Two Masters: 4. Part Four


Gibbs knew something was wrong the minute he woke up the next morning. He spent a few minutes trying to figure out what it was, and then rolled over onto his side and gazed down on the mattress beside the bed – to find that it was empty.


“Tony?” He got up and glanced into the bathroom, but that was empty too.


Gibbs stood there for a moment, concentrating on the feel of the house, but he knew instinctively that Tony wasn’t in it. He knew how an empty house felt. His gut clenched fiercely, surprising him. Hadn’t he been here before – so many times? First, after Shannon and Kelly had been killed. Waking up in this house every morning and feeling the emptiness of it – this house that had once been so full of life, laughter and happiness.


Then again, after each of his wives left him. That had hurt less, because he couldn’t honestly say that he missed any of them. This was different. Tony might only have been here a few days, but Gibbs had become used to having him around. It had felt right, and if he was honest it had made him happy – and that wasn’t an emotion he’d felt in a while.


Then again, it had been his decision to make Tony wait, and he didn’t regret it. If this hurt, then it’d hurt even more if Tony walked out after he’d fucked him. Not that there were any guarantees, but Gibbs hadn’t realised how much he wanted this until he was up to his eyeballs in it.


He wondered what was going on in Tony’s head. Tony was like shifting sand, constantly moving and changing, never staying stable underfoot. It just wasn’t possible to be on solid ground when you were with him. Just when you thought you had him figured out, he shifted out of your grasp, and you were left with nothing but grains of sand in your hand.


Gibbs walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. There was a post-it note attached to the coffee jar.


“Had a hunch. See you at work. T.”


Gibbs felt a wave of relief. “Christ, I’m gonna kick your ass into next week when I get my hands on you,” he growled, scrunching up the note in his hand and tossing it angrily into the waste.


It was a wake-up call though. He couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t invested in this. He was. He hadn’t felt like this about anyone since Shannon, and he hadn’t thought he ever would again, either. Tony was just so damn addictive, with his laughing green eyes and highly responsive body. Gibbs loved the way that body felt when he was playing with it, loved the way Tony looked at him when he was loving on him and hurting him just a little at one and the same time. Tony’s eyes would darken with arousal, and he’d push his tongue between his lips, wetting them sinfully, his grin goading Gibbs on.


Gibbs went back upstairs and reached for his cell phone to call his wayward sub – only to be sent straight to voicemail.


“You’d better have a damn good reason for being unreachable, DiNozzo,” he growled into the phone. “Call me.”


He showered and dressed, one eye on the phone the entire time, and then drove into work. There was still no sign of Tony so he tried his cell again – only to go through to voicemail once more.


“DiNozzo!” he yelled into it. “Where the hell are you?”


“I’m right here, Boss,” a voice behind him replied, and Tony sauntered into the squad room with a big grin on his face. “And before you kill me, or, you know, do something even worse…” Tony grimaced. “I bring gifts!” He held aloft a tape.


“Better be the best damn gift ever,” Gibbs growled, grabbing the tape out of his hand and throwing it to a startled McGee.


“Well, it’s certainly got its moments,” Tony said, with a wink. “Get up on the wrong side of bed this morning, Boss?”


Gibbs turned to him, slowly and threateningly. “The only reason you’re still alive right now is because I want to see what’s on the tape,” he said darkly. “Now sit down, and shut up.”


“On it, Boss!” Tony sat down with a grin that said he didn’t think he’d be in trouble for very long.


McGee loaded up the tape onto the plasma, and Gibbs frowned as he gazed at the fuzzy images on the screen.


“What am I looking at?” he demanded.


“Interior of the gym locker room at 22:09 a couple of nights ago,” Tony replied promptly.


“I thought you said there were not any cameras in the locker rooms,” Ziva said, getting up to look at the screen more closely.


“There aren’t – for obvious reasons. People need their privacy. However…that’s official cameras. I found an unofficial camera hidden in the A/C unit.”


Tony nodded his head at the screen just as Charles Lamb emerged from the shower, naked and dripping wet.


“Now, that is a good looking man,” Ziva commented.


“That *was* a good looking man, Ziva,” Tony pointed out. “He’s lying downstairs in Ducky’s refrigerator right now.”


She made a face at him. “Oh – who is that?” she asked, as a second man entered the shot, behind Lamb, his back to the camera. “He is very…muscular. Hmm, he seems familiar…wait…is that…?”


Tony nodded and pointed at the screen, just as the second man turned so that they could see his face. “Yup. That’s our other dead guy – Lieutenant Mark Adams – Admiral Adams’s son.”


Adams pushed Lamb against the lockers and then sank down in front of him – and swallowed his cock with one smooth slide of his mouth.


“The son who is definitely not gay,” Tony smirked.


“Oh. Uh…uh…that’s…explicit…” McGee stammered, his face going bright red.


“Live and learn, Probie!” Tony grinned.


“So Lamb and Adams were having an affair,” Ziva shrugged. “What does that tell us?”


“You’re not asking the right question, Ziva,” Gibbs snapped at her. She gave him a bewildered look. “It isn’t the fact that they were having oral sex in the locker room.” He glanced back at the screen, where Adams was enthusiastically sucking on Lamb’s cock.


“It’s who was spying on them having oral sex in the locker room,” Tony finished for him, pointing to the screen. “And why he was angry enough to then follow them and kill them.”


“Any ideas?” Gibbs asked.


“As a matter of fact…yes!” Tony smiled smugly.


Gibbs resisted an urge to slap the back of his head. Tony had done a good job on this, and he knew an equally good way to reward him for it later.


“Let me set the scene for you,” Tony said, clearly thoroughly enjoying himself. McGee sighed and rolled his eyes, but this was Tony’s moment, and Gibbs was going to let him have it.


“Charles Lamb is an investment banker. He’s wealthy, good-looking, intelligent, sophisticated, and he likes to keep himself in shape. He’s also gay. And kind of slutty,” Tony grinned.


“You would know,” Ziva muttered. Tony ignored her.


“And he likes muscular guys. Big, strong, beefcake kind of guys. They don’t need to have a lot going on up here…” Tony held his finger to his head and twisted. “He doesn’t really give a damn about that as long as they look good. Now, take a look at this.” Tony clicked on his keyboard and a picture of a man came up onscreen. Gibbs frowned at it – the guy seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place him. “This is Jason Tulley two years ago,” Tony explained.


“That guy you were…” Gibbs paused. The word was ‘flirting’, but he wasn’t going to say that in the squad room. “Talking to a couple of days ago?”


“Yup.” Tony had the grace to flush a fetching shade of bright red right up to the tip of his ears. ”Notice anything?”


“He’s in shape, but he isn’t anywhere near as built as he was when we saw him two days ago,” Gibbs commented looking at the picture.


“That’s right. See…Jason developed a thing for Charles Lamb. Lamb was way out of his league, but Jason fell hopelessly in love with him. So he bulked up to be the kind of guy Lamb would look twice at. And he did. So they started an affair.”


“When?” Gibbs demanded.


“Couple of months ago. For Jason, it was serious – but not for Lamb. When Mark Adams came along – younger, just as muscle-bound, and very good-looking, Lamb went after him. Jason became suspicious. He put the camera in the locker room, connected it up so that he could view the footage remotely, in real time – and caught them in the act. But, thing is, Jason bulked up by using steroids, and that made him prone to violent and aggressive outbursts.”


“He followed Lamb when he left the gym that night, tied him to a tree in the park, and gagged him!” McGee exclaimed.


Tony nodded. “That’s right, Detective McProbie! Then he waited for Adams, who would be taking the same route home a few minutes later, and he beat him to a pulp in front of Lamb, to punish Lamb for moving on from him and finding someone new. I don’t think he meant to kill Lieutenant Adams – I think he just meant to deliver a beating – but his rage spilled over, and he couldn’t help himself.”


“And once he’d killed Adams, he had no choice but to kill Lamb too – because he’d witnessed the whole thing,” Gibbs said. “Neat, DiNozzo.”


“Thank you, Boss!” Tony sat back in his chair with a wide grin.


“Got any proof?” Gibbs shot at him.


“Uh…” Tony rocked forwards again. “Uh…well, the tape…”


“It’s a good *story*, DiNozzo. But do we have any proof?” Gibbs snapped.


“No, Boss. I thought about bringing Tulley in for questioning, but then I thought that I should, you know, speak to you about it first.”


“Ya think, DiNozzo?” Gibbs glared at him, making his displeasure at being dumped first thing in the morning eminently clear. He went back to his desk and got his gun and badge. “Tony – with me. Let’s go and find out if this little theory of yours stands up to any scrutiny.”


He could hear Tony trotting along behind him. They got into the elevator together.


“So, are you still mad at me for running out on you this morning?” his sub asked, glancing sideways at him.


“What do you think, DiNozzo?”


“Just…something was niggling me, and once I had that hunch…and, well, you were sleeping like a baby and snoring like an elephant – you do know you snore right? – and so I thought…”


Gibbs reached out and slapped the back of his head firmly.


“Right.” Tony nodded. “You do know. Okay. Anyway, so I thought I’d just go and check it out.”


“Why were you even awake to have a hunch at that time of the morning, Tony?” Gibbs asked. Tony’s expression changed, becoming much more serious.


“I couldn’t sleep,” he admitted. “Too busy thinking. Lot to think about. Big decision to make.”


Gibbs remembered how it had felt to wake up in that empty house this morning, and he felt his gut clench. “Come to any conclusions?” he asked quietly.


Tony turned to look at him, and they gazed at each other for a moment. Then the elevator reached its destination, and the moment passed. Gibbs strode out into the parking garage. Whatever decisions Tony might have made, now wasn’t the right time to talk about them.


The gym was busy when they got there. Jason Tulley took one look at them moving purposefully across the room towards him and took off at a run, which seemed like a pretty guilty thing to do. Gibbs yelled at Tony to run after him, while he went out the back exit and around to the front – just in time to see Tulley bursting out of the front door. Gibbs caught his arm to slow him down, and Tulley turned and aimed a punch at him. Gibbs ducked it, moved in fast, caught the guy a glancing blow on his solar plexus, and then took him down with a hard upper cut to the jaw – just as Tony emerged from the building.


Tony took his handcuffs from his pocket, knelt down beside Tulley, and fastened his hands behind his back.


“Like I said, he’s never been beaten in a fight, Jason,” he told their captive cheerily. “And really, you were never gonna be the first one to take him down.”


“Fuck you!” was all Tulley managed to snarl in reply.


“Why did you do it, Jason?” Tony asked. “I’m thinking you were overdosing on steroids to try and keep in shape for Lamb, and when you saw him with Adams that sent you into a jealous rage. Terrible thing, jealousy. Isn’t it, Boss?” He glanced up at Gibbs, a quirky, self-deprecating smile on his face.


“Sometimes,” Gibbs conceded. “Sometimes it’s just raging insecurity. And lack of trust,” he added. Tony’s eyes flickered in acknowledgement.


Gibbs let Tony perform the interrogation. He’d solved the case, so he deserved the arrest. Tulley wasn’t exactly a hard nut to crack – he was too volatile for that, and too hyped up on steroids – and Tony soon needled him into a full confession. It was all pretty much as Tony had laid out for them in the squad room earlier.


Gibbs reported back to SecNav and got Admiral Adams off his back, and then there was the paperwork to do, so it was late by the time he finally got home.


Tony was already there, sitting in the dark on the couch, staring into space. Gibbs didn’t turn the light on. He sat down beside his sub.


“So…” Gibbs began.


“I need to leave,” Tony interrupted him.


Gibbs felt his gut clench again, for the third time in one day. “Yeah,” he said wearily. He’d been left by three wives, two subs, and various lovers. He knew how the script went. “I know.”


“You’re right.” Tony turned to look at him in the darkness of the room. “It’s a big decision. I was being flippant about it. You deserve more than that. You’ve been upfront with me all the way along. It’s important though. There are…” He hesitated. “Feelings involved,” he said eventually. “Real feelings. You kept telling me we weren’t playing at it, but see, thing is, I was having so much fun it didn’t feel that way to me.”


Gibbs scratched his hand over his jaw, feeling the stubble rasp against his fingertips.


“I’m going home,” Tony told him. “Tonight. I’m going home. I need the thinking time. Alone.”


“Okay.” Gibbs nodded tiredly. “Whatever you need, Tony.”


Tony put a hand on his jaw and then leaned in and kissed him. It was a sweet, tender kiss, light and gentle. Tony drew back.


“I screw up, Gibbs,” he said, his green eyes gleaming. “That’s what I do. All the time. You know that.”


“No.” It was Gibbs’s turn to reach out and grab Tony’s jaw now. He turned Tony’s face back so that he was looking at him. “You didn’t screw up today, Tony. And I wouldn’t have kept you on my team if I thought you were a screw up. You’re not. You just have your…insane moments.”


Tony grinned, his teeth unnaturally white in the darkness. “Insane moments? Yeah. Is that what this week has been? One long insane moment, all set in motion by me using a dead man’s ID to get into a place I didn’t belong?”


“If it was insanity, then I joined you in it,” Gibbs sighed. “Go, Tony. Make your decision.” He already had a pretty good idea what that would be, judging by the tone of their conversation this evening.


“It’s complicated,” Tony told him, as if by way of explanation and yet somehow explaining nothing.


Gibbs shook his head. “No. It really isn’t. It’s simple. It’s about trust, Tony. Go away, think about it – see if you can trust me.”


Tony nodded, and then he got up. “Sorry,” he muttered.


“Never apologise,” Gibbs replied automatically.


“I know.” Tony looked down on him. “Sorry anyway,” he said again, and then he left.


Gibbs went upstairs to get changed and then went straight back down to the basement. He emptied some nails out of a jar, poured himself a whole jarful of bourbon, and swallowed it down in a few gulps. He started walking towards the boat but didn’t make it that far. He turned back, grabbed the bottle of bourbon, and disappeared with it under the boat.


At some point, and he wasn’t sure when, he got his cell phone out, fumbled with it for several interminable minutes, and then waited for a familiar voice to answer.


“You fucking bastard,” he croaked. “I told you I didn’t want to do this again, but you didn’t fucking listen. Told you it was cruel. Christ, how many times…” He shook his head, losing his train of thought.


“Jethro? Is that you?” Walter sounded concerned.


Gibbs laughed out loud. “Who the fuck else would it be? How many fucking people d’you think I can stand to lose, Walter? How many? Huh?”


He took another swig of the bourbon and gazed up at the roof of the boat overhead. He had known this was a mistake. He had told Walter it was a mistake. And it *was* a mistake. He shouldn’t have taken the risk. Shouldn’t have opened up that part of himself that wanted this, shouldn’t have exposed himself to the inevitable disappointment.


He blinked again and hours seemed to pass. He was aware of someone clambering under the boat and then hauling him out on his ass.


“Bed,” Walter told him firmly.


“Fuck you,” he snarled in reply, but Walter was too big and too strong for him to fight when he was this drunk.


“Bed, Private Gibbs. Now!” Walter snapped, pulling Gibbs’s arm over his shoulders and dragging him up the stairs. Gibbs gazed at him blearily, opening his mouth to protest. “Don’t fucking argue with me, son,” Walter told him, in that no-nonsense tone that even several decades later made Gibbs feel like he was back at boot camp again.


He shut up and allowed Walter to half walk, half carry him up to his room and throw him down on the bed.


Gibbs rolled over and gazed blankly at the empty mattress on the floor beside the bed, as empty tonight as it had been this morning. They never did stay. Not the wives, not the lovers, not the subs. Not anyone. They always left eventually, and sometimes he cared more than others.


This time he cared.


Tony sat in the corner of the bar, nursing his glass of coke. He liked this place. It was a dirty, seedy dive, but it was the kind of place where nobody would try to pick you up, talk to you, or start a fight with you. Nobody made eye contact. Nobody asked you any questions. Nobody was even friendly. You just got left alone to sit and think – and sitting and thinking was precisely what he was doing right now. He’d gone to his apartment after leaving Gibbs’s house initially, but there were too many distractions there – his jazz CDs, his massive DVD collection – and his right hand and newly free and available cock.


Okay, so he *could* jerk off, and Gibbs wouldn’t know – hell, right now it was none of Gibbs’s business – but he didn’t want to. He felt like he’d entered into some kind of agreement with Gibbs, and until he had given the man his definitive answer he wasn’t going to break his side of the bargain. He wasn’t sure why that was important – he just knew that it was.


He stared into his coke blankly, trying to figure out what to do. He’d deliberately steered clear of alcohol – that wouldn’t help. He might as well be back at his apartment watching a movie if he wanted to practise avoidance. He didn’t. He just wanted to be sure that he’d given this his best shot. He had to be clear on what he wanted, and why, and why this wouldn’t work. Gibbs deserved that. The guy had been completely honest about what *he* wanted from the minute he first stepped into Murray’s Bar last Saturday night. Tony was the one who was struggling with it.


Someone slid into the booth opposite him, and he looked up, annoyed at the intrusion.


“Hey,” Mulder said, in his usual monotone.


“How the hell did you know where to find me?” Tony demanded.


“I spent years searching for my sister. I tracked down countless monsters, aliens, super-soldiers, and conspiracies in the process. You, my friend, were child’s play by comparison. I barely had to try,” Mulder shrugged.


“Did Walter send you?” Tony asked. “Is Gibbs okay?” he added anxiously. “Did something happen to him?”


“Not as far as I know. And no, Walter didn’t send me. I just thought it was time that you and I had a little talk.”


“Well, I don’t want to talk,” Tony snapped, glaring at him. “I just want to sit here and have a quiet drink.”


Mulder glanced at his glass, and then, ignoring Tony’s protest, picked it up and took a sip. “Coke?” he grinned, putting the glass back down. “You really are living dangerously tonight, Tony.”


“I’m trying to think. Trying to figure out what to do.”


“Nah. You’re not. Not really. You already know what you want to do – you’re just too scared to do it, so you’re trying to find reasons not to.”


“What the hell would you know about it?”


“I know.” Mulder sat back in his seat and surveyed Tony with that strangely disconcerting gaze of his.


“You ever find them?” Tony asked.


Mulder frowned. “Who?”


“The monsters? The aliens? You ever find any of those?”


Mulder laughed. “Hey, Tony – it’s me, Mulder! That misdirection shit might work on other people – hell, it might even work on Gibbs for all I know – but it won’t work on me.”


Tony stared at him. He’d never met anyone like Mulder. Nobody ever called him on the tricks he played the way Mulder did. Gibbs sometimes recognised them and slapped his head to snap him out of it, but even he rarely called him on them in such a direct way.


“First week of my slavery was the hardest,” Mulder told him, in a casual tone. “I kept trying to play Walter, and he wouldn’t be played. I remember one time I packed my stuff and sat waiting for him to come home so I could tell him I was leaving.”


“Really? Why?” Tony found himself sucked into the story despite himself. He took a sip of his coke.


“Why was I leaving?” Mulder frowned. “Y’know, I can’t remember. I think it was something to do with Wanda leaving dirty paw prints on the clean laundry.”


“What?” Tony spluttered out his mouthful of coke.


Mulder laughed and spread his hands in a gesture of amusement. “I know. I was an idiot back then.”


“Why did you decide to stay?”


“Maybe I wasn’t a *complete* idiot,” Mulder grinned. Then he leaned forward and gazed at Tony earnestly across the table. “Want to know what my life’s motto was back then, Tony?”


“Not really, but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me anyway.”


Mulder inclined his head. “I mentioned it to you once before – my motto was ‘Trust No-one‘, and I really didn’t. I didn’t trust a damn person, not even my best friend, Dana. But, thing is, I had another motto too, and those two mottos were kind of mutually exclusive and just kept on colliding. I can tell that you’re just dying to know what the other one was.”


“Oh yeah. Killing myself here waiting for it,” Tony muttered into his coke.


“It was ‘I Want to Believe‘. And I did. I wanted to believe in someone. Never had, my entire life. Never really believed that anyone would be there for me and catch me when I fell. I didn’t trust Walter in those early days, but I so wanted to. I wanted to believe in him.”


“You think this is what I’m going through with Gibbs?” Tony asked.


“Is it?” Mulder quirked up an eyebrow.


“No. It’s like I said to you on Saturday in that playroom of yours – I’m just in this for the kinky sex. I thought that’s what this was all about – but it’s not. It’s about other stuff – stuff that I’m not good at. It’s about love, and commitment, and all that shit, and I don’t honestly know that I can give him that.”


“Don’t lie to yourself, Tony.” Mulder’s gaze was intense, and it was freaking him out.


“I’m not…” he began.


“Bullshit. You are. When Walter picked you up in that bar on Friday night, you were wasted. You’d stolen a dead guy’s ID to get in there, and you couldn’t stop babbling to Walter about Gibbs and what you wanted to be to him. You’re in love with him, Tony, and you’ve been in love with him for years. So don’t tell me you’re not any good at love. You’re a fucking marathon runner where love is concerned – you can do it tirelessly, for years on end, without any hint of respite, and without ever once demanding anything in return.”


“That’s different,” Tony said with a shrug. “That’s easy.”


“No, it damn well isn’t,” Mulder riposted. “Loving someone with that degree of constancy and devotion is hard. I’m shit at it. Walter had to pretty much teach me how to do it. When Walter enslaved me, I just viewed him as someone I could manipulate into giving me what I wanted – it took me a long time to learn how to really love him, the way he deserves. That’s not how it is for you with Gibbs.”


“How the hell do you know?”


“I know.” Mulder leaned back, an infuriatingly smug look on his face. “I understand you, Tony.”


“Look, I’m not you,” Tony pointed out bluntly. “Your issues aren’t mine, Mulder.”


“True.” Mulder nodded. “Let me lay yours out for you then, Tony. You’ve been in love with this guy for years, and now you finally have a chance with him it’s scaring you shitless. Not because you’re not good at love, or commitment, or any of that crap – but because the closer you get to him the harder it’ll be for you to hide from him. You are terrified that at some point you’ll screw up, and he’ll see who you really are, and then he’ll reject you. And you don’t think you can handle him rejecting you. In fact, you already know you can’t by the way you reacted when he stopped slapping your head. You’d rather keep yourself safe than risk that happening.”


Tony drank down the remains of the coke, slowly, hiding behind the glass. When he finished, he had composed himself enough to paint on his best and most deflective smile.


“Thanks, Mulder. Appreciate the pep-talk.”


Mulder laughed out loud again. “The happy, shiny Tony face doesn’t work with me, either, Tony.”


Tony’s grin faded, and he stopped pretending altogether. He leaned forward. “Don’t try and fuck with my head, Mulder. I don’t like it, and I might not be so polite if you don’t shut the fuck up.”


“Ah. Okay.” Mulder leaned back in his seat and put his hands behind his head. “At least that’s honest.”


“Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s late, and tonight’s a school night.” Tony got up to leave.


“What did you do, Tony?” Mulder asked.


“What?” Tony stiffened.


“What did you do that’s so bad you think you can’t ever be forgiven? Is it really that bad, or do you just think it is?”


Tony felt as if someone had taken an axe to his legs and chopped them out from under him. He sat back down again with a thud.


“I’m not talking to you about it,” he hissed.


“And I’m not the one who needs to know. Why don’t you tell Gibbs – let him judge how bad it is?”


“I can’t.”


“But you don’t think you can hide it, either. Not in a close relationship – not in the kind of relationship you’re headed for if you don’t pull back before it’s too late.”


Tony gazed blankly at the empty glass on the table in front of him.


“You’ve been in love with the guy for eight years – can’t you trust him enough to know he won’t reject you? I mean, whatever you might have once done, he knows you. He knows the person you are now, Tony.”


“He knows as much as I want him to know.” Tony gave a shaky kind of laugh.


“Ah. I get it. I don’t think it’s about him not forgiving you.” Mulder leaned forward again. “I think it’s about you not being able to forgive yourself.”


Tony shook his head, continuing to gaze resolutely at the glass on the table. “You don’t know. I can’t. I just can’t.”


“Look, I know all about guilt. When my sister was taken…”


“You didn’t do that! You didn’t take her!” Tony said, in a heated tone. Then he glanced around with a grimace as some of the other people in the bar turned to look at him. “You didn’t do anything,” Tony said, in a quieter voice. “You just felt guilty because you couldn’t stop it happening – but you didn’t actually DO it. You didn’t cause it to happen, Mulder.”


Mulder sat back, nodding thoughtfully. “Okay. I understand. In the playroom, you said there was something you wanted to be punished for, and I said it didn’t work that way. Did you find that out this week, Tony? Did you find the things Gibbs did to you were good, in a way you hadn’t expected? Even when they hurt, you got turned on, didn’t you? Maybe it didn’t feel enough like punishment – maybe it felt too good for that, huh?”


Tony looked up sharply, wishing this man sitting in front of him wasn’t so damn perceptive.


“Yes, it felt good,” he agreed. “Hell, I loved every single second of it – even when it was painful, or just damn difficult. He knew just how to play me, Mulder. It felt so *right*. Didn’t feel like punishment at all.”


“Did you ask him for that? Did you ask him for punishment?”


“Yeah. He refused,” Tony shrugged. “Said it was his choice, not mine, and he’s right. If I’m his sub, then he’s right.” He gazed at Mulder for a few seconds and then couldn’t help himself. He had to ask. “Did Walter give you a safe word when you and he first got together, Mulder?”


Mulder looked slightly surprised by the question. “No.” He shook his head.


Tony felt a surge of anger. “Gibbs did. Why did he do that, Mulder? Why does he think I need some kind of get out of jail free card? Does he think I can’t take it? Does he think I can’t handle being his sub?”


“Hey – you have to remember that Walter and I were both experienced players when we first hooked up,” Mulder explained. “Hell, Walter was the most famous dom in the entire city. He knew what he was doing, and he’d done his research on me. But he had good reason not to give me a safe word. He knew that if he did, I’d have used it to try and manipulate him, to gain power over him, to use him the way I’d used all the other tops I’d played with – to mould him into what I wanted him to be and then move on when I’d used him up. That’s what I did back then. I was kind of a shit.”


Tony had a feeling that if Walter was here he’d dispute that, but then he also had a feeling that Mulder was pretty hard on himself.


“You’re a newbie, Tony – and Gibbs hasn’t played in a long time. He’s just trying to make sure he gets it right. That doesn’t mean he’s giving you a get out of jail free card, or whatever weird way you’re looking at it. He just doesn’t want to hurt you.”


“Well, I don’t want it.” Tony stared at his empty glass moodily.


“Because you want it to feel real? Edgy? Because you want to know that you have no control over any of it?” Mulder queried. “Or because you want him to go too far and really hurt you – so that you can get that punishment you want so much?”


“I don’t know. I just know I don’t want it.”


“Walter did give me a safe word once,” Mulder mused. Tony looked up again. “I’d forgotten – but once, when we were playing around with a rape fantasy – he gave me one then. We were role-playing, so it was different to usual, and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to judge my reactions as accurately because of that. He was just being a responsible top – the way Gibbs is. Gibbs is a good man. You should trust him.”


Ah, there it was, the ‘t’ word again. Tony ran his hands through his hair. “I don’t know what to do, Mulder,” he admitted. “He’s been very clear about what he wants – he wants a 24/7 sub – and he’s shown me a taste of what it’ll be like, so I can decide if that’s what I want to be to him. I have until the end of tomorrow to decide – but I don’t know what the hell to do.”


“Sure you do.” Mulder grinned at him. Tony raised an eyebrow. “You’re overcomplicating things here, Tony. He’s only asked you to be sure about what you want – he hasn’t asked you to be perfect, or not to have made mistakes in the past. He hasn’t even asked you not to make any mistakes going forward because you will – because we all do, because we’re human. All he’s asking you, right now, is this: Do you want to be his 24/7 sub? Do you, Tony? Do you want to be his? Do you want to belong to him?”


Yes. Oh God yes.


Tony gazed at Mulder helplessly. Could it really be that simple?


“Don’t think about tomorrow, or next week, or about him finding out whatever it is you’re hiding, Tony. Don’t think about what you think you deserve, or what you think Gibbs deserves. Do what you want to do – in here.” Mulder reached across the table and patted Tony’s chest, above his heart. “Think ‘I Want to Believe’ instead of ‘Trust No-One’.” He gave a self-deprecating little grin. “It sure as hell worked for me!”


He stood up and looked down on Tony.


“I’ve gotta get home. I can’t tell you what your decision should be, Tony. I’ll just say this – if you don’t do this, you’ll always wonder what might have been – and I think you’ll kick yourself for the rest of your life.”


“Great. You’ve been no help at all,” Tony told him sourly. Mulder shot him a broad grin.


“You mean I didn’t say the things you wanted to hear? That if this is too big and scary then you shouldn’t do it? That if you have any doubts it’s best to stick to what’s safe?” He gave a wry little laugh. “Hell, that’s not me, Tony. When I want something, I go for it. That’s what I did with Walter, and I’ve never regretted it for even a second. You never know how long it’ll be around, or when it’ll get taken away from you – so you gotta grab it while it’s there and enjoy it while you can. And if, one day, it all goes wrong – well, at least you’ll know you gave it your best shot.”


He patted Tony on the shoulder, and then he turned and left the bar. Tony gazed after him. He made it sound so damn easy, but it wasn’t.


With a sigh, he went back over to the bar and ordered another coke.






Gibbs woke the next morning with a pounding headache and a tongue that felt like it was covered in a thick layer of fur. He glanced at the clock on the nightstand: 6 a.m. No matter what time he went to bed, his internal body clock always woke him around 6. He sat up, remembered the events of last night – hazily – and groaned.


There was no sign of Walter, but then he assumed his old gunny had let himself out after putting him to bed. He went to relieve his aching bladder, glanced at himself in the mirror, and winced. He looked like shit. There were dark shadows under his eyes that reminded him of those terrible months after Shannon and Kelly had been killed. This didn’t compare to that, but he was surprised that anything could make him feel even halfway as bad again.


Gibbs was a Marine through and through, and he knew there was nothing to be done but suck it up and get on with life, the way he’d done so often before. He took a shower, shaved, scrubbed his mouth with a toothbrush for several minutes until it felt clean again, and then got dressed and went to work.


He grabbed two coffees on the way in, drank one of them before he hit his desk and then started in on the other immediately. By the time he was through his second cup he felt halfway human again. Not that his subordinates would have known that, as he stomped around the squad room handing out assignments and glaring at anyone who came within spitting distance of his desk.


When Tony arrived, twenty minutes late, Gibbs shot him a baleful glare.


“Keeping officers’ hours now, DiNozzo?” he growled.


“Sorry, Boss…I didn’t realise the time,” Tony replied with an apologetic shrug.


“Late night last night?” Gibbs raised an eyebrow.


Tony winced. “Kind of. Yeah.”


Gibbs continued glaring at him. Tony looked tired, but he didn’t look as if he’d spent the night getting drunk under a boat. Gibbs wasn’t sure what he’d expected; Tony had always been glib and extremely adept at hiding whatever he might be thinking or feeling. Gibbs was the opposite – he might not talk about what he was feeling, but if he was in a bad mood he damn well let it show.


“Maybe a time management class will help you. There’s one starting in five minutes in the conference room – if ya think you can get there on time.”


“Uh…I’m not down to take that class, Boss!” Tony protested.


“You are now.”


“I mean…I thought…it’s just that usually you fix it so that none of us have to take them.”


“Well, I didn’t think any of you needed ‘em before, but clearly I was wrong,” Gibbs snapped.


“Yeah, but you usually say that they’re a complete waste of time. And then you kind of chuckle to yourself because it’s a joke – you know, time management, waste of time? Yeah, we never think it’s that funny, either. Uh, but you always say that the guy running them is a complete idiot, and you’d like to time how long it takes him to find his ass and pull his own head out from it.”


Gibbs raised an eyebrow and treated Tony to his full death glare.


“Time Management class – on it, Boss,” Tony sighed, disappearing in the direction of the conference room.


Gibbs turned back to his work, but he couldn’t help the little grin that tugged at the corners of his mouth. Tony might never be his sub, but he would always be the smart ass who made him smile. Partly, it was his complete disregard of the trouble he was in – and his willingness to just keep on digging a hole until he was up to his neck in it.


He got a call a couple of hours later – the medical tests they’d had done a few days before had come back clean. Gibbs put the phone down with an ironic little smile. So, the good news was that he could fuck Tony without having to use a condom. The bad news was that he wasn’t going to get the chance to fuck Tony at all, so it didn’t damn well matter.


Tony returned in the early afternoon, looking like he’d spent several hours being horribly tortured. “Please don’t ever do that to me again, Boss,” he said as he took his seat.


“Get here on time, and I won’t have to,” Gibbs retorted.


“It was a living hell.”


“No – it wasn’t, but I promise you that I can make your life just that if you don’t get on with some work. You’ve already wasted half the day.”


“*I* wasted it? You sent me in there!” Tony protested.


“And now you’re behind – so catch up,” Gibbs told him firmly, getting up to go to Vance’s office for a meeting.


He could feel Tony glaring after him, but Gibbs had no intention of allowing his emotions to interfere with his job. He wasn’t punishing Tony for their conversation the previous evening. He would have had the same exchange of words with Tony if this had happened any other day – but he had to admit that he was glad that he hadn’t had to sit opposite Tony all morning. Feeling as he did right now, that really would have been a kind of torture.


Gibbs left the meeting an hour later and paused at the top of the stairs, looking down on Tony working at his desk below. He wondered if Tony would seek him out to confirm the decision they both knew he’d already made, or whether they’d just avoid the issue, like the crap-at-communicating men they both were. He suspected the latter. Neither of them would ever mention it again. Perhaps that was for the best. They’d tried it, and it hadn’t worked. There wasn’t really anything else to say.


Gibbs returned to his desk and spent the rest of the afternoon working in silence. His team, sensing his mood, all did the same. Every so often, Gibbs glanced over at Tony, but Tony looked exactly the same as usual. There was no sign that today meant anything to him, and Gibbs didn’t catch him shooting any glances in his direction.


Gibbs went into another meeting early in the evening, and it was late by the time he returned – to find that all his team had left for the day. He stood beside Tony’s desk, gazing at it broodingly for a moment. So that was it. Tony had made his decision. Fair enough. He could handle that. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen it coming.


Gibbs finished up his paperwork and only when there was nothing else that could conceivably occupy his time, did he finally give up for the night and go home.


The house was in darkness when he got in, and he headed for the stairs to get changed into sweats and go work on the boat for a few hours. He was determined to at least not get drunk this evening. Maybe he’d call Walter and arrange to meet him for a few beers tomorrow night, but not tonight. Tonight he wanted to lick his wounds alone and in silence, the way he always did. He was still a lone wolf at heart. That never changed.


He was halfway up the stairs when he saw the light flickering under the door in the living room. He frowned and walked slowly back down again, wondering what the hell it was. It was too dim to be the overhead light. The flickering made him wonder if the place was on fire, but he couldn’t smell burning.


He put his hand on the living room door, opened it cautiously, and then stood there, with his mouth half open. It took a hell of a lot to shock Leroy Jethro Gibbs into speechlessness, but the tableau in front of him did just that.


The room was lit with dozens of candles, but that wasn’t what caught his eye. His gaze was drawn immediately to the naked man kneeling in the middle of the room, his oiled skin glistening in the candlelight. In front of him, on one of the cushions from the couch, was the collar Gibbs had recently bought.


Tony looked up, straight at him. “The answer’s yes,” he said.






Tony held his breath as Gibbs walked towards him. He’d jerked the guy around enough over the past few days, and he wasn’t entirely sure that Gibbs would forgive him for that.


Gibbs stopped in front of him, looking down on him, his expression unreadable.


“One question,” he said. Tony tensed, waiting for it. “What the hell are all the candles for?”


Tony grinned, relaxing immediately. “It’s a big, dramatic, romantic gesture, Gibbs – entirely in keeping with the importance of the moment.”


Now it was Gibbs’s turn to grin. “And the being naked and oiled thing?” He raised an eyebrow.


“Just making sure I got your attention. You should get used to that if I’m gonna be your sub.”


“Aw hell, Tony, you definitely have my attention right now.” Gibbs’s sharp-eyed gaze raked over his body, turning Tony on. That gaze lingered on Tony’s now semi-erect cock. “You shaved?”


“Yeah. Good? Or not?”


Gibbs’s tongue darted out and licked his lower lip as he surveyed Tony’s smooth, hairless genitals. Tony’s cock hardened even more. Gibbs looked like he was anticipating a good meal.


“It’ll do,” Gibbs grunted, which Tony guessed was as much of a sign of approval as he was going to get.


Tony shifted back so that his ass was almost resting on the soles of his feet. He picked up the cushion, with the collar resting on top, and held it up for Gibbs.


“Collar me,” he said softly. “Please.”


Gibbs removed the collar from the cushion, and Tony let the cushion drop to the floor and knelt forward eagerly. Gibbs caressed the collar thoughtfully as he gazed down on Tony.


“You sure about this?” he asked.


Tony’s heart skipped a beat. “Yes. I know I’ve screwed up – a lot – these past few days, but that’s because I was having trouble figuring this out. I want this, Gibbs. I want this so much. You have to believe that.”


Gibbs continued to gaze at him, the collar hanging from his fingers.


“Look, I can’t promise you that I’ll get it right, or even that I’ll be any good at it,” Tony continued desperately. “I can’t tell you I won’t screw up going forward. I can only tell you that I want this – you – more than anything I’ve ever wanted.”


He tried to pour every single ounce of sincerity into his words, needing Gibbs to see just how much he meant it.


Gibbs reached out, wrapped his hand loosely around Tony’s neck, and stroked his thumb over the oiled skin.


“The minute I put this collar on you, everything changes. You’ll become mine then, Tony – completely mine. I won’t hold back, the way I’ve been doing all week. You ready for that? You think you can handle that?”


“Yes.” Tony nodded. “Hell, I’ve been handling you and your hard-wired dominance issues for years. This’ll just be the payoff.”


Gibbs quirked up an eyebrow. Tony grinned. “I’ve been your unrewarded sub all this time, Gibbs, with no hot sex to offset the constant demands. Now I get to experience the good stuff.”


Gibbs smiled, still stroking his thumb rhythmically over Tony’s neck. “If you have any doubts, then you should say so now.”


“No doubts,” Tony said firmly.


Gibbs gazed at him, his blue eyes boring holes into Tony’s soul. Then, finally, he seemed convinced of Tony’s sincerity, and he removed his hand from Tony’s throat and began opening up the collar. Tony reached out and grabbed his wrist, stopping him. Gibbs looked down at him, a question in his eyes.


“No doubts – none at all – about being your 24/7 sub. Plenty of other doubts – or fears, or whatever – about a lot of other shit,” Tony said quietly.


Gibbs nodded slowly. “Understood. We’ll figure it out, Tony. Together. Now – you ready?”


Tony swallowed hard. “Ready.”


Gibbs opened up the collar and reached out towards him, and then Tony felt the soft lining of the collar against his neck. Gibbs flipped the leather tongue through the buckle and spent a moment figuring out the right place to fasten it so that it wasn’t too tight or too loose. Finally, he pulled the leather collar shut around Tony’s neck and buckled it.


Tony knelt there, wondering why this felt like such a huge deal. The collar was warm and snug, loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to make its presence constantly felt – he knew he’d never forget it was there. It felt right – as if it belonged there.


Gibbs took a half-step back and gazed down on him again. Tony was surprised by the depth of emotion he saw in his dom’s eyes.


“Christ, Tony…that looks so damn good on you,” he said in a hoarse tone of voice.


He swept forwards, took Tony’s head between his hands, raised his face upwards – and then leaned down and kissed him on the mouth.


If their first kiss in this room, several days ago, had been a statement of intent, then this was Gibbs sealing the deal. His lips were hungry and urgent as he devoured Tony’s mouth with his own. He was forceful and passionate, but also tightly controlled, every inch the dom kissing his collared sub for the first time.


Tony tried to stay upright, tried to respond and stay in the kiss, but Gibbs didn’t seem satisfied with that. He wasn’t requesting Tony’s surrender – he was demanding it. Tony struggled, trying to maintain some semblance of independence and control, but Gibbs fought him for it. Gibbs plundered his mouth ruthlessly with his tongue, making him his own. Then, finally, Tony realised what was going on, what Gibbs was asking of him, and he gave in with a tiny, breathless moan. Gibbs pressed home his advantage, continuing to kiss him until Tony’s body relaxed, and Tony stopped thinking and became what he knew he wanted to be: Gibbs’s willing sub.


Gibbs kissed him for a little longer, and only when he seemed sure that Tony had submitted to him did he release him. Tony gazed up at him, shocked by how decisively Gibbs had dominated him with just one kiss.


Gibbs gave a tight little grin, and then he leaned forward and spoke directly into Tony’s ear, in barely more than a growl.


“Upstairs, boy. First I’m gonna show you what true submission is, and then I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll see stars.”


He helped a still dazed Tony to his feet, and then he glanced around the candlelit room with a devious little grin on his face.


“These were a great idea, Tony,” he said, grabbing one of the candles from a shelf. “I know the perfect thing to do with it.”


Tony wasn’t sure that he liked the sound of that. He watched as Gibbs blew out all the other candles except the one he was holding. Then Gibbs returned to his side, fastened a firm hand around his wrist, and pulled him out of the room and up the stairs. Tony’s heart was racing, and he was acutely aware of the collar around his neck and the hungry press of Gibbs’s body beside him. Gibbs had always been a dangerous man, but right now Tony felt like he was in the presence of a deadly predator – and he was the prey.


Gibbs pulled him into the bedroom, pushed him against the wall, and kissed him again. His clothes were rough against Tony’s naked skin, and Tony felt his cock start to harden once more as Gibbs held his arms by his sides and kissed him without mercy. Tony didn’t struggle this time. He just surrendered and allowed Gibbs to claim him with another dizzying kiss.


Gibbs drew away, leaving Tony hanging there, moaning softly to himself. Gibbs put the candle down on the nightstand, grabbed a bag from his closet, and then turned back to Tony.


“Hands,” he said. Tony blinked, confused. “Hands,” Gibbs repeated in an irritated tone, holding up a leather cuff.


Tony breathed in sharply and quickly held out both his hands. Gibbs fastened a black leather cuff to each of his wrists and then knelt down and repeated the exercise with his ankles. Tony wondered just what the hell was going to happen to him next. Gibbs seemed to read his thoughts.


“Ssh.” He took hold of Tony’s face between his hands again and forced Tony to look at him.


“Ummm…” Tony hung there anxiously.


“Ssh,” Gibbs said again. “You’re wearing my collar now.” He said it in a fierce tone of pride. “What’s your safe word?” he demanded.




“Use it if you need to.”


Tony nodded, still feeling dazed.


“Bed.” Gibbs nodded his head in the direction of the bed. “On your back,” he added.


Tony stumbled the few steps over there and collapsed onto it – which was a relief as he wasn’t sure his legs would hold him up for much longer.


Gibbs pulled a few more items from his bag and put them on the nightstand. He returned to the bed and got on it, straddling Tony’s body.


“Close your eyes,” he ordered.


“Gibbs!” Tony protested. “You said I could see. I want to see…” He moved his hands in the direction of Gibbs’s belt, pulling on it, wanting to finally get a chance to see the big, pulsing cock he’d already had in his mouth several times.


“Later,” Gibbs ordered brusquely. He grabbed Tony’s wrists firmly in his hands and pushed them over Tony’s head. “Is this obedience? Is it submission?” he demanded roughly.




“You’re wearing my collar,” Gibbs growled. “You’re not a probie any more. You know what I want – I’ve spent all week teaching you. Tell me what you’ve learned.”


“Uh…” Tony wished he could think clearly, but all he could think about was being naked and totally powerless in Gibbs’s grasp. Gibbs had always been highly dominant, but now Tony was aware just how much he’d been reining it in.


“Uh…” Gibbs forced his wrists down into the pillows and leaned over him, forcing him to focus. “Right…uh…rule number one – always obey you. Rule number two – don’t lie to you. Rule number three – don’t keep you waiting. Rule number four – no attitude. Rule number five…” His voice broke. Gibbs was looking down at him like he was about to tear him open with just his teeth and swallow him whole.


“Rule number five…nobody can touch me except you,” Tony said hoarsely. “Rule number six – no wheedling.”


“And the cardinal rule?”


“The cardinal rule – I belong…I belong to you.” He blinked, the realisation suddenly seeping into his consciousness and settling in his stomach, warm and comforting. “I belong to you,” he repeated. “I belong – to you.” He couldn’t keep the note of wonder out of his voice.


“Remember them,” Gibbs growled. “Now close your eyes.”


Tony did so, immediately and without question this time. Gibbs could do whatever he liked to him. He belonged to Gibbs. Finally, he *belonged*.


He felt Gibbs fastening the blindfold over his eyes, taking him down into blackness. Then he felt Gibbs’s hands on his wrists. He couldn’t see what Gibbs was doing exactly, but he heard a clinking sound, felt a tugging sensation on the D ring of one of the cuffs, and then his left arm was immobilised above his head. He guessed it had been fastened to the iron bedpost with some kind of chain. The same thing happened to his right arm.


Next, Gibbs pulled Tony’s legs so that they were wide apart, and then they too were tied fast. Now he was staked out, totally immobile. Tony tried tugging on his bonds, but Gibbs had been his usual efficient self and there was no chance of escape. Tony wasn’t sure if he was scared or reassured by that.


“Submit,” a voice whispered in his ear, and he jumped.


“Trying,” he muttered feebly.


“You’ll submit,” Gibbs told him confidently. “I’m gonna take you right down, Tony, break you in, make you give everything up to me. And *then* I’m gonna fuck you. Remember – you can come when my cock is in your ass, but only then. So if you don’t get off during that time, too late. Come before then, and I’ll punish you – hard. Your body belongs to me now, and it’ll do what I want when I want – and it only gets off when I give it permission. Understood?”


“Yes, Boss,” Tony whimpered. His cock was now rock hard.


“What’s your safe word?”




“Good. Another time I’ll gag you, but not tonight. Tonight I want you to focus on the fact your body belongs to me now, so I’m gonna remove another distraction.


Tony felt something being pulled over his head – and then everything went silent. He was aware of some kind of padded material against his ears, cutting out all sound.


His world was transformed. He couldn’t see or hear anything, and his arms and legs were securely fastened so that he couldn’t move, either.


He was naked, bound, blindfolded, and helpless – and entirely at Gibbs’s mercy.






Gibbs took a step back and surveyed his sub. Christ, Tony looked so damn good like this. His oiled body was glistening in the candlelight, long limbs tied to all four corners of the bed. Gibbs took a moment to just enjoy the sight, drinking in the dappled golden brown tones of Tony’s skin, and the thick covering of hair on his upper chest, narrowing down to a point leading to his groin…which was completely smooth. Tony’s hard cock was standing up, stiff and ready, and his balls were pink and ripe beneath.


Gibbs took a couple of deep breaths. He longed to go down and take Tony’s cock in his mouth, but that would have to wait. He wanted to take his time over this.


He undressed slowly, giving his sub plenty of time to get used to his newly helpless state. He wanted Tony to go into himself and really experience his own submission. He finished undressing and stood there, naked, his own cock as hard as Tony’s. Then he went over to the nightstand and quietly arranged all the equipment he wanted to use. Finally, he turned back to Tony and surveyed him again.


God, it had been so long since he’d had a sub to play with like this – and he’d never had one tied up naked to his own bed. He’d never allowed it to happen before. Now he had his own collared submissive, willing and trussed up, waiting for him.


His gaze raked over the black leather collar around Tony’s throat, and the sight turned him on so much he decided that before anything else he had to fuck Tony’s mouth, just to relieve the tension. He was sure that he’d be able to come again later on this evening, while riding Tony’s tight ass. He might not be a horny teenager any more, but he had no doubt at all that the presence of his newly collared sub in his bed would be enough to keep his libido ignited all night long. Besides, he needed to concentrate, and he didn’t think he’d be able to while he was this hard and turned on.


He knelt on the bed, straddled his sub, and took Tony’s face firmly in his hands. Tony jumped, like a startled animal, and Gibbs stroked his hair for a few seconds, gentling him. He wasn’t surprised that Tony was jittery. This was all new to him, and he wasn’t used to the sensory deprivation or the sense of helplessness that it created. He would take Tony slowly down, until his sub accepted that Gibbs was in charge now, and his own body was no longer within his control.


Gibbs raised Tony’s head by placing several pillows under his neck and shoulders, and then he leaned over him, opened Tony’s mouth with his thumb, and slid his hard cock between his sub’s lips. Tony made a muffled little sound and tried to suck down, but Gibbs didn’t want that tonight. He made it clear that he didn’t expect Tony to serve him in any other way than by keeping his mouth open and taking what he was given.


Gibbs rocked his thighs back and forth, thrusting forcefully into Tony’s mouth. It felt so warm and good around his cock, and the situation was so arousing that Gibbs was soon ready to come. He sank his hand into Tony’s hair and thrust faster and harder, his balls pounding against Tony’s chin, his cock hitting the back of Tony’s throat, making him splutter occasionally.


Gibbs withdrew just before he came, and instead of spurting his come down Tony’s throat, he deliberately ejaculated onto his sub’s chin and chest instead. The thick, pearly liquid splashed onto Tony’s naked body, making Gibbs grin. He’d already marked Tony’s neck with his bites and his ass with his cane – now he had marked his body with his come. He’d leave it on his sub all evening – he was sure the lesson wouldn’t be lost on Tony.


Tony was the territory he was marking.






Tony lay there, shocked, unable to move as his dom’s warm come cooled on his body. He had no doubt that the move was deliberate on Gibbs’s part. It shouldn’t be such a turn on, but it was, damn it!


Tony’s breathing was coming in fast, shallow pants, nervy and over-excited. He wasn’t sure where Gibbs was, and he started to panic, thinking that his top might have left the room. He pulled on the cuffs desperately, a handful of work cases coming to mind: a mechanic, tied to the bed by his girlfriend while she went to work on a prototype robotic jeep – and was murdered, never to return. The girl tied to the bed in a hotel room, found by the maid, her boyfriend killed in an accident. It had been her false accusation of rape that had caused Tony to end up at Bethesda with the pneumonic plague. He gave an involuntary cough as he remembered that and pulled frantically on the cuffs, his fears of abandonment spiralling out of control.


“Boss…you there? Boss!”


He felt a steady hand on his hair, stroking firmly. Then the wadding around his right ear was lifted.


“I will never leave you alone when you’re in bondage – understand?” Gibbs said, directly into his ear. Tony shivered, suddenly back in that hospital bed at Bethesda, his breath rasping in his aching lungs. Gibbs was saying something to him. Something important. Tony felt a sharp tap to his head, snapping him out of it. “Do you understand, Tony?” Gibbs repeated imperatively.


“Yes, Boss,” he replied, feeling a sense of peace settle into the pit of his belly, the way it had at Bethesda four years ago. Gibbs was here. He was fine. He was always fine when Gibbs was here. Gibbs wouldn’t leave him – not when he was in bondage.


“What’s your safe word?” Gibbs asked, his warm breath tickling Tony’s ear.




“And if you can’t speak?” Gibbs prompted.


“I knock my hand three times, Boss.”


“Show me.”


Tony moved his wrist – the chains were tight but there was a little leeway. He could feel the wall behind him, and he knocked on it three times.


“Remember it.”


Tony nodded, trying to slow his anxious, aroused breathing.


“Ssh.” He felt a hand come to rest, flat, on his chest, over his heart. “Deep breaths. Slower, Tony…that’s it – listen to your own heartbeat…ssh…ssh…ssh…”


Gibbs was speaking in time to the rhythm of Tony’s thudding heart. Tony’s breathing slowed, and he started to feel calmer. He was Gibbs’s sub, tied to Gibbs’s bed – this was his wet dream, and he wanted to enjoy every single second of it. Gibbs’s hand remained there for a little while, until his anxiety waned.


“Good. Ready for more?” Gibbs asked.


“Yes, Boss,” Tony replied. “Please,” he added, trying to keep the pathetic begging tone out of his voice.


“Okay. You get distressed again then use your safe word – that’s what it’s for,” Gibbs told him firmly.


“Got it, Boss.”


A second later, the wadding was replaced over his ear and silence reigned once more.


Tony concentrated on his own heartbeat, the way Gibbs had just taught him. It was the only thing he could hear, and it filled his whole being.


Thud-thud-thud…what would happen next? Thud-thud-thud…where was Gibbs right now? In the room somewhere – he’d promised that – but where? Tony strained every nerve in his body trying to get a fix on his top, but he had no idea where he was. Gibbs could sneak up on him completely soundlessly even when he wasn’t blindfolded, handcuffed and deaf, so there was absolutely no chance that Tony would get a fix on him in this condition.


Tony took a deep breath and concentrated on his heartbeat again. Thud-thud-thud. He was lying here, naked, helpless and totally at Gibbs’s mercy – what was Gibbs going to do to him next?


Something warm fixed itself around his left nipple, and he cried out and almost jumped off the bed. Strong hands stroked his body, calming him, gentling him, and then he felt Gibbs’s lips sucking on his nipple again. It felt so good. Gibbs sucked and licked for awhile and then pulled his warm mouth away. Tony whimpered at the loss. A second later that mouth was sucking his other nipple, sending little tidal waves of arousal straight to Tony’s cock.


“Can’t come…can’t come…” he chanted out loud. He knew Gibbs was able to hear him, but he didn’t care.


Gibbs’s mouth trailed wetly down his body in the direction of his groin.


“Can’t come…can’t come…” Tony repeated, his voice rising in pitch as Gibbs made his way inexorably down towards his genitals. “Can’t…can’t…CAN’T!”


His dom’s lips slid over his hard cock, making him scream.


“No…please…please…” Tony whimpered, pulling on his bonds helplessly. He wanted to push Gibbs away, wanted that tormenting mouth to leave his cock alone because he wasn’t sure he could hold on. It felt so good.


“Please, Gibbs…please,” he said hoarsely. “Please, please, please…”


Gibbs’s mouth expertly caressed his aroused flesh, and Tony realised, with a little spike of surprise, that he’d done this before.




If anything was designed to distract him from his own orgasm, it was thoughts of his predecessor. Tony relaxed into the mattress. At least Stan was good for something.


He tried to just lie there and take it, but it was so hard. Gibbs was so good at this. Gibbs’s lips continued their evil work, sending Tony’s arousal soaring again, and Tony clenched his hands into fists.


“Bastard,” he hissed, as Gibbs swallowed him whole into his warm mouth. “Bastard, bastard, bastard…”


Gibbs drew back and lapped at the tip of Tony’s cock with his tongue. Tony wished he wasn’t blindfolded – the thought of actually *seeing* Gibbs giving him head was such an incredible turn on.


Then, thankfully, Gibbs’s mouth was gone. Tony lay there, shaking in the aftermath of his struggle not to come.


“Bastard!” he yelled again at the room. He had a suspicion that he could hear Gibbs laughing even through the wadding over his ears, but that might just have been his imagination.


A second later, something very hot landed on his belly.


“SHIT!” he screamed, shocked by the sudden spike of sensation.


He felt the candle wax drying on his skin and wriggled desperately, wondering where the next drop would fall. Where was Gibbs? If he could figure that out, then maybe he could turn his body to at least protect his most vulnerable areas…


Another droplet fell on his lower abdomen, and he gave a hoarse yell, twisting on the bed. Before he’d had a chance to recover, another fell on his thigh, and then another – this time on his chest.


“No…no, please no more…” he begged. “Please, please…”


He would have given anything for the torment to stop – and anything for it to continue. He was poised along the fault-line of his own opposing needs, each of them as strong as the other. He hated this – and he loved it.


He whimpered pathetically, feeling the sweat break out on his body as he fought his own internal battle. Gibbs seemed to sense his dilemma because he stepped up the pace, showing Tony no mercy. Then again, Tony was dimly aware that the last person you’d ever expect mercy from was Gibbs.


Now those droplets of wax rained down on him – they splattered onto his arms, his legs, and his torso, coming faster and faster, and then…one touched his hard cock, and then another, and another, and he was screaming in earnest now, bucking up off the bed as much as his bonds would allow.


He was panting and pleading, the sweat pouring off him in rivulets… Christ, how could anything hurt so bad and feel so damn good at the same time?


Time slowed, and Tony felt himself going deeper and deeper into his sub space. There was just him and Gibbs. He was Gibbs’s sub – his body was Gibbs’s plaything, and if this was how Gibbs wanted to play with him, then Tony had no choice but to accept.


The fiery torture suddenly stopped. A cool washcloth soothed his skin, wiping off the worst of the wax. He felt one of those firm hands smooth his hair back from his sweaty forehead, and the washcloth was wiped there too. He leaned into the caress, turning his face so that he could touch Gibbs’s hand with his lips and bestow a kiss on it.


Tony felt an overwhelming mix of emotions: gratitude, pleasure, fear, awe…they were all jumbled up together. He had never experienced anything so intense in his life.


He was being played by a master.






Gibbs looked down on his sub with a sense of astonishment. Stan had been a very satisfying sub to play with, and Jenny had been turbulent and exciting – but Tony – he was in a different league entirely. His body was so responsive, and his struggle to surrender so enticing. Playing with him for the past half hour had been exhilarating – but it was that little kiss on his hand that took it beyond playing and touched something deep inside Gibbs.


He left his hand there, and Tony kissed it again. It was such a beautifully submissive gesture.
Unable to help himself, he leaned in and touched his lips to Tony’s, kissing him gently. Tony opened his mouth eagerly, and Gibbs slid his tongue inside. Then he moved his hand, and, without warning, just when Tony was deeply into the kiss, Gibbs squeezed down – hard – on his right nipple. Tony yelled into the kiss, the way he’d done when Gibbs had made him wear his clamps. It felt so good to make him take it – to kiss him hard and pinch his nipple hard at the same time, swallowing his screams.


Gibbs made it count, kissing and pinching for a long time, releasing his hold momentarily only to squeeze down hard again a second later. Tony’s body trembled beneath him in a way that satisfied some deeply dominant instinct in Gibbs.


He drew back and looked down on his sub. Tony’s body was covered in a mixture of oil, sweat, wax, water and semen. His flanks were heaving, and his breath was coming in hard gasps. Gibbs had worked him hard, getting him used to the feel of his new shackles and the fact that he was now owned. He was breaking him in, slowly but surely, but they weren’t there yet.


He ran a finger down Tony’s hairy chest, enjoying the way Tony’s breathing hitched in anticipation as he inched down towards his groin. Tony’s cock had remained hard throughout – even when having hot wax dripped on it. Gibbs was impressed – and pleased that his techniques were working so well.


He liked the mixture of pleasure and pain; soft and hard; good cop and bad cop both wrapped up together in one package. The combination certainly seemed to work on Tony – always had, now that he thought about it.


He squeezed some lube into the palm of his hand and lay down on the bed beside his sub. Tony’s breathing hitched again as he felt the mattress give, and Gibbs soothed him with a kiss to the side of his face.


Then he palmed Tony’s hard cock. Tony gave another of those little strangled shouts. Gibbs let him enjoy the pleasure of it for a few seconds, and then he dipped his head and took Tony’s nearest nipple between his teeth and pulled back hard. Tony yelled and thrashed around on the bed while Gibbs worked his cock relentlessly in his hand, tormenting Tony’s nipple at the same time. He bit down harder, making it really count, while giving Tony the best hand job of his life. His sub was now quivering all over with the combination of pleasure and pain, his reactions open and honest. This, at least, was the real Tony – the part of himself that he couldn’t hide, even if he wanted to.


Gibbs continued biting down, listening to Tony whimper, and then he released the tortured nub of flesh and licked it gently instead, warming, soothing and arousing. Tony moaned, his body loosening as the torture ended – and at that point Gibbs moved his hand off his sub’s cock, took hold of his balls, and pulled down hard.


Tony screamed again, his body almost leaving the bed before his bonds yanked him back down. Gibbs kept up the two sensations – the gentle, erotic sucking on Tony’s engorged nipples, combined with the harsh squeezing and tugging on his balls. He continued until he was sure that Tony understood that he couldn’t have one sensation without the other. The pleasure and the pain went together – and Gibbs was the one who got to hand them both out. All Tony had to do was accept.


They were so nearly there now – Tony was so close to true surrender that Gibbs could taste it. Tony was standing on the edge, and Gibbs just needed to tip him over into total submission.


He wouldn’t do that by more sexual torture – Tony had endured enough of that for one evening. No, he’d stand by the paddock fence and lure him over with a carrot instead.


Gibbs unclipped the chains attached to Tony’s cuffs, freeing his hands and legs. Then he removed the ear muffs, but not the blindfold.


“Onto your stomach,” he ordered. Tony moved immediately, rolling over onto his belly. “Lift your hips.”


Gibbs pushed a couple of pillows under Tony’s groin. Then he parted Tony’s legs – wide – exposing his asshole. Gibbs sat down on the bed, lubricated his finger, and then put a hand on Tony’s buttocks. Tony was quivering again in anticipation.


Not yet, Gibbs thought to himself. Nearly – but not yet. He slid his finger into Tony’s hole. It was tighter than it had been, but he suspected that was nerves. He stroked his free hand over Tony’s ripe, taut, buttocks. The skin was a pale golden colour, and he could just about make out the faded lines from Tony’s encounter with the cane. Gibbs stroked him gently, stretching his hole with his fingers.


Just when he felt that Tony was starting to bliss out from the sensation, he moved forward, and, without warning, he sank his teeth into Tony’s ass cheek.


Tony clenched the sheets in his hands, whimpering beneath the bite. Gibbs continued to work his fingers into Tony’s hole while he bit down hard on his butt. Then, finally, he drew back and surveyed his handiwork.


“Very nice.” He stroked his fingers over the red indentation. “My marks look good on you, Tony. Now – are you ready for me?”


Tony nodded blearily; Gibbs could see that he was deeply in his sub space.


“Who do you belong to?” Gibbs demanded, one hand continuing to caress the bite mark, the other still buried deep inside Tony’s ass.


“You, Boss,” Tony replied immediately.


“Good. I want you to lie there and think about this hole…” Gibbs wiggled his fingers inside it. “And the fact that it’s mine. When I think you’re ready, I’m gonna fuck you hard. Think you can take me?”


“Yes, Boss. Please,” Tony said, in a voice barely more than a whimper.


“Just lie there and think about the fact that you’re my sub, and your body belongs to me,” Gibbs said, in a low growl. “Think about this hole…” he moved his fingers again. “And about how I’m gonna use it the way it should be used, because it belongs to me now. Understood?”


“Yes, Boss. Yours. Got it.”


“Good.” Gibbs removed his fingers and got up. He was so close. So incredibly close. He felt the blood in his body thrumming with satisfaction. He was deeply in his dominant headspace, and here, lying naked and wanton on his bed, was his sub. His 24/7 sub. The man he’d wanted for eight years and was now, finally, on the verge of making his own, once and for all. His cock got hard again just from thinking about it.


Tony looked magnificent in the dappled candlelight. His legs were stretched out, his ass raised high, his body trembling as he awaited his fate. Gibbs enjoyed the sight, his cock swelling in anticipation as his gaze fell on Tony’s ripe, round, marked buttocks, and the dark, inviting hole between them.


As he looked, Tony lifted his ass up in invitation. This was the moment Gibbs had been waiting for. This was the time of Tony’s total surrender. He was standing in the field, head down, flanks heaving, saddle on his back, waiting to be ridden. And Gibbs sure as hell intended to ride him – and ride him hard.








Tony’s breathing quickened – he could *feel* Gibbs’s gaze on him, and he quivered in anticipation. Gibbs had slowly taken him further and further into his own submissive headspace, and now his body was humming. He was naked and blindfolded, his legs spread open and his asshole exposed, and all he could think about was taking Gibbs’s big cock into his body and being fucked. It was all he wanted. His entire existence seemed to have narrowed down to this one point in time.


He heard Gibbs move towards him and held his breath, waiting to feel his dom’s hands on his buttocks, expecting Gibbs to wrench them apart and sink himself straight in – but he didn’t. Gibbs stopped beside the bed.


“Turn over,” he ordered.


Tony didn’t whimper or protest – he was too deep in his sub space for that. He just did as he was told and turned onto his back. His cock was still rock hard and had been for most of the evening.


He felt Gibbs pull the pillows out, and then he rearranged them under Tony’s shoulders. He felt the mattress give and then felt Gibbs straddling him again.


Strong hands touched the side of his face. “Removing the blindfold,” Gibbs told him, in a low, gruff voice. “So you can see what’s gonna fuck you.”


Tony sat up eagerly. He’d wanted to see Gibbs’s monster cock ever since he’d first taken it in his mouth. It felt large, and he’d imagined that it was dark, pulsing and meaty, but he longed to see it for himself.


The blindfold was unbuckled, then removed, and Tony opened his eyes to see Gibbs throwing it onto the floor.


“Eyes up here,” Gibbs ordered, gesturing to his face.


Tony met his dom’s gaze – and then did a double take: Gibbs didn’t look anything like he did at work every day. There was something terrifyingly in the moment about him. He was never the kind of guy who would take any shit from anyone, but right now he was at his most dangerous. His every movement was tautly controlled, full of pent-up sexual energy. His blue eyes were steely and more focussed than Tony had ever seen them – and all that control, sexual energy and focus were directed straight at Tony.


Gibbs was completely naked – Tony didn’t dare allow his gaze to drop too low, but what he could see of his dom’s chest was pretty damn good. Gibbs had a strong pair of shoulders, and his chest was covered in fine silver grey curls of hair. His upper arms were toned rather than solidly muscled, but Tony knew that was deceptive; Gibbs felt like he was built of pure steel, and he was the strongest guy Tony knew.


Gibbs pushed Tony back into the pillows and then loomed over him. He put his hands on the wall behind Tony, capturing him within the prison of his arms. Tony gazed up at him, spellbound. Gibbs angled his head down and kissed Tony on the lips. Tony felt like some kind of helpless animal being nuzzled by a vicious wolf prior to being eaten.


Tony surrendered to being kissed until he was boneless and breathless. He was deeply aware of Gibbs’s naked body pressed against his own and of Gibbs’s erection digging into his belly.


Gibbs drew back. “Give me your hand.”


Tony had no idea what was going to happen next, but he obeyed immediately, without question, still keeping his gaze locked on his dom’s face.


Gibbs reached for something on the night stand. He took hold of Tony’s wrist, turned his palm face up, and squeezed something wet and slippery onto his hand. Then he placed Tony’s lube-covered hand on his hard cock.


“Get me ready for you,” he ordered.


Tony didn’t need any further prompting. He moved his hand up and down that thick, hard shaft, relishing the feel of smooth skin stretched tight over what felt like pure iron.


Gibbs grinned down on him as he worked, their gazes still locked. Tony didn’t dare look away, even for a second. He moved his hand rhythmically, using the knowledge of what he liked doing to himself to make it as good as possible for Gibbs. It seemed to be working – a little vein started thrumming in Gibbs’s forehead, and his breathing was coming faster and harder.
Tony grinned back at him, enjoying the connection, and Gibbs laughed and leaned in for another kiss.


When he drew back, he pulled out of Tony’s hand.


“Good boy. You’ve done well tonight, Tony. You ready to be fucked now?”


“Yes, Boss.” Tony barely breathed the words.


Gibbs rose up on his knees in front of him, and Tony got his first sight of his dom’s cock. It wasn’t how he’d expected – he’d expected it to be a blunt instrument maybe, meaty but not especially pretty – but he was surprised. Like Gibbs’s artistic, creative hands, his cock seemed at odds with the character of the man. It was long and thick – Tony had been right about that – but it was also surprisingly beautiful. It jutted out, vigorous and strong, from the wiry hair at Gibbs’s groin. It was cut, very smooth, and it had an almost elegant curve to it. None of that took away from its promise of raw power.


“Take a good look,” Gibbs told him. “Keeping it happy is pretty much in your job description from now on, DiNozzo.”


“Yes, Boss.” Tony couldn’t do anything other than grin at that. “Sounds like my kind of job description!”


Gibbs didn’t give him even a glimmer of a smile in return; the look on his face was intent and predatory. “I want you on your back when I fuck you, ’cause I want to see the expression in your eyes when it goes in. I want to see the surrender, Tony, so don’t hold back.”


“No, Boss.” Tony didn’t think he could if he tried.


“Other times, I’ll put you against the wall, or over the back of the couch, or the kitchen table, or on your hands and knees, and take you from behind – but first time, I want to see you.”


Gibbs slid down the bed, and Tony forced himself to lie back and relax against the piled pillows.


“Remember – you can come any time you like while I’m in you – but don’t leave it too long because once I’m done, it’s too late,” Gibbs warned him.


Tony nodded. Thank God! It had been a very long week, and Tony hadn’t gone this long without either jerking off or having sex since he was a teenager.


Gibbs positioned himself between Tony’s open legs and placed his hands under Tony’s buttocks. Then he pulled them apart, stretching Tony impossibly wide. Finally, he nudged his hard cock against Tony’s hole. Tony tensed in anticipation.


“Stop that,” Gibbs ordered, tapping his hip.


“Yes, Boss,” Tony said immediately.


Gibbs took Tony’s hard cock in his hand and played with it gently, and eventually Tony calmed down and relaxed again. That was when Gibbs moved – pushing forwards without warning, thrusting his cock into the tight ring of muscle in Tony’s ass. Tony gave a startled shout, taken by surprise, but by then it was too late and the tip of his dom’s cock was already lodged inside him. It felt completely different to the butt plug – it was thicker for a start – but also it felt much nicer. It was warm, pulsing skin, instead of cool, impersonal rubber.


Tony took a few deep breaths. It felt like he was being split in two, but he didn’t dislike the sensation. It was hard to take, but it was also strangely satisfying. He realised Gibbs was looking down at him, one eyebrow quirked, watching his reaction intently. Tony relaxed back into the pillows.


“More please, Boss,” he said softly. “I’m yours – fuck me.”


Gibbs didn’t need any more encouragement. He reached out, took one of Tony’s hands in his own, and pushed it back up the bed. As he did so he surged forward, pushing his stiff, thick cock deep into Tony’s body, burying himself in him up to the hilt. Tony’s eyes watered, and he tried to twist, to push Gibbs off him. It all felt too much – he couldn’t take it.


“Please…oh God…please…”


That massive cock was filling him completely, stretching him more than he thought he could stand, and Gibbs was now lying on top of him, one hand still twined in Tony’s, pushing it into the pillows. Gibbs’s blue eyes were close now – pinning him down with their intensity.


“Take it…ssh, relax…just take it,” Gibbs murmured, squeezing Tony’s hand reassuringly. Tony tried, but it was so hard. He could feel the sweat trickling into his eyes and blinked it away.


“So big…fuck…” Tony shifted his hips, and felt Gibbs’s weight settling on him more comfortably. He breathed in, surprised to find the sensation becoming more bearable with each passing second.


“You’ll get used to it,” Gibbs told him, lying on him, unmoving, while Tony tried to adjust to the weight and feel of him.


Gibbs lay there for a long time, until gradually Tony became accustomed to the sensation of having that massive cock lodged deep inside his ass. Tony was sure that he could actually feel it pulsing inside him – he’d had no idea it would be this intense.


As he lay there, Gibbs leaned in and kissed him again, and Tony opened up eagerly. He wasn’t sure he could handle Gibbs and his monster cock, but he wanted to. The kiss helped – it was reassuring and calming.


Then Gibbs drew back, and Tony began whimpering in anticipation.


“No…please…don’t move…” he begged, but Gibbs ignored him. He inched his hips back and then slowly, smoothly, slid them forward again.


It was an unbelievable sensation. Tony’s hole was burning from the intrusion, but he was aware of a little tingling of pleasure too. Gibbs moved again, riding him with long, effortless, carefully timed thrusts that made Tony envy the man’s control.


“Christ…you feel so damn good,” Gibbs hissed, looking down on him. “I’m gonna dream about doing this when we’re sitting at work next week – I’m gonna fantasise about riding this hot, tight, sweet ass.”


Tony glowed with pleasure. It still hurt, having something this big in him, but that little tingle of pleasure was spiking more frequently now, sparking into life with every deep, inward thrust.


Gibbs was still going slowly, moving his hips with precision, holding Tony pinned down beneath him as he rode him.


“More, Tony,” Gibbs told him. “I want to go faster and harder, and you need to open up more to make that easy.”


“I can’t give you any more than this!” Tony replied hoarsely. “You’ve got me stretched as wide as I go!”


Gibbs glared at him. “No – you’re still holding back. Surrender to me, Tony,” he demanded, with another smooth thrust of his hips. “Cause I’m only playing at the moment – in a minute it’s gonna get serious. I want to ride you into this mattress so submit. Let it happen.”


Tony gazed up at him blankly. He had no idea what more Gibbs wanted from him. He tried to relax, willing all the muscles in his body to loosen. He was transfixed by the sight of Gibbs moving above him, by the veins standing out on either side of his neck, the sweat on his forehead, and, most of all, by the intensity in those blue eyes as they demanded his surrender.


He was hit by the sudden realisation that they were here, doing this. After eight years of playing around at being dominant and submissive at work, now they were really living it. He’d been tied, teased, and tormented all evening, and now his dom was asking that he take the final step, and give in completely.


Tony allowed himself to relax back in the pillows. He was Gibbs’s sub. His dom wanted to ride him hard and fast, and Tony had to surrender. Whenever Gibbs demanded his best at work, Tony always gave it to him. This was no different.


He felt his body suddenly release, and he knew then that he *had* been holding back, trying to keep some control in all this, and that just wasn’t possible with a dom like Gibbs. Gibbs sensed the change immediately, and his face split into a grin.


“That’s it, Tony – more, more, give it up to me – give it all up…”


Tony felt something click into place his head. He was the submissive – all he had to do was *submit* – and allow Gibbs his rightful place in his life – and in his body. Then, suddenly, it was so easy. Gibbs moved up a gear, pushing into him harder and faster, and Tony’s body somehow stretched to accommodate the force of his dom’s thrusts.


Gibbs’s eyes glowed. “Submit…that’s it…that’s good…you’re mine now, Tony. Mine,” he insisted fiercely as he rode Tony hard. He didn’t hold back, either – he still exhibited that same degree of control, but now it was as targeted as a missile. He was Tony’s dom, and he was claiming his submissive for the first time.


Tony was no longer capable of coherent thought – he was just sensation, mesmerised by the fierce look of ownership in Gibbs’s blue eyes. He belonged to Gibbs – body and soul. He was owned by this man riding him so hard – and it felt amazing. Stars exploded in his head, and he looked up at Gibbs in astonishment.


“Good?” Gibbs looked amused.


“Fantastic,” Tony breathed. Gibbs angled in hard again and another wave of fireworks went off inside Tony’s body, sending sparks of pleasure flying up his nerve endings. “Oh my God!” he yelled.


“Anything you want to do before I’m done?” Gibbs asked. Tony stared at him – what did he mean? “Hell, you’re out of it. I’ll make it simple for you.”


Gibbs wrapped his hand around Tony’s hard cock which pulsed immediately into life. Gibbs fisted Tony’s cock in time to his own deep inward thrusts, making Tony gasp as the friction took him over the edge. Next thing he knew he was coming – and coming and coming and coming – in one burst after another.


Gibbs didn’t stop – he took Tony’s orgasm in his stride and continued riding him long after Tony had finished recovering from his first wave of pleasure. Tony lay there, watching his dom fucking him. He felt hazy and disconnected. He could see droplets of sweat running down Gibb’s neck and gazed at them as if from a great distance, fascinated. Several mini-shockwaves of intense pleasure followed on from his orgasm; Tony lay there and enjoyed every single one of them while Gibbs continued to thrust into him, harder and faster than ever now.


Then Gibbs gave a mighty growl and his body convulsed as he shot his load deep inside Tony’s ass. He slowed, sweat beading his brow and lacing the little curls of hair on his chest, making them glitter in the candlelight.


He hung there, breathing heavily, gazing down on Tony with a brooding, inscrutable look. Tony gazed up at him, transfixed. Then Gibbs moved his head and captured Tony’s mouth in a deep kiss of victory. Tony offered up everything in that kiss, surrendering completely to his dom’s will. Gibbs had conquered him and made him his own, and now he was enjoying his moment of triumph. Gibbs kissed him for a long time; forceful, dominant, and yet strangely tender.


Then, at last, he drew back. He pulled slowly out of Tony’s body, and Tony gave a gasp of combined discomfort and loss. He could feel Gibbs’s come seeping out of his now stretched hole as he lay there, legs still wide open, feeling totally and comprehensively fucked.


Gibbs was gone for awhile. He returned with a wash cloth, and next thing Tony knew he was being cleaned up. The dried come on his chest, the fresh come in his ass and on his thighs, the remains of the candle wax, the sweat…Gibbs wiped them all off his skin, smoothly and efficiently. Tony must have zoned out again because next thing he knew, Gibbs was nudging him.


“How d’you feel?”


“Mmmmm,” Tony replied.


“Sore?” Gibbs asked.


Tony tried to think about it. His ass felt like a battering ram had been stuck up it, but his entire body was thrumming with wellbeing. He did feel sore, but he also felt a happiness that went soul deep.


“Yeah.” He smiled up at Gibbs. “Sore. But great. You fucked me, Boss!”


Gibbs laughed out loud. “Oh yeah, Tony. I fucked you good.”


“Earth move for you too?” Tony yawned.


“Hell yeah!” Tony closed his eyes, still smiling. Gibbs nudged him again. “You have a choice to make, Tony.”


“Wha…?” Tony gazed at him blearily.


“You can sleep in my bed, or you can sleep on the mattress on the floor.”


“Bed please,” Tony muttered, moving over to give Gibbs room to get in beside him. That one had been a no-brainer.


Gibbs chuckled. “Not so fast. There are conditions.”


“Mmmm?” Tony blinked at him.


Gibbs took his head between his hands, making him concentrate. “You can sleep in my bed whenever you want, but when you do, you sleep in bondage.”


Tony frowned, wondering what he meant. Gibbs picked up a length of chain, fastened it to the collar around Tony’s neck, and then to the bedpost. Then he clipped Tony’s wrist cuffs together and attached them to the bedpost by the chain as well. It was loose and fairly comfortable, but Tony could see he wouldn’t have much freedom to move. His hands were tied together and the short length of the chain meant he pretty much had to lie on his side and keep them resting on the pillow.


“I won’t lock you in – if you need to go to the bathroom, or if there’s an emergency, you can just unclip them,” Gibbs said, demonstrating. “But if you sleep in my bed then you sleep in chains. I won’t chain your legs – might want to push them apart in the night and fuck you.”


Gibbs grinned, and Tony grinned back at him tiredly. “Fuck me,” he repeated stupidly. “Sounds good.” He felt his eyes closing again, and then he snapped them open in surprise as Gibbs tapped the top of his head – hard.


“You listening to me?” Gibbs demanded. “I’m not just talking about tonight – any time you want to sleep in my bed then you’re in bondage. Got it?”


“Got it, Boss.” Tony nodded lazily, yawning again.


“Still want to sleep in my bed tonight?”


Tony looked at him as if he was insane. “Hell yes!”


Gibbs rolled his eyes, but there was a little grin tugging at the corners of his mouth all the same. “Just so we’re clear.”


He got into the bed beside Tony and pulled the sheets over them both. Tony was facing away from him, and he couldn’t move into any other position in his bondage – there wasn’t enough give in the chains. A second later he felt Gibbs slide up close behind him – so close that he could feel Gibbs’s cock nestling against his butt cheeks. Gibbs’s hand came to rest, protectively, on his hip, and he could feel Gibbs’s chin on his shoulder and the warmth of Gibbs’s breath on the back of his neck. Gibbs kissed him there, and Tony smiled happily and snuggled back against his dom.


“Think I love you, Boss,” he said sleepily.


There was silence behind him, and he realised that this was the first time he’d used the word ‘love’. He could have kicked himself. It was way too soon to start talking this way. He knew how much he always hated it when some girl he’d only slept with a couple of times began telling him how much she loved him. Christ, why had it been so hard for him to say it to Jeanne, when it slipped out so easy with Gibbs? He tensed, waiting for Gibbs to move away.


Gibbs didn’t move away though. Instead, he slid his hand down to rest on Tony’s belly and pulled him back tight against his own body. Then he opened up Tony’s butt cheeks and just rested his soft cock between them. It felt so good. So close. Not that Tony could have pulled away if he’d wanted to – but he didn’t want to.


“Sorry, Boss. Shouldn’t have got sappy with you there,” he said.


He felt a slap on the back of his head. “Never say you’re sorry,” Gibbs reminded him.


Tony gave a half grin. “Yeah. Sign of weakness. I know. Letting you tie me up and fuck me isn’t though?” he asked uncertainly


“You kidding? Not many people could take what I threw at you tonight, Tony. That makes you strong, not weak,” Gibbs told him firmly. That made Tony smile some more.


“Okay. Wasn’t sure what it made me – letting you do all that stuff to me and enjoying it so much.” Tony yawned again, feeling beyond exhausted.


Gibbs’s hand tightened against his belly.


“I’ll tell you what it makes you,” he said, straight into Tony’s ear, in a low, fierce voice. Tony hovered on the brink of sleep. “It makes you mine, Tony. My collared, fucked sub. No going back now. You’re all mine.”






Gibbs’s internal body clock woke him at 6 a.m. as usual. He was aware of a sense of completion and wellbeing that he hadn’t felt in years. He was holding a warm body in his arms – the warm body of his 24/7 sub. He felt an immediate surge of pleasure. It had been a tough week, but somehow they’d managed to jump over all the hurdles to end up here, like this.


Gibbs gently disengaged himself from Tony’s body and went into the en suite bathroom to piss. He caught sight of himself in the mirror and stopped, surprised. He never usually paid much attention to his reflection, but on this occasion he couldn’t help but notice how different he looked. He gazed at himself for a long while, trying to pin down what it was – and then he realised: He looked happy. He was relaxed – the tension of eighteen years of loneliness had disappeared from the set of his shoulders and the lines around his eyes.


He relieved himself and then returned to the bedroom. Daylight was flooding in around the edges of the drapes, and he paused by the bed to look at the man lying there. Tony was resting on his side. His hair was a mess, sticking up in a mass of endearingly tousled points. His hands were resting on the pillow – there wasn’t anywhere else they could go, as they were tied together and chained to the bedpost. There was a soft black collar wrapped around his throat – and that, also, was attached to the bedpost. Gibbs felt his cock harden immediately. Tony was his. He was wearing his collar, bound in his chains, and he was lying naked in his bed – and it was such a damn turn on.


Gibbs had always known he wanted a 24/7 sub – Jenny and Stan had just been a taste of the lifestyle, but he hadn’t had a 24/7 relationship with either of them. As a result, he’d never felt that he truly owned either of them. Tony was the real deal.


Gibbs got back into the bed and picked up the tube of lubricant on the nightstand. He squeezed some onto his finger and then slid back into position behind Tony again. He moved his sub’s leg forward, exposing his asshole, and then gently slid his finger inside. Tony was still quite loose after being so well stretched a few hours before. He also clearly had the ability to sleep like the dead as well because he didn’t wake up as Gibbs fingered him.


Gibbs removed his finger and pushed back the sheets so he could take a good look at Tony’s hole. It was a little red, but there was no tearing – he’d prepped his sub too well for that. Gibbs decided that his sub might as well get used to the kind of wake-up call he’d be experiencing from now on.


Gibbs smoothed some lubricant onto his hard cock and then moved in close behind Tony again. He gently spread his sub’s butt cheeks and snubbed his cock against his entrance. Still Tony slept on. Gibbs wondered what it would take to wake him.


“Guess we’re about to find out,” he murmured, resting one hand on Tony’s hip and pulling him back at the same time as thrusting forwards. Tony came to with a bleary “whaaa?” as Gibbs breached the muscle in his ass and surged forward in one smooth, easy motion, until he was buried balls-deep in his sub’s hole.


“Morning, Tony.” Gibbs rested his chin on Tony’s shoulder.


“That’s – oh Christ…you’re in me,” Tony whimpered. He moved his hands and the chains rattled.


“Trying to get away from me?” Gibbs grinned. “Won’t be easy – you’re tied to the bed.”


“No…just…that’s one hell of a wake up call, Boss!”


“Get used to it. I prefer it to the alarm clock,” Gibbs said, bestowing a little kiss on Tony’s shoulder. Then he sucked on the skin, before sinking his teeth in – just hard enough to leave a mark. Tony made a little mewling sound in the back of his throat. “My sub have a problem with his dom’s attention?” Gibbs asked.


“No, Boss. Always pretty much lived for your attention.”


Gibbs grinned – that was definitely the truth. “Well, you’ve got it. Hope it’s not a case of be careful what you wish for.” He moved his hand down to Tony’s groin to find that his sub was already half hard. “Remember the rules,” Gibbs said. He could almost hear the cogs whirring in Tony’s sleepy brain.


“Uh…obey you instantly? Don’t let anyone touch me but you?” Tony hazarded. Gibbs rolled his eyes and moved his hand up to snag one of Tony’s nipples. Tony gave a little yelp.


“You can come when I’m in you – and not any other time. And right now, I’m in you – in case you hadn’t noticed.”


“On it, Boss!” Tony said, sounding suddenly very cheerful. Then: “Uh…Boss?”




“Don’t suppose you’d consider untying my hands, so I can jerk off?”


Gibbs laughed. “Nope. I’m gonna go nice and slow though. See if you can get off without any help from my hand or yours.”


“Boss!” Tony protested. “Haven’t been able to do that since I was eighteen and came in my pants watching Marion Bailey roller skating in an itty bitty pair of tight shorts and a bikini top!”


“Then you’ll have to hold it until I fuck you again,” Gibbs said reasonably.


“Supposing you have my hands tied then too?”


“Then you’ll have to learn how to come without anyone touching your dick, DiNozzo!”


“But, Boss!” Tony whined.


“Tony – you’re my sub. Count yourself damn lucky if I let you come at all,” Gibbs told him firmly.


Tony groaned and thumped his head dramatically on the pillow.


“Aw – poor sub.” Gibbs grinned. Really, playing with Tony was far too much fun.


He decided that it was time to have even more fun. He grasped Tony’s hip hard and began thrusting into him. He went slowly, the way he’d promised. Tony’s hole was so beautifully warm and tight around his hard cock, and it milked him so perfectly, but it was early, and he wanted to take his time. Last night had been so intense and passionate, and Tony had surrendered so sweetly that first time. This morning it was necessary to reinforce the lesson – Tony was his sub, and Gibbs would demand his surrender every time he fucked him, not just the first time.


He could feel Tony trying to rub his cock against the mattress to gain some friction, and he kept his thrusts slow and leisurely – he wanted to give Tony every chance to come if he could.


Tony was panting now, making desperate movements with his hips, but Gibbs thought he’d given him enough time. He loved the sweaty scent of Tony as he rode him and the feel of all that smooth, solid flesh against his body. He loved the sound his balls made as they slapped against Tony’s ass, and the way Tony quivered and mewled as he gathered pace, riding him hard. He came with a growl – and heard Tony give a little whine.


“You done? Please say you’re not done!” Tony panted.


“I’m done.” Gibbs kissed the back of his sub’s neck, just above the collar. Then he withdrew and got out of the bed.


He went around to Tony’s side of the bed and unclipped his cuffs from each other and removed them, leaving the cuffs hanging from the chains attached to the bedpost. Then he unclipped Tony’s collar, freeing him.


Tony turned onto his back and lay there, moaning softly, his hard cock sticking straight up from his body in a way that was almost comical.


“Please, Boss!” Tony begged. “Please let me just…” He moved his hand down towards his cock, but Gibbs intercepted it.


“You know the rules, Tony. Your body belongs to me now. Don’t worry though…” He gave another feral grin. “Somehow I doubt I’ll be able to keep away from that sweet ass of yours now I’ve had a taste of it. So you’ll get another shot at coming pretty damn soon.”


Tony looked up at him pathetically, and Gibbs roared with laughter.


Tony’s eyes narrowed in annoyance. “You sure about that?” he asked. “I mean, do you have the stamina, Boss? You’re not as young as well, me – you think you’ll be able to get it up again any time s…”


Gibbs didn’t give him a chance to finish that sentence. He reached out, grabbed Tony’s arm, flipped him onto his belly, and bestowed several hard spanks on his ass. Tony wriggled under his hand – which Gibbs found entirely too enjoyable. He spanked him for a few seconds before releasing him. Tony rolled over and gazed at him with sparkling eyes, looking energised by the impromptu spanking.


“So…taunting you about your sexual prowess – should I add that to the rules?”


“Nope.” Gibbs shook his head, grinning at his sub. “I don’t mind you doing it – but you might wanna bear in mind the likely consequences if you do.”


“Got it, Boss!” Tony grinned back at him.


“C’mon, DiNozzo. Get in the shower. I want to examine you properly.”


“Examine me?” Tony rolled off the bed and then gave a theatrical wince. “Wow…everything’s sore.”


“Yeah, well, last night was pretty intense. That’s why I want to examine you – see what you’re fit for today.”


“I’m fit for anything you want to do to me, Gibbs.”


“We’ll see.” Gibbs pushed him into the en-suite and then reached up to remove his collar.


Tony put his hands on Gibbs’s wrists, stopping him. “You’re taking it off?” he asked anxiously.


“So it doesn’t get wet in the shower, Tony,” Gibbs explained. “No other reason.”


“Oh. Right.” Tony released a deep breath. “Okay then. You’re gonna put it back on again after, right?”


Gibbs nodded. “Yes, Tony – you’ll be wearing it all weekend. And nothing else.”


“Nothing else?” Tony raised an intrigued eyebrow.


“Nope. We won’t be going out. We won’t be doing anything – except more training and a hell of a lot more fucking.” Gibbs patted Tony’s cheek affectionately. “Gonna bend you over every available surface and fuck you every which way, Tony. Unless you think I’m too old to get it up more than once a day?” He raised a challenging eyebrow.


“No, Boss!” Tony said promptly. “Your cock is not only super-sized, it’s also supersonic and has superhuman powers of recovery. I think on some level I’ve always known this,” he mused.


Gibbs rolled his eyes and pointed at the shower. “Idiot. Get in.”


“Yes, Boss.” Tony hopped into the shower, and Gibbs followed him. It was a big shower – certainly big enough for two tall, broad-shouldered men. “So what’s your secret?” Tony asked curiously as Gibbs got in behind him. Gibbs frowned, wondering what the hell his smart-mouthed sub was babbling on about now. “Is it Viagra?” Tony continued. “‘Cause I’m just saying, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if it is…”


He didn’t get a chance to finish that sentence, either, as Gibbs swung him against the wall and delivered a few more hard spanks to his still glowing ass cheeks.


“Not Viagra then,” Tony said when Gibbs had finished. He glanced over his shoulder at Gibbs and gave him a cheeky grin, and it was then that it hit Gibbs.


“Christ, I think we’ve found a way of doing it.”


“Doing what?”


“Making you cheerful first thing in the morning. Usually you’re so damn moody. I’m gonna have to fuck you awake as often as possible if it means we avoid your surly grunts and tantrums first thing.”


Tony laughed. “Now, you talk about fucking me awake like it’s a *bad* thing, but you and me both know it isn’t…whoa!”


His fingers scrabbled against the tiled wall as Gibbs opened his warm, glowing buttocks and crouched down to get a good look at the interior. He’d been right earlier – Tony definitely wasn’t torn, although he was probably a little sore.


“How does this feel?” he asked, sliding his finger into Tony’s hole. Tony’s breathing hitched.


“It’s fine, Boss.”


Gibbs withdrew his finger and slapped his butt. “No it isn’t. It’s sore. Has to be, because I didn’t go easy on you last night – or this morning.”


Tony sighed. “It is kinda sore, yeah,” he admitted.


“Gonna have to be honest with me, Tony, or I might end up hurting you without realising it.”


“Yes, Boss.” Tony nodded. “Wasn’t really lying though – when you’re in me it feels so good that the soreness goes away. Christ – all these years I had no idea how good that would feel. If more men knew, they’d go gay overnight.”


Gibbs turned on the shower and directed the warm flow of water onto Tony’s hole. Tony relaxed against the wall, sighing happily. Gibbs reached for the soap and gently cleaned Tony out, and then he bent down again and inserted his tongue into the puckered opening. Tony gasped and mewled.


“Can I come if your tongue’s in me?” he panted. “I mean, you said I could come when you’re in me and that’s almost the same thing – right?”




Gibbs continued his work, ignoring Tony’s sigh of disappointment. He rimmed his sub happily, enjoying the warm flow of water that was caressing them both. When he’d finished, he got out of the shower briefly and retrieved some medicated cream from the bathroom cupboard. He returned to the shower and gently applied the cream to Tony’s hole.


“This will take care of the soreness – just give it a couple of hours,” he said soothing it in.


When he was done, he examined Tony’s body, inch by inch. He spent a long time on the task, enjoying handling his sub’s fine body.


He ran his hands over Tony’s back, which was smooth and unmarked, the stripes from last weekend’s whipping having completely disappeared. He gently caressed the bite mark on Tony’s ass cheek with his fingertips, feeling a glow of pride in seeing it there – especially as the cane marks were almost completely gone now.


Then he slid his hands down Tony’s long, solid legs. His sub was pretty hairy – especially on his upper chest and lower legs – but his crotch and ass were both pleasingly smooth.


“Gonna keep you shaved,” Gibbs said approvingly. “It’s a good look on you.”


He swung Tony around and examined his front. The wrap marks on his torso were gone, and the two bite marks on his neck had almost disappeared too. Gibbs rested his fingers where they’d been.


“Need to mark you again,” he said. Tony gazed at him, a mixture of fear and longing evident in his eyes. “Have to keep you marked, DiNozzo,” Gibbs explained. “You’re my sub – I like seeing my marks on you, and it’s good for you too – helps you remember you’re owned.”


“Yes, Boss,” Tony said, in a faint kind of voice. Gibbs noticed his cock was rock hard again. “Don’t always like the marking but like the way it feels having the marks,” Tony explained, glancing down at it.


“Yeah. I know.”


Gibbs soaped his hands and ran them over Tony’s chest. There were a few stray patches of wax he hadn’t managed to wipe off the previous night, and he took care of those. He spent a long time soaping Tony’s nipples, enjoying the way they hardened into points under his caress. Then he ran his hands over Tony’s broad, golden chest and down into his sub’s shaven crotch.


He cleaned Tony’s cock thoroughly, relishing the sensation of having all that hard flesh in his hand. He washed his sub’s balls carefully as well, pulling on them gently, enjoying Tony’s little squawks. He didn’t intend to always spend so much time in the shower with his sub, but he knew the next two days were crucial to Tony’s training – and his sub had to get used to the degree of authority and control his dom had over his body.


“I can wash myself, Boss,” Tony told him, as if reading his thoughts.


“Who does your body belong to, Tony?”


“You, Boss,” Tony replied automatically.


“Then I’ll do what I want to it,” Gibbs told him firmly.


“Yes, Boss.” Tony nodded. “Just feels weird, someone else doing this.”


“Get used to it, Tony. You’re mine now.”


Tony leaned back against the shower wall with another little moan, his cock still standing out hard and proud in front of him. “Could you not say the hot things, Boss?” he sighed. “Only I’m kind of dying here.” He nodded at his cock.


Gibbs grinned at him, and then he crouched down and took Tony’s cock whole into his mouth. Tony gave a hoarse shout and clutched at Gibbs’s hair desperately.


“No! Please…BOSS!”


Gibbs didn’t torment him for too long – just long enough to make sure the message went home. Then he got up, finished in the shower, and got out, leaving Tony still leaning back against the shower wall, moaning softly to himself. Gibbs flung him a towel.


“Finish up, make the bed, and then get your ass downstairs. You’ve got ten.”


“Yes, Boss,” Tony whimpered. “Boss?” he said, as Gibbs reached the door. Gibbs turned back with a raised eyebrow. “You got any anti-Viagra?” Tony asked, gazing down at his hard cock pathetically.


Gibbs was still laughing even by the time he’d got dressed and arrived downstairs in the kitchen five minutes later.






Tony shaved and cleaned his teeth, looking at himself in the mirror. His body ached in a dozen different ways, but somehow he felt *good*. He felt alive. His eyes were glowing, and he felt like he could run a marathon and still have enough energy left over for another vigorous bout of fucking with Gibbs.


“Fucking.” He grinned happily around a mouthful of toothpaste. “Guess you’re not a virgin any more, Anthony.” He got a stupid smile on his face whenever he thought about taking Gibbs’s monster cock into his body. There had been times when he’d doubted that anything that big would fit inside him, but Gibbs had spent the week preparing him well, and his body had definitely enjoyed the experience.


“All these years dancing around each other when we could have been fucking instead,” Tony sighed regretfully.


He finished up and went back into the bedroom to make the bed, as ordered. He glanced down at the mattress on the floor with disdain.


“Won’t be needing you again,” he said happily.


He fingered the chains on the bedpost thoughtfully. Sleeping in bondage should have been at best annoying and at worst unpleasantly restrictive, but he’d had no problem with it. In fact, he’d actively enjoyed it. There was something about being naked, bound, helpless and entirely at Gibbs’s mercy that was a complete turn on. Tony saw his collar lying on the nightstand, and he picked it up and took it with him.


He was whistling to himself as he trotted down the stairs. Gibbs was going to keep him naked and fuck him and play with him all weekend. Life really didn’t get much better than this.


“Well, not without donuts,” Tony said as he entered the kitchen.


“Donuts?” Gibbs raised an eyebrow.


“Just wondering how this could be any more perfect, Boss!”


Gibbs shot him a smile. “No regrets then, Tony? You think you made the right choice?”


“Think? Nope.” Tony shook his head. “I know it, Boss!” He passed Gibbs on his way to the table and pressed a kiss on his dom’s cheek. “Here.” He gave Gibbs his collar. “You forgot this.”


Gibbs rolled his eyes. “You really like wearing it, huh?”


“What do you think?” Tony got down on his knees and looked up at his dom expectantly. “Love how it feels to be collared, Boss,” he said quietly. “Had no idea it would mean so much.”


Gibbs grunted, but Tony thought he looked pretty pleased. He wrapped the collar around Tony’s throat and buckled it. Tony closed his eyes, remembering the previous night and the feeling of being collared for the first time. He didn’t know how one strip of leather could have made such a profound impression on his psyche, but it had. Gibbs took his head between his hands, leaned down, and bestowed a kiss on his forehead.


“Now eat something – idiot.”


Tony opened his eyes, laughing, but he didn’t miss the expression of surprised fondness on his dom’s face.


After breakfast, Gibbs took him down into the basement. Tony sighed – personally he found Gibbs’s obsession with building boats pretty damn boring, but it was an important part of his dom’s life, so he guessed he’d have to learn to live with it.


Gibbs didn’t start work on the boat though. Instead, he rifled through his work bench and sorted through a selection of screws and hooks. When he’d found what he was looking for, he grabbed his hammer and went over to the wall.


“Whatya doing, Boss?” Tony asked, puzzled, as Gibbs began banging something into the wall, at about waist height.


“What does it look like?” Gibbs didn’t pause his hammering to answer the question.


Tony frowned. “Kinda like you’re putting a hook in the wall but in a really weird place. I mean, it’s not exactly high enough to hang a coat from, and…oh…!” Realisation kicked in.


“C’mere.” Gibbs gestured with his head, and Tony went over to the wall. Gibbs grabbed a length of chain from the workbench, clipped it to Tony’s collar, and fastened the other end to the wall.


Then he picked up an old, sawdust-covered cushion from the armchair in the far corner of the basement, threw it on the floor, and pointed to it.




Tony raised an eyebrow.


“Or you could stand,” Gibbs shrugged. “But we’re gonna be down here all morning, so you might want to make yourself comfortable.”


“All morning?” Tony asked, crestfallen. “No more hot sex then?”


Gibbs grinned. “Well, I’m getting kinda old, Tony, and I dunno that I’ll be able to get it up again any time soon. You, on the other hand, are gonna stay hard for me all morning. You shouldn’t have any problem with that though, being, you know, so much younger than me.” He patted Tony’s face cheerfully.


Tony rolled his eyes; he should have known he’d pay for those comments. He sank down onto the cushion as instructed, resigned to his fate. Gibbs glanced down at his semi-erect cock, and Tony found it hardening under the scrutiny – which at least took care of that little problem.


“That’s better, Tony. Now sit there and keep it up. If I look over and it’s drooping, I’ll chalk it up on the board.”


Tony gave a theatrical sigh, but actually he relished the challenge. Gibbs looked down on him.


“Chain gives you enough slack to walk around – not far, but just enough. If you need to stretch, then just get up and do it. If you need to use the bathroom, then unclip yourself and go – make sure you’re back within four minutes, or that’ll go on the chalkboard too.”


Tony sat back against the wall and concentrated his attention on his cock. He loved the impromptu hand spankings Gibbs had given him in the bedroom and shower this morning, but wanted to keep the stroke tally down in his formal discipline sessions as much as possible. Luckily, his cock was happy to help him out on this one, and it didn’t take much to keep it bobbing happily.


Tony glanced over at Gibbs and realised that his dom had moved the unfinished boat against the far wall and was busy working on something else. Something new. Something involving fresh timbers.


“Uh…what you working on there, Boss?”


“You’ll see,” Gibbs replied. He leaned forward, and Tony savoured the sight of his ass filling out his grey sweatpants.


Tony was happy to sit and watch his dom moving around the basement as the new thing – whatever it was – began to take shape in front of him. Tony thought that maybe it was some kind of sail for the boat – it was pretty tall, and it looked like there was a cross beam. He wasn’t an expert on boats, but he could imagine that was what it was.


It took Gibbs a couple of hours, and then he took a step back and surveyed his handiwork happily.


“Looks good, Boss!” Tony said cheerily, head on one side as he tried to work out how the hell it would fit on the boat.


Gibbs laughed. “You have no idea what this is, do you?”


“Nope,” Tony admitted. “Some kind of sail thing for the boat?”


Gibbs snorted, looking highly amused. “Not exactly. Wait here. I’ll get something that might help you figure it out.”


He disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a couple of sets of leather cuffs – not the ones Tony had worn in the night, which had been light and soft, like a second skin. These cuffs were thicker, harder, and more heavy duty. Gibbs also brought a few lengths of chain with him. Tony wondered just how many lengths of chain Gibbs had *bought* at that shop last weekend.


Gibbs attached the cuffs to the structure, and Tony felt his belly flip.


“Uh…is that…?”


“A whipping post? Yup.” Gibbs grinned. “Well, technically speaking, it’s a St Andrew’s Cross.”


It was a more elaborate structure than the one at Murray’s and more expertly crafted too – but not as sophisticated as the one he’d seen in Skinner’s playroom.


Tony’s belly flipped again as he stared at it. It was made in the shape of a large ‘X’, with two crossbeams and a heavy footrest to prevent it falling over under a person’s weight. Gibbs had fastened the cuffs at wrist and ankle height, but there were also hooks on the thing at various other points, presumably to attach chains to his collar and around his waist.


“Of all the doms in the world, I have to fall for the one who can actually make stuff like this with his bare hands,” Tony muttered. He had to admit that the cross looked pretty exciting though. Even more exciting was the fact that Gibbs had made it himself. Tony wasn’t sure why having such a capable dom was a turn on, but it was.


“Let’s see how sturdy it is,” Gibbs said, unclipping him from the wall. He led Tony over to the cross and pushed him face first against it, then fastened the cuffs around his wrists and ankles, locking him in place.


“Uh…you’re not going to actually try it out right now, are you, Boss?”


“Sure I am, Tony.” Gibbs ran a hand over Tony’s naked back and down to his ass – and squeezed. “I could flog you…” Tony shivered as he felt Gibbs’s warm lips trail down his spine. “Or I could whip you…” Tony swallowed hard, his mouth having suddenly gone completely dry. “Or…I could just concentrate on spanking this ass…” Gibbs cupped Tony’s butt cheeks with his hands and began kneading. “Yeah…I think we’ll raise some colour in these cheeks – they’re looking far too pale, Tony. Need to work on them before fucking you again. I like fucking a nice hot ass.”


Tony’s cock gave a little convulsion. “But I haven’t earned any swats on the chalkboard yet, Boss!” he protested.


“I know, Tony.” Gibbs continued fondling his sub’s bottom. “But like I told you before, I can spank you any time I like – no reason required. Besides, those swats are for punishment. This will be for pleasure.”


“Pleasure for whom exactly?” Tony demanded.


Gibbs laughed. “Well, definitely for me. As for you – I’ll warm you up, build it up like I did last weekend at the club. You enjoyed that one, didn’t you?”


“Yes, Boss,” Tony said softly. He had. Gibbs had known just how to stoke him up and take him flying.


“Then relax – wuss.” Gibbs squeezed hard, making Tony whimper again, and then he moved away. He returned with a selection of implements. “Gonna have to make a rack to keep these in,” Gibbs mused as he laid the implements out on the work bench. “Okay, let’s start. I’ll go nice and slow, Tony, take my time. Oh, and feel free to scream if you want. Place is pretty soundproof. Nobody will hear you.”


“Gee, thanks, Boss,” Tony said sarcastically, tugging experimentally on one of the cuffs. It held firm.


Gibbs took a handful of his hair and pulled his head back. “What’s your safe word?”




“Use it if you can’t handle it.”


“I will, Boss.”


Gibbs paused. His hand tightened into a fist in Tony’s hair. “You sure about that, Tony?”


“Yes, Boss. I’ll use my safe word if I can’t handle it. Promise.”


Gibbs gazed at him thoughtfully for a moment, and Tony held his breath, then Gibbs nodded, seemingly convinced. He released Tony and took a step back. Tony craned his head and saw Gibbs pick up the paddle. He braced himself against the cross, steeling himself for the first blow…which fell gently on his ass, barely more than a tap. Tony gave a little yelp in expectation that it had hurt – but in reality it hadn’t done more than caress.


“Hurt that much, huh?” Gibbs snorted.


“Sorry, Boss. Thought you were going to swat me harder than that.” Tony grinned apologetically over his shoulder.


“Stop second guessing it, Tony – none of this is in your control. Give it up to me.”


Tony tried to follow his dom’s orders, but it wasn’t easy – he could feel his butt cheeks clenching in anticipation of the next blow. When it came, it was as sweet and gentle as the first. Tony started to relax.


Gibbs was true to his word. He delivered an expert spanking, as skilful as the whipping he’d given Tony at Murray’s Bar. He started gently and built up gradually, slowly stoking the fire that was starting to burn in Tony’s ass.


He used the paddle for a long time, and then he switched to the strap. This was a harsher implement, and he used it to lay on some stronger, more painful strokes, but because Tony’s butt had been warmed up, and because Gibbs was so skilled, Tony found himself able to take them without any trouble.


Gibbs built up to a crescendo, then slowed down, then started all over again, laying on the strokes like a maestro. Tony relaxed more and more, hanging in his bonds, allowing them to keep him upright. He was barely able to distinguish between individual strokes now because his ass was a mass of burning sensation. He was aware that on some level it hurt, but the line between pain and pleasure was so blurred that it didn’t feel like pain. The endorphins were raging through his body, taking him higher and higher, and Gibbs seemed to know just how to play him, taking him closer and closer to the edge…nudging him further than he thought he could go…until suddenly he’d stepped off the ledge and was flying through the air.


It felt so good. His body was thrumming, his cock was hard and aching, and he was flying like a bird. He could see Gibbs far below, strapping him in earnest, his right arm moving fast, but Tony couldn’t feel anything over than a generalised, glowing warmth. He was giddy, dizzy, flying higher, and higher, and higher, until…


Gibbs’s arm slowed, and then he stopped completely. Tony hung there, lost in the sensation. He felt Gibbs come up behind him, and then he felt his dom kissing the back of his neck and nuzzling his hair, caressing him gently while he floated back down to earth.


He wasn’t sure how long they stood like that, but eventually Gibbs undid the cuffs, and Tony fell helplessly into his dom’s arms. Gibbs held him up until Tony felt as if he was standing on solid ground again. Then Gibbs drew back. Tony gazed at him dreamily. Gibbs’s eyes really were a most unnatural shade of deep blue. He didn’t think he’d ever seen a shade like it. They were beautiful.


“Did you give me drugs, Boss?” he asked, swaying slightly.


Gibbs laughed and put a hand under his elbow. “No, Tony. Just gave you a natural high. Now can you see the difference between punishment and flying?”


“Mmmmm.” Tony grinned at him stupidly. He leaned in and kissed Gibbs on the mouth. “Thank you, Boss,” he murmured hazily afterwards. “Love you.”


He could have kicked himself for making that mistake again, but Gibbs didn’t seem to read too much into it. He just grinned and tousled Tony’s hair affectionately. Then he took a leash out of his pocket and clipped it to Tony’s collar; he tangled his fist in the leash and pulled his sub in the direction of the stairs.


“C’mon on, Tony. Time for lunch.”






Gibbs didn’t release his grip on Tony’s leash as he led him up the stairs and into the kitchen. Tony was still on a post-spanking high, lost in his sub space, and Gibbs didn’t want to let him out of his sight right now.


Gibbs was also deeply in his own top space. He felt powerful, invincible, and totally in charge. He hadn’t felt this energised in years. He was naturally dominant and expressed that in his everyday life, but there was always a part of himself that he had to rein back in. Being a 24/7 dom gave him a chance to really unleash that side of himself, and the sense of freedom was heady.


It helped to have a sub he was so compatible with. He’d learned a hell of a lot playing with Jenny and Stan and had gradually come to understand the kind of dom he was, and what he wanted from a sub. He’d come to the realisation that he needed a sub he would call his own – a 24/7 sub who could handle him and all his dominant intensity. Someone he didn’t have to hold back with – someone who relished his dominance and didn’t fear it or try to fight it. Neither of his two previous subs had been able to really give him that, and Gibbs had long ago come to the conclusion that there probably wasn’t a sub out there who *could*.


Tony was a revelation to him. Gibbs wasn’t sure why – it was obvious from the way they’d been playing at it for so long that these roles suited them. The long years of dancing around each other at work had made it easy for them to slip into these roles in their private lives. But even so, Gibbs hadn’t expected it to be this natural, this simple, and this fulfilling. Tony might be a newbie, but he gave it up like a seasoned pro. Every time Gibbs demanded his surrender, Tony offered it to him so sweetly.


Gibbs glanced around the kitchen – it was clear he was going to have to bang in a hell of a lot more hooks all over the house. When he was in this kind of top space, he wanted to keep Tony close by and in bondage the whole time. He settled, in the end, for clipping Tony’s chain to the towel rail. It wasn’t perfect, but it just about worked.


“Ass out,” he ordered, pushing Tony so that his face was against the wall.


Tony did as he was told, and Gibbs retrieved the lube from his pocket and slicked some onto his fingers. Then he spread the burning halves of Tony’s ass and slid his fingers inside. He felt Tony tense a little, but he thought his sub was gradually getting used to the way Gibbs didn’t ask, or hesitate; he treated Tony’s body like he owned it – which he did.


Tony had tightened up a little since earlier, but he was still much looser than he had been. Gibbs slid the lubricant inside him; he could tell Tony was expecting him to immediately fuck him, but he wasn’t ready yet. He had other plans for that. He finished up and then put the lube on the shelf next to where Tony was standing.


“That’s the last time I’m gonna lube you during the day,” he told his sub. “From now on, I expect you to keep yourself lubed and ready for whenever I want to fuck you. Only exception is first thing in the morning, before you get up. That’s the only time I’ll lube you. Now, keep your face to the wall,” he ordered. “I want to see that glowing red ass while I work.”


He squeezed the ass in question, loving Tony’s little squawk and loving even more the way that heated flesh felt in his hands. His cock started to show some interest, and he grinned to himself. He’d gone two years without sex, and now he wanted it every five minutes. Then again, with a sub as beautifully responsive as Tony that was hardly surprising.


Gibbs made them both some sandwiches, put them on the kitchen table, and then unclipped Tony’s chain from the rail. Tony moved to sit down at his usual place, but Gibbs shook his head, pointing at the floor instead. Tony looked startled at this new aspect of his training.


“Kneel beside me – I’ll feed you,” Gibbs told him. “Your ass will probably thank me for it.”


Tony continued to give him with that big-eyed look, so Gibbs clicked his fingers impatiently. Tony sank immediately to his knees. That was so gratifying – it was some kind of in-built response his sub had – he hadn’t even had to teach him that one.


Gibbs felt his cock stirring again in anticipation. He grabbed hold of Tony’s trailing leash, wrapped it firmly in his hand, and then pulled Tony forwards and kissed him on the mouth. He was completely in his dominant headspace as he claimed his sub’s lips, pushing them open, sinking his tongue into his mouth, and kissing him hard. Tony surrendered without any resistance at all, and Gibbs wondered if it was this easy because they were so compatible.


He released Tony and took a bite of his sandwich, grinning down at his sub. He didn’t want to talk – and he could see that Tony didn’t, either. His sub had a hazy, dreamy look in his eyes and was clearly still flying.


Gibbs knew Tony didn’t like sharing food, so he held out a fresh sandwich to him. Tony took a bite, gazing up at his dom with that faraway look as he chewed. Gibbs felt his cock stirring again, and he opened his legs to get more comfortable, turning towards Tony as he did so. Tony was at crotch height, and his gaze fell on the bulge in Gibbs’s pants. He glanced up at Gibbs with a questioning look in his eyes, and Gibbs answered it with a feral smile.


Gibbs continued to feed them both until they were done, keeping his hand wrapped in Tony’s leash the entire time. He loved the power he could feel coursing through his veins as he fed his sub. It felt so intoxicating to have Tony at his mercy like this, and to know that Tony was as turned on by his dominance as he was turned on by Tony’s submission. Tony complemented him so perfectly – each of them needing what the other could give.


Gibbs didn’t take his eyes off his sub as they ate, and when they were done he gave Tony a drink and allowed him a moment to just kneel there. He could feel his cock straining against his sweatpants, but still he didn’t say a word. He just sat there, legs wide apart, gazing down on Tony with that feral grin plastered to his face, considering what he was going to do next, and how much he was going to enjoy it.


Tony was uncharacteristically silent in response. He looked up at Gibbs, maintaining eye contact all the time, looking like a mouse trapped between a cat’s paws, waiting for him to pounce.


Gibbs kept him waiting. He wanted his sub completely on edge. He could see that Tony’s cock was hard again and felt a tiny twinge of sympathy for Tony’s condition. To be that hard, for that long, with no chance of coming – well, that had to be hard for a guy. But at least Tony was obedient, and his body was starting to get the message about who owned it now.


They were silent for a long time, Tony kneeling there, and Gibbs sitting open-legged in his chair, his fist wrapped around Tony’s leash, his gaze unfaltering as he looked down on his sub.


Then, without warning, Gibbs moved. He pulled on Tony’s leash, forcing his sub to his feet. At the same time, he reached out with one arm and cleared the table, sending the plates and cups clattering to the floor. Gibbs didn’t give a damn about them. The only thing he cared about right now was fucking his sub’s red hot ass.


He grabbed Tony and swung him down onto the table on his back. Tony went with a little cry of surprise. Gibbs tore off his own tee shirt, and then took hold of Tony’s legs and pushed them up, into the air, holding them wide apart.


“Just the right height,” he said, grinning as he looked down on his startled sub. Tony was now lying on the table on his back, his legs open wide and resting on Gibbs’s shoulders.


Gibbs removed his sweatpants, eager to release his aching cock. Then he spread Tony’s warm buttocks, positioned his cock in Tony’s hole, and entered him – hard. Tony gave another cry of surprise as Gibbs pushed into him with one mighty thrust, right up to the hilt. He pushed Tony’s legs right back with his shoulders, and ended up looking down into his sub’s wide green eyes.


God it felt good – but then it always felt good being inside Tony. His hole was stretched, tight and hot, around Gibbs’s cock. Gibbs kept his hands on Tony’s ass, loving the warmth of the newly spanked skin under his fingers.


He moved his hips back, watching Tony gasp at the sensation, and then he slammed back in. This wasn’t a lazy fuck like this morning – this one was about pure dominance. He had just spent the morning pouring all his feelings for his new sub into building that post downstairs, and then he’d taken his time spanking him into the stratosphere. Now was the culmination of that – now it was time to claim his sub again and fuck him hard.


He slammed his hips back again, and he guessed he’d hit Tony’s prostate because he saw a spike of pleasure in his eyes. Gibbs gave another grin; he removed his hands from Tony’s butt cheeks and teased his nipples with his fingers instead.


Tony was gazing up at him like a gazelle gazing at a lion. That look was such a turn on. Gibbs thrust in again – and squeezed down hard on Tony’s nipples with his fingers at the same time. He knew the combination of pleasure and pain worked for Tony from how he’d reacted the previous evening, and he was right. Tony’s pupils dilated visibly as Gibbs squeezed hard on his nipples and hit his prostate at the same time with each inward thrust. He released Tony’s nipples each time he withdrew and pinched them tightly each time he thrust back in again.


Tony was gasping, panting, and pleading with him, but Gibbs didn’t think for a moment that he wanted him to stop. Even apart from the fact Tony hadn’t said his safe word; it was obvious just from looking at him that Tony was having the time of his life.


Gibbs stepped up the pace, fucking Tony hard. Now he was going too fast to release his grip on Tony’s nipples between thrusts. Now he just kept them held in a vice-like grip, as hard and unyielding as any clamp. Tony was screaming and moaning; the sweat was pouring off him, and his cock was rock hard. He put his hand down to rub it, but Gibbs shook his head.


“No hands. Don’t want you touching yourself when I’m fucking you unless I say so. I like being the one who does that.”


“Then do it!”


Gibbs shook his head. “Not yet. Come without being touched if you can – otherwise you’ll just have to wait and see if I’ll help you out.”


“I hate you!” Tony yelled.


Gibbs laughed, and just kept on fucking him while Tony gazed up at him with that look of stunned pleasure on his face the entire time.


Gibbs took himself right to the edge of climax and then slowed back down again, remaining hard. Tony gave him a confused look as he withdrew, clearly surprised that he hadn’t climaxed.


Tony mewled as Gibbs removed his harsh grip on his nipples, and Gibbs used the moment to his advantage. He grabbed Tony’s leash and pulled him off the table, putting a hand under his arm to keep him steady.


He pushed him into the living room and threw him down over the back of the couch. He took a brief moment to admire how good Tony looked sprawled there, his legs wide open and his spanked buttocks glowing. The opening between them was dark, glistening, and inviting, enticing him to resume where he’d left off.


He did just that, sliding into Tony in one swift, long stroke. Tony’s hands scrabbled for purchase on the worn cushions of the couch as Gibbs rode him relentlessly. Gibbs felt invincible as he thrust into his sub’s body – showing it who it belonged to and subjecting it to his total mastery.


Tony was rubbing himself against the back of the couch, but Gibbs had no objection to that – if Tony got off then that was fine by him, as long as he stayed within the rules. His sub deserved it.


He loved looking down on Tony’s smooth, golden back and loved the feel of Tony’s firm skin under his fingertips. He kept a firm hold on Tony’s hips, and gazed, transfixed, at the sight of his own cock sliding into and out of Tony’s body in rhythmic thrusts. Tony was gibbering away beneath him, but Gibbs was lost inside his own top space. He had a strong, attractive sub to fuck, and Tony was taking it so beautifully.


Gibbs fought a battle with himself and won, stopping himself once again on the brink of completion and forcing himself back down. He could feel the sweat dripping down his face and onto Tony’s back. He paused while still lodged deep inside Tony’s body, giving himself time to recover. Then he slid out and pulled Tony up from the couch.


He swung an arm around his sub and pulled Tony in close, so that his naked body was pressed against his own. He could feel both their hard cocks pulsing together.


“You didn’t come yet…?” Tony gasped. “Christ – you really are superhuman, Gibbs.”


“Want to spend a long time inside you today, Tony,” Gibbs hissed, lacing his hands behind Tony’s back and keeping him pressed against him. “You’re such a fucking turn on. Want to make good use of you.”


Tony’s face split into a broad grin. “You’re doing that, Boss,” he said, thrusting against Gibbs hopelessly. “Please let me get off too,” he whispered. “I’m so close…every time you fuck me, it feels like I’m gonna explode. It’s so good.”


“It’s gonna get better. I can keep this up for a lot longer. Think you can handle that?” Gibbs asked, looking into Tony’s shining green eyes.


“I can handle it,” Tony grinned. “Any time.”


“That what you think, boy?” Gibbs grinned back at him. “We’ll see. What’s your safe word?”


“Magnum, Boss.”


“Okay – you remember that ’cause I’m a long way from being done with you.”


His gaze moved from Tony’s eyes to his enticingly full lips, and he angled his head in and claimed a deep kiss from them. Tony pushed up against him eagerly, but Gibbs held him in check. *He* was in charge, and his sub would learn who controlled him.


He pushed Tony back as he kissed him, one step at a time, until Tony had his shoulders pressed against the wall. Then Gibbs held his face in place and plundered his mouth in earnest. After several minutes of kissing, he dropped his hands down to Tony’s hips. Then, without warning, in mid-kiss, he lifted Tony off his feet. Tony gave a startled shout as Gibbs shoved him up against the wall and held him there. Then Gibbs skewered him in place with his hard cock, entering him again with a powerful thrust.


Tony gave him a look of total astonishment, clearly shocked that Gibbs was strong enough to force him into this position and fuck him like this. Gibbs didn’t care. He felt invincible right now – hell, having Tony as a sub was enough to make any dom feel superhuman.


He fucked Tony harder now, one shade short of brutal, loving the sounds of Tony’s grunts as he fucked him into the wall. Tony’s strong shoulders were braced against the hard surface, and Tony wrapped his legs around Gibbs’s back as they fucked. They grinned at each other, insanely excited. This was more exhilarating than anything Gibbs had done with any other sexual partner, and he was pretty sure that Tony felt the same way.


He felt his breathing coming in hard pants and was glad he kept himself fit or there was no way he’d be able to do this. He slowed down again. Tony whimpered as the pace dropped, but Gibbs didn’t want to finish this off here. He had someplace else in mind. He withdrew and lowered Tony to the ground, then grabbed his sub again and propelled him over to the couch.


This time he pushed Tony down on his back, so that he was lying full-length on the couch, legs wide open, waiting for him. Gibbs paused for the moment to enjoy the view. Tony’s cock was leaking pre-come, and his hole was slick with Gibbs’s own pre-come. It was too inviting; Gibbs longed to be buried in it up to the hilt again.


He moved down so that he was on top of Tony, entered him again in one smooth thrust, and then came to rest, fully inserted in his sub’s body, with Tony’s face directly beneath his. Gibbs loved the feel of his sub’s hard, compliant body under his own. He smoothed Tony’s hair away from his sweaty forehead and kissed him again.


Now he went slowly, each inward thrust drawing a little panting moan from Tony. He deliberately rubbed his body over Tony’s hard cock with each stroke, giving Tony the friction he so desperately craved. They became locked into a rhythm, and Gibbs fucked Tony deep and slow, kissing his sub the entire time. He bit down lightly on that full lower lip and slid his tongue into Tony’s mouth, exploring it thoroughly. Tony couldn’t move – he was trapped under Gibbs’s body. All he could do was lie there and let Gibbs fuck him into the couch.


Gibbs took his time, wanting to prolong this amazing fuck for as long as possible. Tony’s mouth, Tony’s body, Tony’s warm tight hole, the scent of Tony, the taste of him, and the sight of him…Gibbs wanted to savour them all. Tony’s body was his to explore, his to tame, and his to fuck. It belonged to him, and it opened up to his demands so sweetly.


The rest of the world ceased to exist. There was just him and his submissive. Gibbs moved languidly inside Tony, mastering him completely, taking his pleasure in him. Gibbs had never tested himself like this before. He had never tried to stay so hard, for so long, with this degree of stimulation. He felt himself reaching a new level of dominance. Now *he* was flying, completely lost in the sensation of making love to his sub.


“Come with me, Tony. Come for me – now…come…” He gave another couple of long, slow thrusts, his naked body sliding over Tony’s cock. Tony’s eyes were glowing in amazed pleasure.


“Please…oh…please…” he whimpered incoherently.


Gibbs felt Tony’s come spurt out onto both their bellies, warm and sticky. At that precise moment, Gibbs allowed himself to go over the edge too, and he shot his load with a bellowing shout. Gibbs wasn’t sure if it was a result of the length of time they had been making love, or his own sense of heady dominance, but he came longer and harder than he ever had before. He spurted out, over and over again, deep inside Tony’s body, growling out his orgasm throughout, head back, roaring loudly like a victorious lion.


Then it was over. He rested his head on Tony’s chest, hearing the harsh rasping sound of his own breathing. Tony rested his hands on Gibbs’s back, still moaning softly to himself.


Gibbs wasn’t sure how long they lay there, his cock still buried deep inside Tony’s hole. It could have been hours, but he didn’t want to move. This had been so incredible that he wanted to stay in the moment for as long as possible. He guessed that Tony felt the same way, judging by how he was looking at him with a combination of awe and adoration etched on his features. Gibbs was sure the expression on his own face was pretty similar.


“That was…” Tony sighed.


“I know.”


“I’ve never…”


“Me neither.”


“Didn’t know it was…”




“Can’t believe it.”








“God I love you, Jethro…” A wince passed across Tony’s face. “Sorry…shouldn’t keep saying that…sappy stuff…”


Gibbs held his head firmly, making Tony look at him. “You can say it all you want, Tony. It’s okay.”


“Never found it easy to say to anyone before, even Jeanne. Always felt kinda dumb – sappy and needy – but around you it just keeps slipping out, and I don’t mean it to but…”


Gibbs silenced him by pressing his mouth to Tony’s lips and kissing him slowly, gently, and deeply, hoping the action conveyed more than words could ever say.







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