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"I'm going to give you a word," Gibbs said, trailing a finger over Tony's freshly spanked ass.    - The Word

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The new trilogy from Xanthe Walter



Eighty years after the great deluge that flooded the planet, a corrupt system of servitude keeps a fragile peace.


Josiah is a cold-hearted investigator given the nickname ‘Slavecatcher’ for his role in solving several high-profile murders.


Alexander is a celebrity rich kid who has fallen from grace and been sold into servitude as punishment.


When Alexander’s owner is murdered, Josiah takes on the case – and Alexander soon becomes his prime suspect. As the land’s most famous investigator clashes with its most notorious slave, both men discover that reputations can be deceiving…

I adored this! I adore Mycroft and Sherlock stories and this one is perfect. I love their relationship – the aggravation but also the hurt/comfort parts. What a brilliant idea to have the bed as their neutral peace space. I am so glad to know what the “blud” meant and also the game they were playing in the ep! Both were questions I had after the episode, which I was especially thrilled with for the Mycroft/Sherlock scenes.


Brother Dear

Brother Dear

At the heart of the Holmes brothers’ complex relationship lies a dark secret…

This is my first story in the Sherlock fandom. I’ve always been fascinated by the Sherlock/Mycroft brotherly relationship, and after watching their scenes together in The Empty Hearse that fascination went through the roof, so I thought I’d write my take on it in this story. This story is a post–ep for The Empty Hearse and might not make much sense if you haven’t seen that episode.

Brother Dear
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