Happy New Year!

As usual, here’s my end of year fic round up!

I wrote 10 stories (only one fewer than last year!)
7 of them were NCIS (all Gibbs/DiNozzo)
3 of them were Suits (all Harvey/Mike).
6 of them were vanilla slash
4 of them were spanky or BDSM

That’s a total of 211,176 words, which is only a few thousand less than 2010, despite the whole broken leg hiatus!

Highlights of the Year
Two Wolves – I am incredibly proud of this story. It gave me so much confidence to write such a plotty story, and I simply loved exploring the main theme of the two wolves and the inner world/dimension involved in that. It felt like a very grown-up kind of story, and I’d rate it in my top five of my stories of all time.

Finding so many new shows, including Suits, which I love for its unabashed BDSM slash, which it puts right up there onscreen in a way I haven’t seen since…well, early NCIS (now sadly a thing of the past, at least in the format that I loved and found inspiring). I also fell in love a bit with Person of Interest which is my favourite of the new shows that began in late 2011. It also features a slash relationship, but one that is a tad harder to make work I think! LOL! I’m fascinated by it all the same…

Writing Envy – I don’t know why but I just LOVED writing this little story most of all the fics I wrote in 2011. I love the relationship between Harvey and Mike in this series, and the fact they are both so into the spankiness and have such a lot of fun with it. It feels cheerful and restful, although I do have SOME upcoming angst planned for them…*g*.

NCIS improved enormously as a show and was watchable again.

And, most notably, the redesign of my website which rocked so much! I love all the features on it and the fact it’s so much easier to navigate and read and that the look is now so modern. Thanks again to Jacci for just being brilliant to work with and so much fun and doing such a good job. I’ve been interacted so much more with people on my website now that it’s in the new format – I get far more reviews, and we’ve had some great discussions on the forum on topics ranging from musical theatre to fandom, via cats *g*.

Lowlights of the Year
Fractures were a main feature of the year in more ways than one! Fandom fractured so much – people were on Twitter and Tumblr and Dreamwidth and Facebook and honestly, I couldn’t keep up! It was easy to keep track of things when it just took place on LJ! When I first joined the NCIS fandom, I loved how nice and friendly and welcoming it was. Of course things change, and I noted in my fic round up at the end of last year that I felt less involved in the NCIS fandom for various reasons. I had a wonderful time in the NCIS fandom – it was so wonderful to me when I first arrived, feeling a bit battered and bruised after my experiences in SGA. I’ll be forever grateful to it for being so kind and welcoming to me. I had a blast and met some truly lovely, kind people in this fandom and made tons of friends who I hope will stay with me.

Favourite Stories
Two Wolves – this was such a major work that it really stands alone this year.

2011 Story Index
The Christmas Tree
The Word
The Fifth Mrs. Gibbs
Two Wolves
My Big, Fat, Slashy Story of Tony and Gibbs

I love the universe I’ve created in the Possession series. I have ideas for a few more stories in that series that I really want to write, some of them involving a crossover with my 24/7 universe, with guest appearances by Fox, Walter, Gibbs and Tony.

But my main ambition with my writing this year is to write an original character novel. I have a beautiful idea in mind, but I’ve been very scared of writing it because it’s such a hard story to make work. Writing Two Wolves gave me confidence, and now I feel more serene about just trying it and seeing where it goes. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work but I’m more relaxed about that now. I seem to have taken the pressure off myself a bit.

May 2012 be the year when all our dreams come true. My wish for everyone is that you be healthy, happy and safe :-).


  1. coldshuga

    i just wanted to drop a short note to say thank you for writing and allowing us all to read them. i appreciate all the effort. i really think you should give the “writing an original character story” thing a go. what have you got to loose?

    [ps…i have been finding it hard to follow fandoms this year….i have like what seems a millions WIPS i have to keep track of! it gets exhausting.]

  2. xanthe

    Thanks so much! I’m definitely giving the OC fic thing a try this year!

  3. phoenix

    Happy new year and thank you for all the great fics!

  4. xanthe

    Thank you!

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