Xanthe.org has been WordPressed!

July 1st, 2013 – Xanthe.org has been WordPressed!

Welcome to the new look Xanthe.org! Thanks to my wonderful web-mistress Jacci, every SINGLE story can now be downloaded in an e-format for reading on e-books like Kindle, and the title pages show if a story has been translated or recorded as a podfic, with easy access options from there. You should find it much easier to find your way around – you can search by fandom, pairing, story type, genre and a variety of different tags by using the Search function – or for a quick ‘go to’, just click on the tag cloud in the right hand sidebar. If you prefer to search by Title, you can do that, too, or visit the Awards page to see which stories were voted as favourites in various fandom awards. We’ve also given each of the Series its own page, with a suggested reading order.  Where a story has multiple graphics, we’ve displayed them in a nifty little gallery on the story’s title page, so they’re easy to see and click on to enlarge. The most recent story I’ve posted can always be found on the nifty little bookshelf in the right hand toolbar. All the stories have share buttons, so by all means tell people on social media about it if you loved a particular story – that’d make my day :-).

For those who have followed my work for a large part (or all!) of those fifteen years, and been visiting this site for a very long time, we created a Site History page. Browse here if you fancy a trip down memory lane, to the looks of some of the previous incarnations of Xanthe.org! If you fancy chatting, there is a Forum, where you can talk about slash, spanking, fandom, TV shows, cats, musical theatre and much else besides! You might also like to take a look at my Blog, which I update every so often with news about my writing and anything else that’s going on. I’m fairly boring but you can read my Bio if you want to find out more about me. If you want to write a story in one of my story universes, then please read my Permissions page for my stance on that. If you want to find out more about my BDSM Universe there’s even a page on that!

You can use the links in the sidebar to find me in a ton of other places online – Tumblr, Facebook, Livejournal, Amazon etc. Jacci has found some amazing gizmos to liven up the site, like the film strip of a selection of the story graphics above, so take a look around and enjoy! You can also view this site on mobile devices by clicking on the link at the very bottom of the right hand sidebar.

You don’t have to Register with the site to read the stories, but if you do register then you can participate in the Forum and will be automatically added to the newsletter list, so you’ll receive an email whenever the site has been updated.  If you were a member of the old e-fiction site but NOT the old forum, then you’ll need to create a new login. If you were a member of the old forum, that login will work on the new site and forum. You don’t need two logins to switch between the site and the forum anymore, the way you did with the old site. If you don’t want to register with the site, you can just Subscribe to the newsletter to receive information on site updates. We won’t spam you or anything – it’s just for site updates and Xanthe related announcements – and there’s an unsubscribe option on each newsletter.

If you’ve bookmarked your favourite stories on the site, then I’m afraid those bookmarks have changed. However, we have no plans to make any more major, URL-changing alterations to the site for many years to come, so it should be safe for you to re-bookmark!

I’d like to thank Jacci for her amazing work over the past few months. Basically, what happened was that after we worked on the Xanthe Walter site together, we decided we preferred the WordPress interface to E-fic, and we wanted to make over all of Xanthe.org as a WordPress site, too. I think Jacci is regretting that after the HUGE amount of hard work she’s had to put into making this such a kickass, ninja WordPress site. She’s been absolutely fantastic, and I can’t thank her enough. Hopefully that’s an end to site revamps for a very long time! It’s now all in a good place, so any future tinkering should at least just be cosmetic. If you find any problems with the new site, please contact Jacci and let her know. We’ve done a lot of checking (you should see the spreadsheet!!!) but there are bound to be things we’ve missed, and we appreciate knowing about them so we can fix them. Big shout outs also to the fabulous Haggy and Bluespirit who did test drives of the site for us a few weeks ago to make sure it worked!

As part of the redesign, we kept a running total of how many words were in each story, and then added them up at the end. Can you guess how many words of posted fanfic and published original fic I’ve written in the fifteen years since Xanthe.org first opened? Here is a brand new poll up to register your vote… I’ll announce the answer soon!

What is the total word count of all Xanthe's stories?

  • 4 million (45%, 53 Votes)
  • 3.5 million (25%, 30 Votes)
  • 3 million (13%, 15 Votes)
  • 2.5 million (10%, 12 Votes)
  • 2 million (5%, 6 Votes)
  • 1.5 million (2%, 2 Votes)
  • 1 million (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 118

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In other news, we’re posting the first few chapters of a new translation by Lois of 24/7 into Chinese, a new translation of Brunch into Chinese by Eva Lee, and a revised translation of Two Masters into German by Sonja. You can find them on the Translations page. Lois’s translation of 24/7, and Sonja’s translation of Two Masters are ongoing, so we’ll post more chapters as we receive them. Eva Lee has other translations in progress, so we hope to post more from her soon, too.

Now, pull up a chair, fix yourself a nice drink, and make yourselves at home :-).





  1. jacci

    Finally unveiled yay!!!!!!!!

    Hope everyone likes it and finds it easier to use than the previous site. If there are any problems, let me know and I can fix them (hopefully not too many :) )
    Enjoy all the new features and cool things and don’t be shy using the comment section for reviews, it is far more interactive than on the old version,


  2. leveana

    This is soooo cool!!! Just finished reading 24/7…again and started coming home (again)! Couldn’t sleep last night and usually reading a bit helps…and the site was down!!! I knew exactly what it meant!! Couldn’t wait to be home after work to try everthing out!
    First thing i did after registering…I loaded Coming Home down….yeah!!! It worked!!!
    Thank you both so much Xanthe and Jacci…great job and such fun for us fans! You’re the best!!

  3. Xanthe

    Thanks for all your hard work, Jacs!

  4. Xanthe

    Thanks so much Leveana :-). LOL re the site being down and knowing what that meant *ggg*. I’m so glad people are loving the new look and functionality so much. We’re really pleased with it and it should make things so much easier going forward.


  5. CathyN

    Wow Xanthe, the ‘New Look’ is fabulous! You and Jacci have been working very hard getting it all done. I love the fact that we can just download all our favourite stories to our other devices. I think my Kindle is going to be very full soon :-P

  6. Xanthe

    Thanks so much Cathy! I’m delighted people are loving the new site so much :-)

  7. jacci

    Thanks to all those who have pointed out my boo-boos as they come across them. Hopefully there is not too many. Coded about 40 gazillion links so a few are bound to slip through here and there!! Been fixing as we find them so shouldn’t be too many more *fingers crossed*

    It is very gratifying to see everyone’s reactions to the epub downloads, I have more than a few of them on my shiny new phone and can enjoy the wonderful stories anywhere!!! Although when I am standing in line somewhere or waiting and reading a particularly ‘naughty’ bit, i always end up looking around guiltily thinking somehow they know what i am reading LMAO.

    I have been so obsessed with the site for the last six months that I have forgotten the entire reason FOR the site. THE STORIES!!!! Now I have some time on my hands, it is just such a joy to go back and revisit some favorites (Two Masters at the moment).

    Thank you Xanthe for sharing all these wonderful ‘escapes’ with us

    luv jacs

  8. Xanthe

    Considering what a massive job it was, there have been hardly any boo boos so well done, Jacs!

    Yay to THE STORIES! Hopefully you can enjoy them again without having to code them!

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