New Gallifrey

Summary:   The Master can’t decide whether the Doctor should live or die – but the Doctor just wants to settle down and take care of him. How did they reach that point?

Fandom:   Dr Who
Pairing:   Doctor/Master
Genre:   Slash
Characters:   Doctor (Ten)
Story Type:   Angst, Romance
Rated:   R
Spoilers:   The Last of the Time Lords
Warnings:   None
Series:   None
Word Count:   7,055
Chapters:   1
Published:   September 4, 2007

Notes:   This is my first Doctor/Master story and I really enjoyed writing it. I’ve made up some Time Lord/Gallifrey stuff because it’s where I wanted to go in the story but it might not be consistent with some of the earlier canon or what we know of Time Lord physiology/society. My apologies if I got anything glaringly wrong :-).
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