded boy. Tony was swallowing hard – and then, without being asked, he began lapping at Gibbs’s spent cock with his tongue to clean it. Gibbs relaxed his hold on Tony’s face and stroked his head gently.


“That was good, Tony,” he said softly. “Well done.”


It was gratifying to see how Tony glowed so visibly upon being praised – but that gratification was tinged with sadness. Gibbs suddenly saw Tony more clearly than he ever had before. There was something so desperately eager to please about Tony, something so clearly reminiscent of the kicked puppy about him. Someone had hurt Tony once, he was sure of it, making this beautiful, funny, strong, independent man fundamentally unsure of himself. He wanted to go and slam his fist into whoever had done that to *his* boy. Gibbs was aware of that powerful protective streak of his kicking in. Whatever had happened to Tony in the past, he was his now, and he’d make damn sure that nobody ever hurt him again.


He withdrew from Tony’s mouth, tucked his cock back into his pants, and zipped himself up. Tony knelt there, obediently, waiting for his next instruction. Gibbs kissed him affectionately on the forehead.


“Good boy. You just earned yourself some coffee. Stay there.”


He went into the kitchen, made a cup of coffee for himself and his sub and then returned to the living room. He removed the blindfold and handed Tony his coffee.


“I’ve got some more work to do. When I’m done, we’ll order takeout. It’s late, and you’ve had a long day, so the choice of takeout is yours.”


Tony gazed at him with that same wide-eyed, dreamy gaze, still lost deeply in his own submission. Gibbs tousled his hair affectionately, loving the way Tony leaned into the caress. Then he sat down again, pulled another file onto his lap, and began working.


An hour passed in companionable silence. Tony remained where he was, silently kneeling beside him. When Gibbs was finally done, he glanced at his sub.


“Okay – work’s over for the day – and so is your training. You did good, Tony.”


Tony glowed again, and Gibbs gazed at him intently.


“That was a great start, DiNozzo,” he said gruffly. “Now – feedback time.”


Tony looked confused.


“Speak,” Gibbs ordered. “I need to know how this works for you.”


Tony opened his mouth and then closed it again with a sigh. Gibbs tapped his forehead firmly.


“Yeah, sub space can be addictive, but you can’t stay there forever, Tony. Gotta come out of it now.”


Tony cleared his throat. “Feels weird to be…speaking…” he whispered.


Gibbs nodded. Tony had been first gagged and then blindfolded – and both of those clearly worked for him. He decided to build up to a full sensory deprivation scenario with his sub.


“Didn’t like the rubber gag.” Tony made a face. “Tasted terrible, felt…intrusive.”


Gibbs nodded. Tony might not have liked it, but it had definitely helped take him down into his sub space.


“Needed to prepare you for how it’d feel to have something else in your mouth,” he said.


Tony grinned at him. “Now *that* did taste good,” he said, his eyes glowing. Gibbs grinned back at his obvious enjoyment. “Why did you blindfold me though?” Tony pouted. “I wanted to see that massive, monster cock you boasted about earlier.”


Gibbs slapped the back of his head for that, and Tony grinned even more widely. It was good to see him slowly emerging from sub space and getting back to being the smart-mouthed Tony that Gibbs was more familiar with.


“Could feel it though,” Tony added. “Felt pretty damn big.”


“It is. And you’ll get to see it when you’re collared – and not before.”


“Doesn’t seem fair when you’ve seen me like this.” Tony pouted, gesturing to his own naked body.


Gibbs laughed. “Don’t remember promising that my sub’s life would be *fair*.”


Tony made a face. “Yeah, I’m figuring that out.”


“Anything you found really hard? Any times you felt close to saying your safe word?” Gibbs asked. Tony just grinned at him and winked.


“Hell no! It was all good once I figured out how to give it up and let you take charge. I’m still pissed about the not coming thing though. Maybe you could re-think that?” He looked at Gibbs with that puppy-dog expression of his.


“Forget it, DiNozzo,” Gibbs retorted. “I’ve been able to resist that look for the past eight years, remember?”


Tony gave a pout so pronounced that it was comical, and Gibbs laughed out loud.


They ordered Chinese takeout, and Gibbs allowed Tony to get dressed in his sweatpants and tee shirt again while they ate. It was late, and they were both tired and hungry, so they ate in companionable silence. Then Gibbs decided that his sub deserved a reward. He didn’t have a fancy TV, but, despite what his agents thought, he did own a DVD player. It was barely used, and he only had a handful of DVDs to play on it, but he gave Tony the choice of selection. Then they sat down on opposite ends of the couch to watch.


About ten minutes into the movie, Gibbs was aware that Tony suddenly seemed much closer. A few minutes later, he felt Tony’s arm pressing against his arm and realised that their thighs were touching. Then, a little while after that, Tony’s head came to rest on his shoulder. Gibbs didn’t draw attention to Tony’s need for closeness, and they sat that way for a long time.


Gibbs was surprised by how good it felt. He couldn’t remember either Jenny or Stan making such shy, tentative attempts to elicit his affection. Jenny had just demanded whatever she’d wanted and taken it, and Stan had been a fairly reticent personality.


Sexually dominating his subs was second nature to Gibbs – but he couldn’t remember much by way of simple physical closeness before. Maybe the problem was his. Walter had said he’d pushed both Jenny and Stan away by not being prepared to give them his whole self. Today, he had demanded that Tony fully submit to him, and now he realised that if he was going to do this properly then he had to be prepared to give something back.


He moved his arm, slowly, and wrapped it around Tony’s shoulders. Tony responded so eagerly that it was almost pathetic. He unfurled and relaxed against Gibbs and then moved his head down, tentatively, glancing at Gibbs all the time from wary eyes. Gibbs moved his hand and settled back, curious as to where this was going. Tony put his feet up on the couch and then lowered his head onto Gibbs’s lap, and lay there, stiffly, as if expecting to be pushed away, or maybe laughed at.


Gibbs felt that protective surge again, and he placed his hand gently but firmly on Tony’s head and began smoothing his hair. Tony relaxed immediately and gave a contented little sigh. Gibbs gazed down on him, surprised. Tony wanted to be dominated – that much was clear – but he also wanted to be loved. And while he had reached the point where he didn’t mind admitting the former, he was much more scared about his need for the latter. Who had made him this way, Gibbs wondered? He continued stroking Tony’s hair gently, surprised by how much he was enjoying it. Maybe it was easier for them both to admit to wanting kinky sex than to admit that they also needed love.


Gibbs felt a fierce sense of affection for the man lying in his lap right now. He stroked Tony’s shoulder, loving how Tony unfurled against him even more as he caressed him.


Gibbs forgot all his misgivings about taking a sub again after all this time. He forgot all his fears about how this would play out. He forgot the pain of the past – about all the losses he’d endured, and the grief that had almost ripped him apart.


Tony belonged to him now. That was all that mattered.






He was lying in Gibbs’s arms, in Gibbs’s bed. His dom was kissing the back of his neck and slowly petting him, running his flat, purposeful hands all over his naked body. It felt SO damn good.


“Get up.” A voice penetrated his dreams, demanding obedience.


“Hmm?” he muttered, burrowing under the blankets. He didn’t want to get up. He wanted to stay here, in the warm cocoon of Gibbs’s arms.


“Up.” The voice was speaking directly into his ear, tickling him. He batted it away.


“In a minute, Boss,” he mumbled. “Busy right now.”


A second later the blanket disappeared, he was pushed onto his front by a pair of strong hands, and his bottom was slapped – hard. Once, twice, three times…


“I’m up, I’m up!” he yelped, immediately snapping into wakefulness.


He was lying on the mattress on the floor – he hadn’t slept in Gibbs’s bed except in his dreams. He had been hopeful that Gibbs would allow him to sleep in the bed after the intimacy of their time on the couch last night, but no. Gibbs had just raised an eyebrow when Tony had tried to get into the bed and had jerked his thumb in the direction of the mattress on the floor instead.


And that was where he’d spent the night, right up until he’d experienced Gibbs’s unpleasant morning alarm call. Those slaps continued to rain down on his naked butt, and Tony rolled sideways to escape them. He ended up on his ass and remembered – too late – the butt plug Gibbs had inserted there. He gave another yelp and quickly scrambled to his knees. He looked up and glared at his top. Gibbs was standing over the mattress, fully dressed and ready for work.


“What’s rule number one?” Gibbs demanded.


Tony continued glaring at him. “Obey you?” he muttered gracelessly.


Gibbs raised an ominous eyebrow. “And rule number three?”


“Instantly,” Tony sighed. “Even in my damn sleep,” he muttered under his breath.


“So, that’s three for the chalkboard,” Gibbs told him. “And it isn’t even 6 a.m. yet. Good going, Tony.” He held out his hand. Tony glanced at it sourly but eventually took it and allowed Gibbs to pull him to his feet.


“Three? How d’you figure that out?” he complained as he got up.


“One for disobedience, one for slowness, and one for attitude,” Gibbs reeled off flatly.


“You already spanked me for the first two,” Tony argued, knowing that he should really be keeping his mouth shut at this point, but damn it, that was a really lousy way to wake up. Especially when he’d had to sleep on a mattress on the floor all night instead of in a warm, cosy bed – and with a goddamn butt plug stuck up his ass too. He wondered if Gibbs had treated Stan like this and felt a surge of anger.


“No – I spanked you to wake you up. Punishment is separate,” Gibbs told him. “Now, come here.”


“Why?” Tony asked cautiously, suddenly aware that he was stark naked and every inch of his naked flesh was available for Gibbs to do something to. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thought or a bad one.


Gibbs raised an eyebrow again. Tony hopped over to him immediately.


“You’re not a morning person, are you?” Gibbs said, with a wry little shake of his head.


Tony sighed. “No, Boss. I’m really not.”


“Wanna start again?”


“I’d really like that,” Tony admitted miserably.




Gibbs pulled Tony close and kissed him firmly on the mouth. Tony sighed. This was definitely a better start to the day than the previous one. Gibbs kissed him until he relaxed, and then he released him and pushed him in the direction of the bathroom.


“Go take a shower. You can remove the plug. Then come downstairs – naked – you’ve got fifteen minutes.”


Tony made sure to glance at his watch and note the time, and then he ran for the bathroom, throwing a hurried “Yes, Boss!” over his shoulder.


He took a shower and then stared at himself in the bathroom mirror as he shaved and cleaned his teeth. He remembered how it had felt to have Gibbs hold him like he actually cared about him last night. That hadn’t been about sex – it had felt like something deeper and more affectionate. That wasn’t anything he’d expected from Gibbs – and now he couldn’t get it out of his mind.


He knew Gibbs would laugh at him, tell him he’d gone soft, and possibly even slap the back of his head for it, but he couldn’t help wanting more of whatever it was they’d shared on the couch last night.


Had Gibbs ever held Stan like that? He felt that surge of anger again. He knew he was jealous of his predecessor in every single way, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. He had met Stan – he knew what the guy was like. He was good looking, smart, witty, great at his job, and no doubt as good a sub as he was as an agent. He probably hadn’t made any unreasonable demands for intimacy on Gibbs. He had probably just taken what he was given and never once been needy.


Tony fought down that sense of neediness in himself. Gibbs had made it damn clear that he was a sub and nothing more. Not a boyfriend or even a lover – just a submissive.


That thought made his cock ache, and he considered wrapping his hand around it and bringing himself off. He wanted to – God knows he wanted to – but he didn’t have much time, and besides…he didn’t know what Gibbs had in store for him in the next hour. If he jacked off, and then Gibbs touched him, and he couldn’t get hard again, then Gibbs would know for sure. But fuck it, he wanted some sexual release after all the excitement of yesterday. Gibbs had got off – it wasn’t fair that all Tony got was a bad case of blue balls.


He wrestled with himself and then finally decided against it. Gibbs couldn’t watch him every second of the day. There had to be a moment when he could sneak off to the men’s room and spend some quality time with his cock, just the two of them.


He finished up and ran down the stairs, reaching the kitchen on the dot of the fifteen minutes Gibbs had given him. There was a cup of coffee and a plate of food waiting for him. Gibbs had already eaten his, judging by the empty plate in front of him. Tony looked at the food and then at Gibbs.


“Problem?” Gibbs asked.


“Just not hungry this early, Boss.”


“Okay.” Gibbs shrugged. “That saves time. Eat later. Now, listen up, Tony. Just because we’re gonna be at work all day, doesn’t mean you’re not my sub. Are we clear?”


“Clear, Boss,” Tony nodded. “Are there any more special rules I need to be aware of?”


Gibbs gave an impatient little jerk of his head. “Nope. But I’ll be sure to let you know if you do anything wrong.”


“Yeah. Like always,” Tony muttered.


He watched as Gibbs opened up a bag lying on the table and drew out two items that made Tony’s heart skip a beat. One was a butt plug, slightly bigger than the one he’d worn all night. The other…was some unidentifiable contraption made of strips of leather.


“Uh – what’s that, Boss?” Tony pointed.


“This?” Gibbs held it up, a malicious grin on his face. Tony had a feeling he wasn’t going to like this. “This is a chastity device, Tony.”


Tony held onto the back of the chair as the room seemed to lurch around him.


“You sure you don’t want any breakfast?” Gibbs asked. “You look pale. Low blood sugar?”


“Uh no…just…chastity device?” Tony squeaked.


“Yeah – you didn’t think I’d just trust you not to disappear into the men’s room during the day and jack off, did you?” Gibbs chuckled.


“Well, yeah, I did, as a matter of fact,” Tony retorted, with an air of wounded pride. Damnit – how had Gibbs *known*. “Isn’t this whole thing about trust?”


“Yup.” Gibbs nodded pleasantly. “And when you trust yourself then I’ll trust you. Do you trust yourself to obey me on this?”


Tony thought about it and then gave in with a sigh. “No, Boss,” he admitted finally.


“Yeah. That’s what I thought. Now get your ass over here.” Gibbs beckoned, and Tony walked slowly over to him. When he got there, Gibbs reached out and put his hand on Tony’s naked shoulder. Tony stood there, fighting to stay still, his muscles tense.


Gibbs frowned. “Who do you belong to, Tony?”


“You, Boss,” Tony said automatically.


“When?” Gibbs was looking at him intently. Tony wondered what the hell that question meant.


“Uh…24 hours a day, seven days a week?” he hazarded.


“Exactly. So why…” Gibbs moved his hand suddenly, and Tony flinched. “…What’s going on, Tony?” Gibbs demanded.


“Nothing,” Tony shrugged.


“That’s another one for the chalkboard. What’s rule number two?”


“Don’t lie to you,” Tony sighed, wondering whether he was ever going to catch a break this morning.


“Then tell me what the hell is going on,” Gibbs growled.


“Is this what you did with Stan?” Tony asked, unexpectedly. “Is this how you played it with him? The chalkboard, the not coming thing, the buttplug, the whole weird chastity device – hell, even the fucking mattress on the floor? Is this just a new dog – old tricks kind of thing for you?”


Gibbs went very still, and he suddenly seemed far too close. Tony bit on his lip.


“You done?” Gibbs asked quietly.


“No.” Tony decided that he’d already screwed up badly, so he might as well go the whole distance. “Why can’t I sleep in the goddamn bed with you? Last night…” he broke off, annoyed with himself.


“Go on,” Gibbs ordered.


“Last night on the couch…” Tony felt himself flushing. “That was good. Then you made me sleep on the floor again.”


“Anything else?” Gibbs asked, in that same deceptively quiet tone of voice.


“Nope. Now I’m done.”


Tony thought his outburst might have lost a little impact in view of the fact that he was standing stark naked in his boss’s kitchen while Gibbs was fully clothed and dressed for work. He gazed at his own bare feet, feeling vulnerable and exposed in every way possible.


“Okay. In answer to your question – no, this isn’t how I treated Stan. You and Stan are about as different as can be. For a start – Stan didn’t stay over. Ever.”


Tony’s head jerked up in surprise.


“Stan and I played – at a club, and occasionally at Stan’s apartment, and sometimes here, but that’s it. We played, but Stan never stayed over, and I never stayed over with him, either. It wasn’t like that between me and Stan. That was partly the problem.”


“Why was it a problem?”


“Because I knew that to work for me it had to be 24/7, and Stan – he actually wanted that, but I wasn’t ready for it – at least not with him. That’s why it didn’t work out between us.”


Tony bit on his lip some more. “You ever play with Stan at work?”


“Nope.” Gibbs shook his head. “We only ever played in sessions of a couple of hours or so outside work. I won’t play with you at work, either, but that’s ‘cause I expect the same things from you at work as I do at home. So it’s not play.”


“Okay.” Tony nodded. “You want me to add something to the chalkboard for me being an ass?”


“I’m not done yet. You need to figure out if this is what you really want, Tony. You’re in charge of that decision – not me. That’s what this week is about. I’m trying to give you a good idea of what it’s gonna be like. Any time you want it to end, you just tell me, and it ends. Or any time something is too hard for you, you use your safe word, and you know I’ll stop whatever I’m doing. You do know that, right?”


“Yes, I know that.”


“Good. *Now* you can add one to the board for attitude.”


“Just one?” Tony raised an eyebrow.


“Yeah – the rest was being honest which is actually a rule, so I’m not gonna punish you for that,” Gibbs told him firmly. “Are we done with this now, DiNozzo?”


“Uh – almost. What about the sleeping in your bed thing?”


“You can sleep in my bed when you’re collared and not before,” Gibbs replied. “And you should be careful what you wish for, Tony.”


“What does that mean?” Tony asked, intrigued.


“You’ll see,” Gibbs grinned. “*Now* are we done?”


“Sure.” Tony grinned brightly. Gibbs tousled his hair, and Tony leaned into the caress happily, feeling better than he had since he’d woken up. “And, uh, sorry, Boss. I’m *really* not a morning person.”


Gibbs chuckled. “Ya think, DiNozzo?”


He sat down at the kitchen table, pulled Tony close, and then placed a hand on his cock – which sprang immediately to life.


“I really hate the whole not coming thing,” Tony sighed.


“I know.” Gibbs sounded smug as he said that, and Tony wished he could smack *him* on the back of the head occasionally.


Gibbs threaded Tony’s cock into the leather contraption and then fastened it around his balls. Tony’s cock strained eagerly at the leather confines, but it wasn’t going anywhere – it was completely imprisoned. Gibbs added a tiny padlock and locked it in place.


“Just in case you had one of those not being able to trust yourself moments,” he told Tony with a grin as he snapped the padlock shut. Tony just glared at him. “You can piss through the end of it, but there’s no way you’re gonna get an erection until I take this off,” Gibbs informed him, tapping his imprisoned cock firmly.


Tony glanced down at himself. His cock was well and truly encased in the tight leather confines of the device. The only way out, other than using the key, was to hack at it with a knife or pair of scissors, and there was no way Tony was going to allow anything sharp that close to his nether regions. So, he had to resign himself to the fact that when Gibbs said he couldn’t come, he really meant it.


He felt a wave of sweat break out over his body as the reality of that thought struck home. His body really did belong to his dom. Gibbs had control over when – and if – he got to come. It wasn’t his choice any more. There was something about that idea that turned him on mentally as much as physically. Once he’d fought – and won – that battle with himself, he felt much happier. At least Gibbs had never demanded that degree of control over Stan’s body. He’d never strapped Stan into a device like this, or allowed him to sleep on his bedroom floor.


“You and Stan ever…” he began, before he could stop himself. “Uh…you know, just sit on the couch together, like we did last night?”


Gibbs exhaled loudly, sounding exasperated. Tony made another little face.


“No, Tony,” Gibbs said, standing up and pulling Tony so close that their noses were almost touching. “I played with Stan, and he was good – the perfect sub – very well trained, but we never cuddled, snuggled, or whatever the hell it was you and I did last night. Now bend over the table.”


He pulled on Tony’s wrist and flipped him down over the kitchen table, and then he parted Tony’s legs with his knee. Next thing Tony knew, another slippery butt plug was being pressed against his hole. He willed himself to relax and allow the damn thing in. It wasn’t big, and he was already stretched from wearing one all night. Besides, Stan was the *perfect* sub, and there was no way Tony was going to be the crappy sub by comparison. If Gibbs wanted the perfect damn sub, then that was what he was going to get.


The butt plug slid home neatly, and Gibbs patted Tony’s ass.


“Okay. We’re done. You’re ready. Get dressed – I don’t want to be late,” he ordered.


“Get dressed in what?” Tony asked blankly. “I don’t have any work clothes here.”


Gibbs pointed at the clean sweatpants and tee shirt on the chair. “Wear those. I’ll drop you off at your apartment on my way to work. You have one hour to get dressed and pack enough work clothes to see you through the week – and any other things you might need. Put them in your car and bring them to work. You won’t be going home again this week unless you want out.”


Tony nodded. He’d been wondering how this would work, but it seemed that when Gibbs said 24/7, he really did mean it – he wanted Tony with him at all times. That was a good thought. Tony had always flourished with attention – it was being ignored that drove him crazy.


Half an hour later, Gibbs dropped him off at his apartment with a strict injunction that he be at his desk in one hour’s time. Tony rushed into his apartment and quickly packed everything he thought he’d need for the week. Then he got dressed in a steel grey suit with a white shirt and a wide, purple tie.


When he was done, he looked at himself in the mirror. Last time he’d gone to work he’d just been a regular guy, but now he was owned by Gibbs. He gazed at himself thoughtfully. He looked the same as ever. Nobody would know that beneath this suit he was wearing a leather chastity device strapped over his cock and balls, neatly padlocked at the front, and completely irremovable except by Gibbs. And nobody could possibly guess that there was a rubber butt plug inserted into his hole.


Nobody else knew, but it was impossible for Tony to forget either of those things. They were so alien, so strange, so intrusive and so different that they kept his new status constantly at the forefront of his mind.


Tony was determined that he was going to do this. He wasn’t going to walk out before the end of the week, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to say his safe word. He was going to earn that collar, take his rightful place in Gibbs’s bed – and do his best to make Gibbs forget all about Stan Burley.




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