Coming Home: 17. Shield Redux


 John took a shower, standing under the warm water for a long time, until he felt better. He didn’t want to think about lifebonding – what he had with Rodney was so good that he could hardly imagine anything that would make it *better*. He resolved to put the conversation with Teyla out of his mind, and he got dressed and wandered along to the lab. It was about time for lunch, and he found Rodney standing at his work station, his fingers moving fast over the keyboard. John touched his shoulder, and pressed a kiss on the back of his head.


“Hmmm. Hi,” Rodney said, never taking his eyes off his screen.


John slid his hand around Rodney’s waist and down the front of his pants. Rodney paused, fought it for a moment, and then sighed and melted back against him. Nobody took any notice of them – Rodney was John’s collared sub, and John had full body rights over him and could exercise them whenever he wanted.


John found Rodney’s cock and rubbed it, and was delighted to find it harden almost as a reflex action to the caress. John could, if he wanted, pleasure himself on Rodney right here and now, in front of everyone, but even though it was neither illegal nor frowned upon, John thought public sex was a bit tacky, unless you really wanted to make a point to your sub about his submission.


Having got Rodney’s attention away from the screen, John released his cock, and removed his hand from the front of Rodney’s pants.


“So, got time for lunch?” John asked.


“Would you mind if I passed?” Rodney said, shooting an anxious glance at John over his shoulder. “Only we’ve been away for four days and everything’s backed up. I thought I’d grab a sandwich at my desk.”


“Okay.” John nuzzled a kiss on Rodney’s neck. “Later.”


“Mmmm.” Rodney waved vaguely in his general direction, his attention already riveted on his screen again.


John returned to the lab several hours later, looking for his sub. It was late, the lab was empty – and there was no sign of Rodney.


“Rodney?” He glanced around, and saw Rodney lying on the floor on his stomach, his laptop in front of him. “What you doing there?” John walked over to his sub and sat down beside him, cross legged.


“Well, I’ve been standing up all day and my legs hurt so I thought I’d do some work lying down because, you know, sitting is *completely* out of the question,” Rodney told him, with only a faintly accusing look. John grinned, and reached out a hand to stroke Rodney’s enticingly plump ass.


“You coming to eat?” he asked.


Rodney shook his head. “Nope. I really want to work on this,” he said.


John frowned. He wondered whether the spanking had made Rodney have second thoughts about their relationship, but that didn’t seem to be the vibe he was getting off his sub. If anything, Rodney seemed calmer than usual, and more affectionate. His sub leaned forward and pressed a kiss to John’s hand.


“Later?” he said.


“Tell me what you’re working on,” John said, sensing that something else was going on here.


Rodney sighed. “Look, I’m just going over the notes from that temple we visited again. I got three possible leads last time and there might be more. It’s possible that some of the peripheral transcriptions give stargate co-ordinates for the locations of other ZPMs.”


“Rodney!” John chided, exasperated. “We talked about the whole ZPM issue.”


“I know, I know,” Rodney said, a pleading expression on his face. “I just really need to do this, John. The city desperately needs a ZPM, and I feel like we could be close. I mean, I was holding that bloody thing in my hands and….”


“Ssh.” John put his finger over Rodney’s mouth. “Don’t go over that again.” Rodney gazed up at him from puppy dog blue eyes and John felt himself surrendering. “Okay. Work on this if you want – but I won’t let it go on indefinitely. Understood?”


“Yes. Thank you.”


John gave Rodney’s ass a hearty slap, just to let him know he’d be watching him, and Rodney gave a yelp combined with a little giggle, and returned to his work.


John walked over to the door and paused there, gazing back at his lover. Rodney looked so adorable lying on the floor on his front, every ounce of his attention focussed on the laptop in front of him as he returned to his work. Being a good top meant knowing when to let your sub follow his heart, and John knew that this was one of those occasions. Rodney’s work was important to him, and John would never make him feel safe enough to submit to all he wanted to do to him in the bedroom if he threw his weight around outside it.


John spent a lonely night in his bed, wishing Rodney’s warm weight was nestled beside him. Usually, however they started out the night, by morning Rodney’s head was on his shoulder or his chest, one arm slung across John’s midriff. John usually woke first, and would find Rodney twitching slightly in his sleep, body pressed as close to John’s as it was possible to be. He should have realised Rodney was a cuddler way back, that first time they spent a night together in that tent, before they started having sex, when he’d woken up to find Rodney sprawled over his chest. Nothing had changed since then. He didn’t think Rodney did it consciously – he just somehow ended up sleeping as close to John as it was possible to get.


They hadn’t spent that many nights apart since they’d got together, and John found he missed Rodney even more than he had expected. It was weird, in a way, because he’d spent all his adult life avoiding intimacy, had frequently left some sub’s bed after sex and gone home to snatch a few hours alone, but Rodney wasn’t just any sub, and John’s arms ached to hold him. Now he didn’t value his own space so much – being without Rodney at night was like being half there, and he often woke up, his arms reaching out for Rodney, only to find the bed cold and empty.


He tried to be tolerant for the next few days, but it wasn’t easy. He wished they were living together – at least then he’d see exactly what hours Rodney was putting in, and he felt a vague sense of unease about not knowing. He was Rodney’s top, and he knew enough about his sub to suspect that Rodney was working crazy hours. He’d promised Rodney he wouldn’t hassle him any more about living together and he didn’t intend to, but he felt he was failing him all the same.


Rodney wasn’t always a very sensible person, about many things, but particularly about his workload. If he was intellectually excited then he could easily get sucked into a little world of his own. That might have been acceptable in the past, but now that he was collared he had someone who cared about him, and who got concerned when he went missing for any period of time, even if he was only missing in the mental sense.


Anybody who knew Rodney knew what he was like though – when he got like this, he was so distracted he barely gave you the time of day. When you talked to him his eyes remained glazed over, and while he seemed to nod in all the right places John knew that he was a million miles away.


Even John’s tolerance had its limits, and after five days of seeing virtually nothing of Rodney his patience was wearing thin. Rodney had waylaid him twice in the transporters to deliver two truly spectacular blowjobs, and that had turned his brain to such mush he’d been unable to lay down the law to Rodney about the hours he was working, but he knew this couldn’t go on for much longer. He also knew that Rodney had only given him the blowjobs as a bribe to keep him off his case, and that bothered him. Most of the time Rodney avoided him, clearly anxious that John didn’t rein him back in.


After yet another restless and Rodney-less night, John decided that enough was enough. He went to Rodney’s quarters early one morning, intending to have a long talk with him, only to find them empty.


Furious, he strode along the hallway to the lab, and, sure enough, found Rodney there, sitting at his workstation, eyes red-rimmed and weary from obviously having pulled an all-nighter.


This was enough for John. Part of being a good top was allowing his sub to have his head and to understand his passions, and part of it was saving his wayward sub from his own stubborn self too, and it was knowing when to do which that was the real art.


“Rodney,” he said sharply, and Rodney started and glanced up. There were dark shadows under his eyes and he looked exhausted. “Have you been here all night?” John asked.


“Is it morning?” Rodney looked confused.


“I’ll take that as a yes. I’ve had enough. This has to stop,” John said firmly. “I knew this was important to you so I’ve given you some leeway but now you’re just taking advantage frankly.”


“I’m so close!” Rodney protested.


“No you’re not. You just *want* to be close,” John growled. “Now, I don’t care if you spend an hour or two a day of your spare time going over those notes, but you don’t pull another all-nighter to work on this, and you stop working every single moment when you’re not asleep.”


“You’re just missing the sex,” Rodney snapped.


“Yes I am!” John retorted. “I’m also worried about you. You should take a good look at yourself. Now, go back to your quarters and get some sleep. I’ll tell Zelenka you’ll be late. Then join me for lunch. You can work this afternoon and I’ll see you in my quarters at seven p.m. Do not, under any circumstances, be late.” He turned to go.


“Fine,” Rodney said sulkily behind him. “Whatever. I bet Einstein wouldn’t have discovered the fucking theory of fucking relativity if he’d had you as his fucking top.”


John paused in the doorway, and then turned back to glare at his sub.


“Rodney, if I get any more attitude off you then that spanking I gave you a few days ago will feel like a walk in the park. You got me?” he said.


Rodney glared back at him, and John couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. His sub was too exhausted to think straight, and this was precisely why he needed a firm hand right now, and someone who’d think straight for him.


“Yeah. I got you,” Rodney muttered. “Sir,” he added sarcastically as John went to walk away.


John turned back, smoothly, crossed the distance to Rodney’s workstation in a few steps, pushed Rodney down over the table, and delivered several hard swats to his sub’s ass. He only used his hand, and Rodney’s ass was covered by his pants and boxers so it could hardly have hurt much, but its value was in reminding Rodney who he was talking to.


John released his sub, pulled Rodney up, grabbed the lapel of his lab coat, and yanked him out of the room. He dragged Rodney along to his quarters, opened the door, and half-walked, half-threw Rodney inside.


“Bed. Now,” John said, standing there, arms folded across his chest. Rodney gazed at him from blue eyes that couldn’t decide if they were freaked out or aroused, but he gave in, mutinously removing his boots, pants and labcoat, before sliding under the sheets, glaring at John the entire time.


John waited until Rodney was in situ before striding over to the door. “I’ll radio you at lunchtime. If I see you anywhere outside of this room before then, or if anyone else sees you, then you’ll get another taste of my paddle,” he said firmly.


Rodney turned his back on him, and then pulled the sheet, slowly and deliberately, over his head, making no reply. It didn’t pass John by that Rodney was giving him the finger as he pulled the sheet up, either.


He shrugged. Rodney might not be very happy with him but he needed someone to reel him back in, and make him eat and sleep. He knew just how single-minded and obsessed his sub could be at times, and he didn’t mind playing the bad guy in order to force his wayward lover into getting some rest.


As it turned out, John was called away to take Carson to a medical emergency on the mainland a couple of hours later, so he sent Lorne in his stead, insisting that he escort Rodney to the mess hall at lunch time, and that he watch him eat a full meal.


It was late by the time he got back from the mainland, and as he walked tiredly from the jumper bay he decided that he couldn’t face another battle with Rodney right now. He suspected that if he dropped by the lab he’d find Rodney there, making the most of his top’s absence. He could just imagine the look of innocence he’d see in Rodney’s eyes. “But I went to your quarters and you weren’t there? What was I supposed to do? Sit and wait?”


He wasn’t in the mood for it, so he went to his quarters instead. He opened the door…and stopped dead in his tracks. The room was warm, lit by a dozen candles, and Rodney was kneeling on a rug in the centre of the room, stark naked, his body glistening with…oil?


John gazed at him blankly for a moment, and then his brain kicked into gear, sending a considerable amount of blood southwards in appreciation of just how hot Rodney looked right now. Rodney looked up.


“Just wanted to say…sorry?” he offered, those twisted lips of his quirked into a little expression of contrition. “I knew I was being an ass. Couldn’t seem to stop myself.”


“Candles?” John raised an eyebrow. “And oil?”


“Too much?” Rodney asked.


“Oh no. Definitely not.” John grinned. “Oh god you look fantastic. Apology accepted, Rodney.” He went over to his sub and Rodney stayed kneeling, looking up at him with a happy smile.


“Also, I was missing the hot sex too,” Rodney added. “I think I was trying to punish myself for the whole ZPM thing.”


“There’s really no need for you to punish yourself when I can do that for you,” John said, with a dangerous grin. Rodney giggled, and John smoothed his sub’s wavy hair away from his face. “You look so damn edible. I’m going to need to taste,” he said.


“I’m all yours.” Rodney looked up at him eagerly. “Oh! And something else. I thought…well, I hope this might um, interest…amuse…excite…you. Whatever.” He reached out and took something off the nightstand, and handed it to John.


“Is it a cock ring?” John held it up. It looked like a cock ring. It was round, and there was a little clip fastening, but it was unlike any cock ring he’d seen before. It looked…kind of alien, and there were some ornate markings on it. He pressed a little switch on the side and it started to pulse with a bright green light. “Shit, it looks just like….”


“The personal shield. I know.” Rodney nodded smugly, getting to his feet and dancing around excitedly. “That’s because it is! Well, no, that’s not true. You see, I had a nice sleep this morning, and woke up feeling a lot better, and that’s when I realised that you weren’t such a big jerk after all so I got to thinking about how I could make it up to you, and I had this idea. So I found another personal shield in storage, and I adapted it into this shape, so it could fit around my cock.”


“Great…so if you’re wearing it I can’t touch your cock?” John was puzzled.


Rodney giggled again, his brown hair bouncing off the nape of his neck, looking completely adorable. It was all John could do not to kiss him.


“No, no, no! You see, I know you have this thing about my cock and ass being your own personal property. Not that I’d let anyone but you get that close but hell, I know that sometimes you don’t even like *me* touching myself. So…I keyed the DNA on the shield so that when I’m wearing it, and when it’s activated, you’re the only one who can touch me in a radius all around here.” He waved in the direction of his groin and ass. “Of course, I’d be kind of grateful if you used it wisely.” He adopted a pained expression. “As I won’t even be able to wipe my own ass otherwise, but I thought you’d get a kick out of knowing I was completely untouchable there – that only you can get through the shield.”


“Oh my god.” John looked at the glowing green device in his hand, feeling his cock immediately harden. This was such a hot fantasy. His mind raced ahead, thinking of all the things they could do with it.


“So – did I do good?” Rodney grinned, still hopping around excitedly.


“Oh yeah. You did good,” John drawled. “You did *very* good, Rodney. In fact, you did so good that tonight I’m going to reward you.” Rodney’s face lit up even more than it was already, making John laugh out loud. “But tomorrow…tomorrow we’re going to deal with that little tantrum you threw earlier,” he said. Rodney’s face fell so much it was almost comical. “Well, we do have some issues to sort out,” John said, and Rodney nodded, glumly. “But right now, I just want to enjoy my sub.”


John reached out, pulled Rodney’s oiled, naked body to his chest, and lowered his head to find those beautiful, crooked lips. He kissed Rodney long and hard, loving the way Rodney surrendered to him so easily, his body sinking against John’s, melting into him, making his cock ache.


He always got especially excited when Rodney was naked and he was clothed – there was something so arousing about it. As he kissed Rodney he thought of appropriate ways to reward him for his ingenuity about the cock ring. Having a ridiculously smart scientist for a boyfriend really did pay at times, he thought to himself happily.


When he released Rodney, he guided him over to the bed.


“Lie down. On your back. Arms and legs spread right out,” he ordered.


Rodney complied eagerly, his eyes alight with anticipation. John grinned – he remembered those stories about Rodney being a bad sub, and nothing could be further than the truth. Rodney generally tried to be as obedient and compliant as possible in the bedroom, and he’d always tried his best to obey every sexual order John had given him. He was more of a handful in their everyday life but that just made a fine counterpoint to his submission in the bedroom – and stopped their lives from ever being routine, or ordinary.


John went over to his box of toys and took out four padded cuffs. He fastened them to Rodney’s wrists and ankles, while Rodney watched with eager eyes. Then John fastened the cuffs to the headrail and footrail of the bed, making sure that they were secure.


After that, he just stood there for a moment, looking down on his naked, oiled sub. He reached out and took hold of Rodney’s hardening cock, rubbing it to a fully erect state, while Rodney started to make those adorable mewling sounds in his throat.


“All right, submissive. I want you to keep this erection until I tell you that you can come. Understood?” John said. Rodney nodded, eyes wide and blue. John slid his fingers along Rodney’s beautiful hard cock a few more times. “Think of yourself as a sacrifice,” he murmured. “An offering – and I’m the one you’re offering yourself to. Give it all up to me.”


Rodney nodded again, a smile curving those twisted lips.


“I’m going to the bathroom. I want you to lie here and think of me coming to claim you – and remember to stay hard for me,” John ordered, and then he turned and left.


He went to the bathroom, got undressed, and took a shower, making sure he was clean all over, and then he took his time drying himself. He knew it would be hard for Rodney to maintain that erection without the use of his hands to keep it perky, but John liked setting little tests for Rodney, and he knew Rodney liked performing all the things John asked of him. It turned them both on.


Finally, John opened the door a little, and peered through. The sight in front of him took his breath away. Rodney, lying on his back on the bed, stark naked, his oiled skin glistening in the candlelight, and his cock standing up straight and proud, in a magnificent erection.


John felt his own cock harden just at the sight. The candles flickered, painting Rodney’s naked flesh in little shadows and bursts of light, dappling his creamy skin and making the oiled flesh gleam even more. John stepped quietly over to the bed, and Rodney’s blue eyed gaze turned to him.


“Ssh,” John said, wanting to keep things quiet and intense. He got onto the bed and straddled Rodney, placing his hands gently on his sub’s oily flesh. He loved the way his fingers slid over Rodney’s smooth skin, and he made little whorls on Rodney’s body as he went, his fingertips tracing circles and stars, teasing and caressing wherever they touched.


Rodney began to make little whimpering sounds in the back of his throat, his breath hitching as John worked his way lower.


“Keep still for me or you won’t get your reward,” John warned.


Rodney’s eyes widened again, and John suppressed a grin. One of the wonderful things about Rodney was the way his facial expressions were so incredibly revealing. He remembered what Teyla had said to him about the mating dance, and considered himself pretty lucky as tops went. It wasn’t hard knowing how Rodney felt about any given thing he did to him – it was all written in those expressive eyes and in the body language.


John lowered his head and took a warm, oily nipple between his lips, sucking gently. Rodney swallowed a moan, his body rising to meet John’s touch. John sucked on his other nipple, then alternated between the two, knowing how sensitive they were, and how much pleasure this light sucking gave his sub.


Then he moved down, trailing oily fingers and his moist mouth over acres of slippery Rodney skin. Finally, he reached Rodney’s cock. He didn’t touch it – he just rose up on his haunches, looked down on Rodney, and then reached behind him, pulled his own buttocks apart, and impaled himself on the top of Rodney’s cock. Rodney let out a strangled cry, and then he gazed up at John, transfixed.


John never took his eyes off his sub’s face as he slowly, so slowly, took Rodney’s oiled cock deep into his anus. He’d prepared himself in the bathroom, stretching and applying lube. He hadn’t often allowed his subs to penetrate him – he enjoyed the sensation but it wasn’t his favourite thing. Mostly he preferred to penetrate them, but occasionally it was nice to feel them inside him. He never allowed the act to be anything other than one of domination though, and this time was no different. Rodney was completely tied, and couldn’t resist even if he’d wanted to.


“I’m going to ride you hard,” John whispered. “Your naked body is here to service me, Rodney. Spread out for me to use. All you have to do is stay hard for me and offer yourself up.”


Rodney blinked, his blue eyes amazed and aroused at one and the same time. John slid right down on Rodney’s cock and then up again. He reached down and fondled his own hard cock, enjoying the dual stimulation of Rodney’s penis stretching his anus and his own cock responding, tingling with pleasure.


He rode Rodney slowly, keeping his movements measured, loving the way Rodney gasped beneath him each time he moved downwards, his ass muscles clenching around Rodney’s hard penis. Rodney strained against his bonds, the sensation clearly too much for him, his hands opening and closing spasmodically.


John knew that Rodney wanted to move, wanted to grip John’s thighs and time the thrusts himself, but also he knew how much Rodney enjoyed being denied that degree of control. John was in charge, and he decided how much pleasure Rodney’s cock got, and what angle it was allowed to penetrate his body, and how deep it went, and how fast, and all Rodney could do was lie there and take it.


“I want you to come on command,” John told him. “Think you can do that?” Rodney nodded frantically. “Good.”


John started to speed up, watching as a bead of sweat worked its way down Rodney’s forehead, staining the oiled skin. He knew Rodney was fighting desperately not to come, and he was pleased. He liked to see his sub make a visible effort to obey him, even when it was hard. He milked Rodney’s cock even harder, making Rodney cry out and fling his head back on the pillows.


“Look at me,” John told him, tapping his belly warningly. “Keep your gaze fixed on me. I want you to be able to read me. When you see me about to come then I want you to come too – I want you to come at the same time as me. Understand?”


Rodney’s blue eyes looked unsure. “You need to learn to watch me,” John told him. “You need to learn what pleases me, and the sounds I make and how I look when I’m ready to come.”


Rodney nodded, his expression changing to one of determination. Now their gazes were locked once more as John rode him in earnest, sliding up and down on Rodney’s cock, hard and fast, squeezing with his ass muscles as he did so. There was no sound except their ragged breathing, and the moment was so intense John almost didn’t want to come – he wanted to just live this experience forever.


He pulled on his own cock with slick fingers, timed to each inward slide of Rodney’s cock inside his body, feeling the fantastic pressure starting to build, and build, and build…and then he was coming, deliberately spraying himself onto Rodney’s naked chest and belly.


He felt Rodney convulse against him a mere split second later, and sensed Rodney’s pumping climax. They came to a halt, and John knelt there, straddled over Rodney’s body, his breath coming in heaving gasps. Beneath him, Rodney was gazing up at him with an adoring expression on his face, and a wide smile on his lips.


“I did it didn’t I?” he whispered. “I got the timing right.”


“You did.” John leaned forward, and rewarded his obedient sub with a kiss on his lips.


“Oh god that was amazing,” Rodney sighed afterwards. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” John got off of Rodney’s softening cock, and felt Rodney’s come trickle out of his anus and down his leg. That gave him an idea, which he stored away for later.


He untied Rodney and removed his cuffs, chucking them wearily onto the floor, and then gathered up his sub in his arms and they lay there, too sated too move. The candles were now burning low, and some of them had winked out altogether, leaving the room in semi- darkness.


“I have to ask,” John said, his arms wrapped happily around his warm submissive, glad to have Rodney back in his bed for a whole night again. “The candles and the oil – where the hell did you get them? Because I don’t believe for a second that you brought ‘em with you from Earth.”


Rodney gave his trademark giggle. “You’d be right not to believe that,” he replied. “I didn’t. I, uh, did a trade with Katie Brown. Oh, okay, I have to admit something. They weren’t my idea. I was returning Katie’s magazine to her earlier and I thought I’d ask her what the hell a sub should do if he’s pissed off his top and wants to make amends. She told me that she never pisses Miko off but when she wants to surprise her, she strips naked, gets oiled up, lights a few candles, and waits for her in Miko’s quarters.”


“Wow. Lucky Miko,” John commented. Rodney elbowed him in the ribs.


“You only have room in your life for one submissive so don’t go getting lecherous thoughts about Katie,” he sniffed.


“I wasn’t,” John grinned, because he liked it when Rodney got jealous. “Just thinking – way to go Miko for choosing subs who like spoiling her so much. So, what did you have to trade to get the candles and the oil?”


“That’s between me and Katie,” Rodney said. John squeezed his ass warningly.




“Oh okay. It’s just embarrassing. Uh, Miko only has one pair of those PVC boots she likes and they’re wearing a little thin. No chance of getting any more stuck out here in the Pegasus galaxy, so I have to, um, manufacture some PVC so Katie can give her a new pair of boots on their anniversary next month.”


John laughed out loud. “You have to make Miko a pair of boots?” he said, gazing at his sub in amused disbelief.


“No!” Rodney protested. “I have to make some PVC – which actually isn’t that hard. Katie’s getting the boots designed and sewn up by an Athosian cobbler on the mainland, although actually I’m pretty good at designing and making things so…oh shit, did I just destroy any street cred I had left admitting that?” Rodney asked.


John snorted. “Rodney, you’ve never had any street cred,” he said


“Oh.” Rodney looked ever so slightly crestfallen at that, although really, John had no idea how his beloved geeky sub could ever have believed he had street cred.


“And making PVC is *such* a good use of our facilities here, to say nothing of that enormous brain of yours,” John teased, pinching Rodney’s bottom. Rodney emitted a world-weary sigh but rested his head on John’s chest all the same.


“I DO have an enormous brain,” he said, a trifle smugly. John pinched his bottom again. “Okay, okay. But remember I did it for you.”


John squeezed him tight. “You did, and I’m very grateful – as I think I just showed you.”


“Mmmm. Yeah. Oh god, that was so incredibly fantastic. I wondered if you’d ever let me…you know, but I thought you probably wouldn’t because you’re so bossy during sex and then…oh god.”


“Don’t get too used to it,” John told him. “I don’t get the urge very often, and when I do it’s most likely to be you lying flat on your back, and me on top.”


“Hmm, well, you on top is pretty much the way it should be,” Rodney said, in a contented little murmur, his eyes drooping.


John smiled, and pulled the blanket up around them both. He watched as Rodney fell asleep in his arms, and it felt so good after so many nights spent in this bed alone.


John realised he had made a mistake in allowing Rodney to get buried so deep in his search for the ZPMs. He had forgotten just how smart his boyfriend was. Rodney had a tendency to live too much in his own brain, and he needed a strong top to help him relax and switch off from his obsessions.


John traced a hand over Rodney’s sleeping body. Rodney was more relaxed than he had been before their sex session, but his shoulders were still tight from days of tension. John frowned, feeling the knots beneath his fingertips as he gently rubbed Rodney’s shoulders and neck. He felt annoyed with himself – he’d failed Rodney and allowed the situation to get out of hand. He supposed it was inevitable that he’d screw things up at some point. They were still relatively new to each other, and so far their relationship had been so sexually charged that nothing else had mattered. They had to find a way to live and work together too – and he had to learn to read his complex sub better.


John wrapped his arms around Rodney and pulled him close, and his sub came, murmuring something in his sleep. John held him, planning for the day ahead – he’d relax all this tension out of Rodney, and give his sub the release he needed right now.


Sometimes he forgot how much Rodney carried the weight of the city on his shoulders. Rodney was the Head of Science after all, and they relied on him to keep things working and come up with brilliant ideas that would save their lives in the nick of time. That had to be a strain. His brilliance was often so immediate, and so effortless, that people forgot the long hours he put in at the lab, and the way he tried so hard to get them what they needed – such as the ZPM.


John mulled over his idea for what he’d do the following day. He doubted Rodney would like it at first – but if it worked, it would give his sub the rest and relaxation he so clearly needed right now. And it was up to John to make sure it *did* work. He was Rodney’s top, and Rodney’s wellbeing was his responsibility – and one that he was happy to shoulder.


He kissed Rodney’s hair, gently, inhaling the scent of it. Rodney smelled of fragrant oil combined with sex and sweat, and, a bit, of the lab, the way he always did. John liked the combination so much that he kept his nose pressed against Rodney’s hair for a long time, before he, too, fell asleep.




Rodney woke the next morning to the sensation of his top playing with his cock. It was an entirely good sensation, and his cock hardened immediately.


He stretched, feeling his muscles creak slightly. He felt stiff, but the long sleep had done him good, and his body was starting to unwind. He realised, guiltily, how stupid he’d been, working himself into the ground and ignoring John’s concern for him.


He knew he’d been behaving badly, but his obsession with finding a ZPM had got the better of him. He winced as he recalled how he’d avoided his top for fear that John would call him on it, and the hissy fit he’d thrown the previous day.


“Okay?” John sounded surprised, mis-reading his wince. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”


He wasn’t. He was doing entirely nice things to Rodney’s cock – things that made Rodney wish he could purr like a cat.


“No. I was just thinking that my body feels much happier when it’s having regular sex with you and how much of an idiot I was to avoid you for the past few days,” Rodney sighed.


“Well, I agree,” John said, in that drawl of his. “Which is why you’re going to spend the day focussing on whose collar you wear and why.”


Rodney turned and gazed into John’s warm hazel eyes, feeling a rising surge of panic.


“You said you were going to do something,” he babbled. “I guess I deserve a punishment but I’m really sorry and….”


“Shut up, Rodney,” John interrupted him. “You did the whole apology thing last night and very nice it was too. And what I have in mind isn’t so much a punishment as a way of reminding you that I’m your top because you seemed to forget that yesterday.”


“Yeah.” Rodney made a face, remembering that he’d flipped the finger at John, among other things.


“So, I have something very specific in mind for you today.” John grinned, and removed his hand from Rodney’s cock.


“That sounds bad,” Rodney said, grinning back, because it also sounded kind of arousing.


“Well, that depends on how you look at it. I’ve no doubt it’ll be uncomfortable,” John said. “Maybe a little inconvenient, but, knowing you, it’ll possibly also be a giant turn on too.”


“Oh, bad *and* good. I like it.” Rodney sat up eagerly.


“All right. Today, your body is mine.”


“It always is,” Rodney said simply.


John gave a little glowing smile, and reached out to rest his hand on Rodney’s neck. “I know – but usually I have to share it with you,” he said. “Today – it’s mine. Every bodily function is mine. You won’t eat or drink anything that I haven’t hand fed you – so that means no donuts when you’re working, and definitely no coffee.”


“What?!” Rodney protested.


“You heard. If you want coffee you’ll have to come to me so I can give it to you.”


“Oh okay,” Rodney agreed grudgingly, wondering what else this entailed.


“Good. Now, first off we’ll shower. I’ll soap you down – I don’t want you touching yourself,” John told him. Rodney nodded, his eyes wide and curious. This all sounded very hot but also kind of scary too, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it as the dual emotions warred with each other.


He followed John into the shower, and then stood there, while John grabbed the soap. John took his time, as he always did, and Rodney forced himself to just stand there and not get involved. Usually he liked to race through his shower, always doing everything boring at top speed so he could get onto more interesting stuff – usually his lab work.


Occasionally showers with John were fun – when they involved hot sex. This one didn’t seem to though. It mainly seemed to involve John doing that weird inspection thing that he liked doing so much. He examined every inch of Rodney’s body, spending a long time peering at his cock for some reason, perhaps to make sure it had survived the total joy of the previous evening’s sex session without coming to any harm, which Rodney could have told him was a total waste of time. In fact he *did* try to tell him, but John just glared at him until he shut up.


When he’d finished washing Rodney thoroughly, John turned him around and lubed his anus. This made Rodney’s cock harden because it promised imminent sex, and that was always a good thing. Then John turned him around again, and made him stand and watch while he showered himself.


Rodney enjoyed the floor show far too much to want to complain about that. John looked damn good wet, the water running in little rivulets through his abundant chest hair, and down over his frankly magnificent penis. Rodney gazed at John’s penis longingly; it was the source of much pleasure, and he was always mindful of his duty as a sub to keep it permanently happy.


John didn’t allow him to touch though. He ordered Rodney out of the shower and dried him, and then himself, and then ordered Rodney back into the bedroom. Rodney felt himself chafing slightly at all the orders and restrictions. It was one thing to be washed and dried as part of some enjoyable foreplay but John just seemed to be denying him any control over his own body as a rather irksome form of punishment. He did get it though – he knew this was John’s way of teaching him a lesson about the way he’d been behaving over the previous few days, and that was fair enough.


John joined him in the bedroom, and reached for the specially engineered cock ring. Rodney grinned – he was still ridiculously pleased with himself for creating it, especially as he was sure John was going to get a real kick out of using it on him.


John grinned back at him, taking hold of his penis and snapping the fastening shut over it with a little clicking sound. Then he pressed the button on it and it glowed into life, encircling his cock in an intense shade of green. Rodney had designed the ring to fit his own penis and it did so snugly. It felt comfortable – he was aware of it but it didn’t hurt at all. He liked the way it looked, imprisoning his cock in its glowing embrace.


“Touch yourself,” John ordered.


Rodney reached down towards his cock, only for his fingers to buzz as they were repelled by the small forcefield. John’s eyes glinted and he laughed out loud. “Oh man this is hot,” he murmured, reaching out himself.


His fingers easily penetrated the forcefield, and he took hold of Rodney’s cock and tugged on it, rubbing it to a state of full erection. Rodney moaned softly, feeling his cock grow rigid, the blood trapped by the ring. It felt much tighter now, but it wasn’t more than mildly uncomfortable. “How far does the field stretch?” John asked. “Show me.”


Rodney trailed his fingers down his chest towards his penis – he got to just beneath his midriff before the shield kicked in. The field extended in a wide strip around his genitals, and down to around the mid-thigh area.


“Okay – you’re going to wear it all day,” John told him.


Rodney snapped his head up in surprise. “All day?” he squeaked. “I mean…I thought it would be a fun toy for a sex session but…all day?”


“Yes. All day.” John stood up. “Now kneel at the end of the bed. I’m going to take you from behind.”


“But what about using the bathroom?” Rodney said, baulking at the thought of wearing the damn thing all day.


“You’ll have to come and ask me,” John told him pleasantly.


“And then you’ll take it off so I can pee?” Rodney asked.


John shook his head. “Nope. Then I’ll hold your cock so you can pee,” he said.


Rodney groaned and threw himself down on the bed, thudding his head onto the pillow several times. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!” he wailed.


“Well if you will give your top interesting new toys to play with…” John snorted.


Rodney glared at him. “It wasn’t supposed to be used like this!” he complained.


“Will it cause you any harm?” John asked.


Rodney thought about lying but then he caught the expression on John’s face and sighed. “You mean apart from me losing any shred of dignity I possess? No,” he said.


“Then you’ll wear it all day,” John told him firmly. “Now, I believe I told you to kneel on the end of the bed so I can take you. Did you want me to add a spanking to the day’s ‘indignities’?”


“No,” Rodney muttered grumpily, getting onto his hands and knees and positioning himself for John’s easy access. He felt John’s hands on his bottom and he couldn’t stop himself sighing and pushing back a little into John’s warm embrace. He loved how much John liked touching his ass – it was such a turn on.


“Another thing,” John said, still running his hands over Rodney’s buttocks. “You don’t get to come.”


“Oh for god’s sa…” Rodney began, starting to rise.


John chose that moment to pull open his buttocks and slide his hard cock into his anus, and Rodney gave a startled cry and put his hands back on the bed. He was used to John’s familiar, hard length, and he loved how it felt inside him. He couldn’t believe how quickly he’d gone from disliking anal sex to loving it. There were times when he literally craved the sensation of John’s cock in his anus. He knew that John had a thing about being inside him, and it was a thing that Rodney had rapidly come to share. It just felt so good, so intense. There was never a time when it was less than satisfying, even if he wasn’t allowed to come.


John grabbed hold of Rodney’s thighs and began riding him in earnest, and Rodney threw back his head, whimpering in pleasure as John’s cock hit his prostate with each inward thrust. He longed to put his hand down and pull on his own cock but, even if he had been allowed to, the cock ring wouldn’t have given him access. It felt hot, knowing that only John could touch his ass and genitals, and Rodney’s cock went into a little spasm, excited by the thought.


John rode him hard, taking Rodney just up to the edge but never over it, his hands firm on Rodney’s hips, reminding him that he was his submissive, to be taken without mercy whenever John wanted him. Rodney found that thought a turn on too, and he was moaning with pleasure when John finally cried out his name and ejaculated deep inside him. He felt John stroking him with trembling hands for a few seconds, and then his top withdrew.


“Stay where you are,” John warned him. “I don’t want you to move.”


Rodney did as he was told, wondering what was coming next, enjoying the anticipation. John went over to the nightstand and pulled out a butt plug from his box of tricks. Rodney frowned – John had never used anything like this on him before. It was a large butt plug too – not as big as John’s thick cock, but pretty big all the same.


John slathered it in lubricant and then he went behind Rodney, and slid it into his anus. It didn’t feel warm and comforting like John’s cock, or fit so perfectly inside his body the way John’s cock fit there – it felt hard and unyielding, and Rodney wriggled, disliking the sensation.


“You’ll wear that all day,” John told him. “It’ll be, quite literally, a plug, keeping my come inside you.”


Rodney gave a little whimper. It sounded unpleasant – but his cock was rock hard so he clearly liked the idea more than he thought.


“You can get up now,” John told him, and Rodney got up, gingerly. “Let’s see you walk,” John said. Rodney walked across the room, trying to get used to the way the butt plug felt inside him. It felt intrusive and uncomfortable and he felt awkward walking around with it.


“I don’t like it,” he complained.


“Does it hurt?” John asked.


“No. I just don’t like it,” Rodney replied.


“I didn’t like you avoiding me for days on end, and then snapping at me when I showed some concern for you,” John told him. Rodney sighed. “You’ll wear it all day – it’ll remind you that you’re collared now, and subject to my discipline,” John told him. “Now come here and stop pouting.”


“Oh I so don’t pout,” Rodney said, pouting.


John laughed out loud and pulled him into his arms. He kissed Rodney’s unwilling mouth and Rodney gave in, and returned the kiss with his usual passion. He’d never yet been able to resist one of John’s deep kisses. John reached down while they were kissing and pushed the end of the plug so that it wiggled inside Rodney’s body, pressing in even deeper. Then he released Rodney, and stroked his sub’s hair.


“When I call you on the radio I want you to stop what you’re doing and come immediately to my office – understood?”


“Yes,” Rodney sighed, still undecided about whether making his top the cock ring had been a good idea or a really, really bad one. “Don’t let the power trip go to your head or anything,” Rodney muttered as John disappeared into the bathroom to wash down.


John paused and Rodney held his breath, unsure what mood his top was in, and how well that remark had gone down.


“Oh, I fully intend to let it go to my head, Rodney,” John told him silkily. “Anything else you wanted to say? Because I’m thinking a nice, hard spanking followed by you not being able to rub the sting out of your ass might feed my power-crazed tendencies right now.”


Rodney swallowed hard. “Nope,” he squeaked. “Nothing else to say.”


“Good.Then stay there until I come and dress you.”


Rodney sighed. He hated waiting around, hated not being able to do the normal things he’d usually do. John re-emerged a few minutes later, fully dressed, and he set about dressing Rodney.


He pulled Rodney’s boxers up his legs and snapped the elastic enthusiastically around Rodney’s waist. Rodney rolled his eyes at him – but just a little, in case that spanking was still on offer. John didn’t allow Rodney to dress any part of his body – he did it all himself – admonishing Rodney to keep still throughout.


“You know, undressing people is much more fun than dressing them,” Rodney commented, scowling down at his top as John tied his bootlaces.


“Is that so?” John smiled at him pleasantly. “And what makes you think I want you to have any fun today?”


Rodney opened his mouth to say something, and then closed it again. Today was going to be really, really irritating. He could tell.


John took Rodney to breakfast, where he hand fed him with his usual annoying slowness, and then he escorted Rodney to his lab, planting a kiss on his cheek when they got there.


“See you later – be good,” he said, resting his hand on Rodney’s bottom and pushing the butt plug even more firmly into place. Rodney gasped – the damn thing was intrusive enough as it was without John making it any worse. He wished he could go to the bathroom and take the bloody thing out, but he couldn’t touch himself there so he had no choice but to live with it. A part of him also got a little thrill out of knowing that John’s come was still inside him, the butt plug keeping it in place.


He walked into his lab in a foul mood, barked at every single member of his team before pouring himself a coffee, and then he remembered that John had told him he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything and he stomped back to his work station angrily, sat down with a heavy sigh, and then received an unpleasant surprise as the butt plug made itself felt. He got to his feet with a startled yelp and Peter Grodin glanced at him.


“Everything okay, McKay?”


Rodney drew himself up to his full height, feeling the butt plug jutting even deeper inside him. “Oh yeah. Everything is just peachy,” he said glumly.


He lasted an hour before needing the bathroom. He tried to ignore it but eventually he gave in and took himself off to John’s office. John glanced up and smiled.


“I’ve been thinking about you,” he said.


“I’ve been thinking about you too but probably in an entirely different way,” Rodney said grumpily.


“Ah, ways to kill me?” John said sympathetically.


“I’ve counted 153 so far – all of them agonising and gory. I’m making a list,” Rodney replied. “But right now – I need to pee.”


John grinned, and followed him along the hallway to the bathroom. He stepped into the stall with Rodney, stood behind him, and opened Rodney’s fly. Rodney stood there, feeling absolutely ridiculous. John slid his hand into Rodney’s boxers, took hold of his cock, and pointed it at the pan. Now that he was able to pee, Rodney found he was completely unable to do so.


“Problem?” John wrapped one arm around Rodney’s chest, and kissed his neck affectionately.


“I can’t do this!” Rodney said miserably.


“Sure you can. I’ve seen you pee loads of times,” John told him. “I’ve also held your cock loads of times.”


“Yes, but never when I’m trying to pee!” Rodney protested.


“It’s my cock, Rodney. I can touch it any time I like,” John told him. “It belongs to me.”


“This is torture,” Rodney said, trying to concentrate. His bladder was aching but it was so hard letting go.


“I think it’s an attitude thing,” John murmured. “You won’t be able to pee until you accept my control over your body, and you’re not doing that. You’re still fighting it.”


“It’s hard,” Rodney said miserably.


“I know.” John kissed his neck again. “But it’s a lesson you have to learn. You didn’t behave like my collared sub yesterday, Rodney. If you have any issues we can talk about it, but you have to learn you’re not alone any more. You’re mine now – what bothers you bothers me, and you need to learn to share that.”


Rodney leaned back against his top, grateful for John’s solid presence behind him. Maybe John was right. It wasn’t easy for him to really let go, and explore his submissive side. He was still fighting John for control in many different ways.


He tried consciously to surrender, reminding his body that he’d accepted John’s collar for a reason, and although one of those reasons had been the incredibly hot sex, he’d also yearned for the security and comfort of being a collared sub and surrendering his body to someone he loved and trusted.


Slowly, infinitely slowly, he began to pee. He had to concentrate at first but once he got into full flow it was easy enough. John waited until he was done, and shook his penis dry. Then he started stroking it.


“Oh god,” Rodney moaned, feeling his cock harden.


“That’s good. Get hard for me,” John told him.


“Then you’ll let me come?” Rodney asked hopefully.


“Nope. I just like reminding your cock who it belongs to.”


“It knows!” Rodney wailed. “It really knows!”


“Mmm, well, I like having visible evidence of that,” John teased, still stroking. He wasn’t satisfied until he’d brought Rodney to full erection, and then they had to wait until it subsided a little so that John could tuck it back into Rodney’s boxers again. It all took so long, and Rodney found himself fretting again. He wasn’t used to being taken back to basics like this, and it grated on so many levels.


“I’m finding this really hard,” he admitted to John.


John smiled and stroked his arm affectionately. “I know, Rodney,” he said. “But remember those limits you wanted to test?”


“Yeah.” Rodney sighed.


“Giving up control isn’t easy – especially for someone like you.”


“You’re not going to let me give up on this are you?” Rodney said, and he wasn’t sure if he was voicing a question or a hope.


“No.” John shook his head. “Now come on – let’s go back to my office so you can have some coffee. I know you must be dying from caffeine withdrawal right now.”


“Oh god yes!” Rodney sighed. “Unless…this isn’t just your cunning way of making me need to pee again soon is it?” he asked suspiciously. John just laughed and pulled him close for a kiss.


Rodney returned to work, fully caffeinated, a little while later. He was just getting back into his experiment when John radioed him and called him to his office again. Rodney stomped back there in high dudgeon.


“What? Is it important?” Rodney growled. “Because I AM busy you know!”


“You’re always busy,” John told him. “Now kneel down in front of me and give me a blow job.”


“What? You called me here to give you a blow job? I was just here half an hour ago – couldn’t you have asked for the blow job then?” Rodney snapped.


“No. Now get over here and start sucking,” John ordered.


Rodney stomped towards him, and threw himself down in front of him, still muttering to himself. John opened his fly, and released his cock, and Rodney reached forward – to find John blocking his way. “Mouth only. Hands behind your back,” John told him.


Rodney gazed up at him, in two minds about whether to turn around and walk straight back out – only he had a bloody great butt plug stuck up his ass and couldn’t even pee without John’s help right now so he knew that wasn’t a good idea. John’s hazel eyes gazed back at him, completely uncompromising.


Rodney nodded, and put his hands behind his back. Then he leaned forward and took John’s hard cock in his mouth. He never failed to get aroused by any contact with John’s powerful cock, and it was hardly a chore for him to give his top fantastic oral sex so he was looking forward to getting fully engrossed in the task.


John wouldn’t allow him to give his normal spectacular though – he took the control away from Rodney, and held his sub’s head in his hands.


“I’m in charge, Rodney. Just give it all up to me,” John ordered, sliding his thumb over Rodney’s cheek, encouraging him.


Rodney struggled for a moment, unable to keep the rhythm, and resenting that he wasn’t able to control the event, the way he usually did when giving blowjobs.


“You can do it…just let go,” John urged. His hands were firm on the side of Rodney’s face, making it impossible for him to draw back, and his thrusts were deep and measured.


Finally Rodney made an effort to go with it, offering his mouth to his top for his pleasure, expecting nothing else and just surrendering the use of his lips, and it became easier then. He relaxed his mouth, and timed his breathing, and then got into it.


It actually felt like quite a turn on, giving himself up to John in this most basic way for this most basic use. He liked giving up responsibility for the event, and just allowing John to take what he wanted. He felt as if he’d switched off, and was flying, bobbing away happily in a little bubble of contentment.


It was just him and John’s cock, sliding in and out of his open mouth, and he always enjoyed having John in his mouth. Unlike when he was delivering one of his usual spectaculars, he didn’t have to think about how he could bring John to orgasm, or find new ways to excite him – all he had to do was relax, and surrender.


He came to a few minutes later to find that John was shuddering, and his come was erupting down Rodney’s throat in warm spurts. Rodney swallowed it down happily, still lost in a haze.


John stroked his hair for awhile as he recovered, and then he lifted Rodney’s face, and kissed him hard on the mouth.


“That was good,” he said. Rodney gazed up at him dreamily.


“Mmm,” he replied. He felt that warm energy begin to flow between them again and he liked the way it felt. He hadn’t realised he’d been missing it. His few days of truculence had interrupted the flow which seemed to thrive on them being close, skin on skin, and on the exchange of power between them during sex.


“Back to work. I’ll call you for lunch,” John said as Rodney got to his feet. “Oh, and before you go….”


He reached out and swung Rodney over the table, slid his hand down the back of Rodney’s pants and took hold of the butt plug. He pumped it in and out, slowly, fucking Rodney with it, back and forth, before pushing it back into place and removing his hand from Rodney’s pants.


“Good boy,” he murmured, pulling Rodney in for another kiss before releasing him back to the lab.


Rodney returned to work with a pleasantly warm sensation in his anus. John was right, he thought to himself as he walked. All he could think about, all day long, was his need to pee, or the sweet ache in his anus from the plug, or pleasuring John. And all the while he was aware of John’s come, still trapped inside his own body, marking him in its own territorial way as his top’s possession and plaything. It brought him back to himself, reminding him vividly of the collar he wore around his neck.


Rodney started to hum to himself. His top was exerting a considerable amount of dominance and there was something about that which made him feel safe. He wasn’t sure why – he’d never gone this far in any previous relationship – and while it had chafed – certainly to begin with – he was starting to see that there was something completely sublime about it too.



End of Part Seventeen



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